The Raindance organization and the Raindance website is a growing global community of independent filmmakers and film fans. Averaging 200,000 visitors a month and thanks to YOU, Raindance articles get read by a lot of people. Would you like access to this audience too?

In order to continue to champion independent film we're encouraging you, our reader, to submit articles for publication on our website. The articles should provide information, insight and interest, and contribute to the knowledge-building of our indie film community,

Here's the kind of article we are looking for:

  • Insightful, relevant film tips about writing, directing or producing in today's independent context
  • Curated Lists: Top 10; Best of; Most exemplars
  • Really geeky articles on how to make film gear cheap - Show, don't just tell!
  • Craft articles like how to get good sound, light well, edit well etc
  • Anything to do with new distribution methods
  • Webseries
  • 360 / VR / AR / Gaming trends
  • New film product reviews
  • New film book reviews
  • Thought pieces on the film industry and cultural policy

Probably the best way to come up with an idea of how we choose articles is to look through our website and see what we have already written about.

Ways to structure your article:

The list approach: the 10 best screen kisses, the 3 fatal mistakes filmmakers make etc
The Ying and Yang approach:  Express a myth, belief, practice in the film biz, then explode it!
The research approach: list your idea then back it up

Article Requirements:

  • Between 500 and 1500 words
  • Submitted as a WORD.docx
  • Include external links to resource(s) mentioned in your article
  • Include a video link and cool pictures that can be included - (make sure you have the picture rights and include the picture credits )
  • If you want to really impress us, send an Infographic or meme!

Here's what we won't publish:

  • Flaming or slagging off ANYONE or ANY organisation
  • Boring articles
  • Profiles
  • Blatant self-promotion

Please send your articles to:
We'll get back to you within a few days.

The Raindance Team