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Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker. Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program In partnership with Staffordshire University. Full time or part time, London based or Online.

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To the Editor, Colourist, Sound Designer & everyone else involved in the post-production of my recent projects: Thank you. Thank you for the count
REGISTER for 3 courses and get the 4th for FREE. Details for each course on their respective event page - click the title of the course or photo for t
This powerful information-packed day will give you the basic tools and information you need to build on and hone your screenwriting skills.
Seriously. Forget ice breakers, coffee and dinner dates. Screw GOING to movies. If you REALLY want to get to know someone - get so close to them that

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7 Short Films that were turned into Feature Films

For an inexperienced filmmaker, the making of a first feature film can be quite the bumpy affair, and starting out in the industry is an often difficult and even scary process. In this situation, short films can be very helpful. Generally, they represent the first and sometimes shaky steps a young writer/director takes on the path […]

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How Actors Break Into Filmmaking Without Breaking

How actors break into filmmaking

The lovely Emily from Toronto just called and asked how she , an actor, could break into filmmaking. She's studied acting, She's got a day job in marketing. And she's got some experience in producing.

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6 Great International Festivals for Filmmakers

As a Canadian filmmaker one of the hardest parts of developing a film is getting it seen by the right audiences. There are many festivals within Canada that are excellent but keep in mind that a film can thrive outside of its own country. These 6 Independent Film Festivals are some of the best stops […]

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Smart Tips for Smartphone Filmmaking

Cell phone technology has advanced at an unbelievable pace since the 1980’s. In the dark dystopian future of 2017, entire feature length movies are shot on so-called ‘Smart Phones”. What does it all mean? Just how smart are they? Are these ‘Smart Phones’ planning a revolution? Can they feel? Seriously, though, Smartphones are becoming smarter, […]

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