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VHS Horror you can watch againOur favorite New York filmmaker is the cult extremist and filmmaker,  Ronni Thomas. His award winning web series, The Midnight Archive has become his ace contribution to the cultural preservation of the underbelly of our New York.

He has put together a list of ten of his favorite horror films and where to find them on Youtube.com.

If you, like me are sick and bored with the regular fare, these ten horror films will haunt and delight you.

Here is Ronni’s intro:

Before Blockbuster Video came and went, I pretty much grew up in the horror section of our local video store (then it was called AA Video — businesses used to name themselves AA so they’d be higher up in the phone book!!!… little trivia for you). I’d skip school, therapy and church to just spend my time in absolute astonishment of the titles and box art alone… Cannibal Holocaust, Midnight Murder Mansion, Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Venus… These were movies that had been made as part of the international craze to shock and disturb people… I’d go as dramatically far as to say that these movies both saved my life and inspired me to do what I do to this day. But I’m concerned of the future of these films. Most of these films have been aborted and abandoned by their creators, wasting away in an ever growing pool of media and “content”. With digital distributors coming and going, media in its current state is trying to figure itself out, and its black sheep stepchild is not even an afterthought. Why should Netflix bog down its capacity with the Nekromantik or Blood Orgy of the She Devils if they don’t particularly ‘rank’? But there is a glimmer of hope… Full length movies have begun to pop up on everyone’s favorite Piracy blog, YOUTUBE (get ready to ‘skip ad’!!). And while this article is hardly close to the religious experience of gazing upon boxes and boxes of sex and violence, I hope it at least stands to keep the spirit of the artfully demonic alive in our hearts. Here are some of the finest ways to spend your night — all you need is a high speed connection, a bag of skittles, and an existential desire to experience horror, madness, and fear. No go out, shoplift and do drugs!

You can see the films here: