To the Editor, Colourist, Sound Designer & everyone else involved in the post-production of my recent projects:

Thank you.

Thank you for the countless, painstaking hours you all spent adjusting minute details to get things as close to how they looked, felt and sounded in my head.

Thank you for sharing your creativity and knowledge - for making executive decisions when I didn't know what I wanted and effectively reading my mind when I couldn't express what I was looking for in words.

In my eyes, you are all magicians.

And what's even more magical is the passion with which you work. Sitting down with each of you and having you excitedly show me the work you had done on something that months before had just been a vision in my head melted my heart.

I was awed by the way your hands moved across the keyboard - muscle memory dictating shortcuts to clip a scene, erase a click from the background or to adjust the white balance in a single frame.

What was even more awe inspiring was your excitement surrounding the work - the way each of your eyes lit up when you asked "there's something I'd like to try - is that okay?" And as I said "of course," I watched you click away and come up with something I could've never dreamed up.

I was truly touched by your care for the project - and the love you showed it. Sitting with all of you, from beginning to end, infused me with an even greater passion for filmmaking and made me realize how important teamwork and collaboration is in this industry.

And most of all, it made me grateful for the souls that work in film and love it through and through the same way I do.

Yours forever,

A very emotional and humbled director


The more I work on independent projects, the more I realize how important it is to know a little bit about everything - from pre-production straight through to post.

While working on my first short, I had many people ask whether I would be the one editing it. I laughed and imagined myself playing around for a few minutes in an editing program and then throwing my computer at the wall (something I’ve come very close to doing in the past FYI).

It seems that, with limited resources and technology readily available at their disposal, many independent directors edit, colour and even score their own films! That absolutely boggles my mind. In my own filmmaking practice, I AM trying to learn more about the world of post-production (even though it scares the crap out of me), but I wouldn’t trade anything for the moments I’ve spent with experts in the various fields – watching them work and having them add new flavor and fresh eyes to my projects.

And lucky for me, Raindance always comes to my rescue. Have you checked out the various videos and blog posts that highlight and educate on different facets of post-production? If you haven't already, you probably should.

Zlatina is a film fanatic and spent the majority of her time at Simon Fraser University writing about movies. She has since put her BA in Communications to good use and spends most of her time social media strategizing with local artists and filmmakers, assisting Raindance Vancouver with their publicity, and helping out on set whenever she can. She is passionate about supporting Vancouver's local indie film scene and believes that everyone has an important story to tell.