Introducing TAP IN: your peer-2-peer platform to share first-hand filmmaking experience & industry innovation in your community. Your opportunity to TAP IN to the film industry.

TAP IN is your free, community-driven panel series that gives Members of Raindance a platform to share experience, know how, and expertise in filmmaking. Tell us about your duct-tape DIY camera rigs, shorts made on shoestrings and mistakes magicked into miracles. Filmmakers sharing their real-world experiences from the trenches of DIY and lo-budget filmmaking is the REAL film school.

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These monthly sessions are organized BY indie filmmakers FOR indie filmmakers. You curate the content, steer the discussion, bring everyone together in a room to tune in, tap in and turn on the creative and business engines that come from a networked community.

Raindance provides you the studio space and promotes the event in our newsletter and social media. Peer-2-peer does the rest!

Attend     TUNE IN...learn what other indie filmmakers are doing and how they're doing it by attending these informal peer-2-peer organized panels.

Present    TAP IN...share your recent film case study or innovation with like-minded filmmakers. Tell them what you learned, developed or innovated in your film/web-based project and promote your work while you're at it

Exchange  TURN ON...well, you figure that one out!

You can propose a peer-2-peer panel if...PBR_08961763

  • You're an active Raindance Member.
  • You're a pretty good speaker - or can bring one along to join your panel, and want to share your work with other filmmakers.
  • You've got some social media know-how.
  • You have new, useful or innovative things to share
TAP IN panel format....
  • Topic must be about filmmaking and reveal something innovative in the filmmaking process.
  • Panel may include 1-4 speakers, including the moderator.
  • Length of panel: 2-3 hours.

For example....

Elli Raynai and his Cinehackers production team recently produced 'I Am You', a virtual reality short film you can watch in the Oculus Rift. VR technology is developing rapidly, and filmmakers like Elli are breaking new ground for innovative and immersive storytelling. Join us for this peer-2-peer panel discussion with Elli and the Cinehackers team to learn how they did it. Join How to Make a Movie in VR for the Oculus Rift