Australian artist / writer and Raindance friend DMo has started a 'KISS OFF!' initiative, and in preparation for Valentine's Day we thought we'd do something special! Couples, friends, enemies, co-workers, everyone is invited to take part by taking a picture of themselves giving or receiving a kiss and posting it on Twitter under the hashtag #KissingOff.

The catch for the kiss? It has to be with the same sex!

Why are we doing this?

The reasons for this are many and hopefully self-evident. People are still being persecuted for their sexuality the world over. The current Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, openly opposes equal marriage. Russia's current laws and politicians, whilst not directly outlawing homosexuals, view them as dangerous, infectious and on the same level as pedophiles. India has criminalised gay sex, while Nigeria has signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act.

The "KISS OFF!" initiative is a creative response to all of this. It is a positive way to acknowledge human rights and love, regardless of sexual orientation. It's also a great artistic project and a tremendous amount of fun!

Share a 'kiss off' and be part of the voice to change fearful ignorance and discomfort with openness and acceptance.



1) Tweet a photo of yourself to @Raindance in a same-sex kiss using the hashtag #kissingoff and your reason why

e.g. “I'm #kissingoff to/for...[your purpose]”. This is a creative project, so get creative as you like!

You can also stage a mass "KISS OFF!" by getting a group of people together in a social space (bar, club, festival, you name it) and posting your group ‘kiss off’ photo with the comment “We’re #kissingoff to/for…[your purpose]. Anyone can join in!


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2) On Valentine's Day, Friday February 14th, we will announce a winner for each of the following categories:

- Sexiest kiss
- Most romantic
Best photography
Most unusual

Follow @Raindance to get the results!


3) Each winner will receive a Raindance USB packed with two filmmaking books (Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking and Write and Sell the HOT Script) as well as hundreds of Hollywood scripts for your reading pleasure!

Including collections from Tarantino, the Coen brothers, Del Toro, Christopher Nolan, Academy Award winners from the past and lots more!



4) Pictures from the Kiss-Off will be curated and exhibited in the "KISS OFF!" Gallery.

Photos may also be included in an extended future project, including a touring exhibition, limited edition coffee table book and other exciting plans! See the gallery here.


What are you waiting for? Get snogging!



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