10 Best VHS Style Lo-Fi Music Videos - Raindance

Getting the Lo fi VHS LookDuring 2010-13 a music video trend came about in the form of making videos look like they were shot on videotape. This lo-fi retro appeal is still going strong into 2013, it seems that the worse the quality the cooler/timeless the video.

It is definitely a nice change from people trying to get as much HD out of their camera as they can. I believe the feature film Trash Humpers (2009, Harmony Korine) was the first film to really bring the true delight of the ‘VHS look’ to the masses; the film was actually shot on the miniature Flip cameras then recorded onto VHS tape where they repeatedly recorded it onto other VHS taps gradually making the quality more ‘VHS’.

Even feature films caught onto the fad and so the horror film V/H/S (2012) came out which is formed of six short films created by different directors each using the ‘VHS look’.

Here is a selection of some of the best VHS style music videos so that you can have a look and hopefully have a go at it yourself! (There is an effect on Final Cut that allows for this BTW).


Tennis – Origins (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from RichsLaw on Vimeo.


LATE OF THE PIER – FOCKER from daniel brereton on Vimeo.


Sleep ? Over – Casual Diamond (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Christine Aprile on Vimeo.