10 Actor/Producers you should already know about! - Raindance

Ray Panthaki:

Any soap fans out there may recognise Ray as “Ronny” from Eastenders or for you film buffs he was an army private in zombie-thriller “28 Days Later”. Not only is Ray a recognisable face on TV and the big screen, he’s also taken to producing films like many other of his fellow actors. With already 8 producing credits to his name, his latest project is a tongue-in-cheek comedy about robbery. “Convenience” had its world premiere at this year’s Raindance Film Festival and was received warmly by audiences and critics alike. Check out the trailer below and keep your eyes peeled for “Convenience” coming to a cinema near you.

CONVENIENCE – Festival Trailer from Keri Collins on Vimeo.

Bret Roberts, Brian McGuire and Joe Capone:

This incredible trio had three feature films screened at this year’s Raindance Film Festival and it was not their first time here either! Each one is an actor by trade but all have fallen into producing their own feature films together, with Brian McGuire also trying his hand at writing and directing. Don’t be thinking that just because they are busy producing that they have stopped acting, they each act in “Carlos Spills the Beans”, “Prevertere” and “9 Full Moons”. With their rapid production skills, imagination and determination, it’s exciting to see where their success from this year’s festival will take them in the future. There’s talk of another feature film already!

Josh Hutcherson:

This cute little chap has shot to worldwide fame over the past couple of years following the release of “The Hunger Games”. Although he’s still pretty young, Josh already has one production credit under his belt for horror-comedy “Dentention” in which he also stars. It may seem as though he’s pretty wrapped up in the release of the final 3 instalments of “The Hunger Games” who knows where Josh’s ambitions will take him in the next few years. He’s definitely one to be watched.


Noel Clarke:

Most familiar as Mickey from the David Tennant “Doctor Who” series, Noel Clarke is an actor/director/writer/producer who wrote and then later directed and produced the “Kidulthood” trilogy. The social-drama trilogy follows a set of young people struggling to exist in harsh London areas. Since departing from Doctor Who, Noel has written, directed, starred in and produced the final instalment “” and has produced a variety of genres as well as starring in “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. With two more producing titles in production at the moment, Noel Clarke is an exciting producer to watch over the next couple of years.


George Clooney:

A worldwide silver fox who, like many of his Hollywood colleagues, have taken to producing films as well as starring in them. Clooney is not only one of the most eligible Oscar-winning bachelors in Hollywood today, but in recent years he has been the driving force behind many successful pictures as well as the one everyone wants to see on the big screen. Most recently, Clooney’s producing streak landed him an Oscar for Best Picture winner “Argo” last year. Now, Ben Affleck may not be an indie filmmaker, but the project wouldn’t have gotten off the ground if it wasn’t for Clooney and his producers. With an eye for interesting projects, I’m sure Clooney could become the new Eastwood.


Kristen Wiig:

Starting out in sketch shows like “The Joe Schmo Show” and doing voice work (she’s very talented at accents, have you SEEN Despicable Me?) Kristen Wiig is that genius that brought “Bridesmaids” to the world. Her honest and all-too-familiar comedy somehow rebranded the “chick-flick” into a straight up comedy enjoyed by everyone. Not only did she write and star in “Bridesmaids” but she also received a co-producer credit, adding another string to her bow. At the moment Kristen only has five producing credits to her name, but considering she has started acting/producing so early in her career, it’s easy to see that she is going to continue to provide the world with some much needed laughter.


Giles Terera & Dan Poole:

Ok so this is a duo of actors who not only produce on the side but direct their own projects as well. Nonetheless, these two created a bit of a stir at this year’s Raindance Film Festival with their new documentary “Muse of Fire”. Having just premiered on BBC, “Muse of Fire” got hundreds of famous thespians talking about Shakespeare in an engaging and humorous documentary that makes Shakespeare seem much more fun. Although they see themselves as actors attempting to get to the bottom of the Shakespeare-fright most actors have, I can’t wait to see what they do next in the world of film or TV. So why not go and join the Shakespeare debate and find out why Jude Law likes Hamlet, what an iambic pentameter is and whether Dame Judi Dench likes cake.  Watch it on BBC iPlayer now!

Muse Of Fire Film-Trailer from Timebomb Pictures on Vimeo.