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Raindance has a special place in my heart, because they gave me a rare opportunity. When we heard about the Essentials of Film Directing workshop, We
            Join us for an evening of unadulterated film chitchat, special guests, industry networking and more! Members
Welcome to the new Raindance website. This is the hub site for Raindance Vancouver Your one stop shop for all things film and Raindance in Vancouver.

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What can a film adaptation do for the story on the page?

book film adaptations

Being both a bookworm and a film-buff, my little heart is sent into spasms of confusion when the next adaptation is released. Am I being disloyal to my page-dwelling side if I get excited, or am I betraying that silver-screen devotee in me if I don’t? In many cases, I am left disappointed, or unimpressed, […]

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Raindance Film Festival 2016 – Programme Announcement

press launch

  JUST ANNOUNCED: The hotly anticipated line-up for our 24th Raindance Film Festival, which takes place in London’s West End from 21 September – 2 October 2016. As the largest independent film festival in Europe, we received our highest ever number of entries this year with 6250 submissions from 98 countries. We are excited to be screening 90 […]

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Mechamonsters vs Orchs/Tax credits vs Film funds


Looking for money to fund a film can prove a herculean task. Not only is your film a unique prototype, which is hard enough to explain to potential investors, but money is an incredibly shy entity, especially if compared to the overly bold and borderline irresponsible thugs who sometimes sit at the top of the […]

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How to get kids interested in film

children filmmaking

In this digital age young people have free access to media content wherever and whenever. The days of waiting with bated breath for a cinema release or renting a video as a weekend treat are long gone with most children now having their own Netflix profiles on their parents’ accounts and a tablet or phone […]

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