F.A.S.T. Screenwriting

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FAST is how you want to write your story, treatment or screenplay. FAST is how you want to get through first draft. FAST is how you want to get your finished product into the hands of a producer or publisher. The F.A.S.T. Step Program is your new best friend to getting to the finish line […]

F.A.S.T. Screenwriting
June 29, 2013
June 29, 2013
10:00am to 5:00pm
Raindance Toronto
Jeff Boller
Raindance Toronto
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276 Carlaw Ave. Suite 222, Toronto, ON, M4M 3L1, Canada

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At Raindance we know that getting a story from your brain to the page can be the longest journey ever.

How long have you been working on your story, treatment, character development or screenplay without actually moving it forward in a significant way or getting it finished?

Most writing courses talk about technique, how you approach character, or deal with story structure. These are all important elements of creating a unique story or screenplay to be sure. These elements help you hone the craft of story and screenwriting, but doesn't help you get your bum in the chair day after day, discipline your  focus, or give you the road map to reach your story and screenwriting goal in record time. For this, you need a PROCESS.

Jeff Bollow has developed an exclusive SYSTEM called the F.A.S.T. Step Program - it's everything you need to know, do, and master in process guide to ramp up your story and screenwriting speed and get your project to sale.

This innovative process not only holds your hand (or kicks your butt!) on a daily basis to move you quickly through the writing process BUT ALSO helps you from an early stage to set up your story or screenplay for successful SALE.

Every project is unique, so story development should never be formulaic. But to turn any idea into a screenplay, the process is always the same. By turning that process into a system, Jeff Bollow helps you grow your ideas into original screenplays that get into producers’ hands.

This interactive one-day writing workshop takes you through the F.A.S.T. Step Program, with practice exercises and strategies to get you on the fast-track to completing your story or screenplay in record time AND putting them screenplay in the hands of producers who will make it.

There is a pre-course assignment for this workshop, so please email us when you've registered to receive the assignment.

Saturday June 29th, starts 10:00 a.m.

The SETUP Phase: Why are we doing this? And how will we get there?

Screenplays only exist to be turned into films
What producers need in your screenplay and WHY
How to get from Point A (your idea) to Point B (the producer’s “Yes”)
How to break down the PROCESS to create quality with speed (F.A.S.T.)
How to guarantee impact: The skill of Setup & Payoff
The key to becoming a pro: Align your passion with their needs
The secret to creating the spectacular (“a compelling promise exceeded”)

The FOCUS Phase: The art of organic story development

Turning IDEAS into compelling screen STORIES organically
How to gather your ideas and identify the best one (start with passion)
Gather your ideas, shape your ideas, map your ideas into a plan
The Focus Phase — your guide to your story (short and long versions)

The APPLY Phase: The power of speed writing

How to tap your creative intuition
Staying on course while your brain goes off
The trick to a powerful first draft (keep moving forward)

The STRENGTHEN Phase : The clear path to effective rewriting

How to analyze your work objectively
Everything is interconnected — the 6 levels of every project
Consider the whole as you move from broad to narrow
Assess through the eyes of the 3 audiences
The trick to avoid getting lost in the chaos of the rewrite
“All writing is rewriting” — How to use the rewrite as story development

The TWEAK Phase: The art of polishing it into a page-turner

How to know when you’re ready to tweak
Designing pages that pop — guide the reader’s eye
How to guarantee it’s a page-turner screenplay
What you must do before you send it out

The ALIGNMENT Phase: Getting and using notes and feedback

The secret skill of the professional screenwriter
How to interpret notes, and determine which to ignore
How to adapt your story to their needs

The PAYOFF Phase: Identify and connect with the ideal producer

The promise progression: Logline, Pitch, Synopsis, Screenplay
How to identify your ideal producer
How to map a path to Your Unique Deal (stop following the herd)
Why you should do this last
Closing and NEXT STEPS

At 3:00 pm we break out and you connect with Jeff to debrief and talk about your writing projects.

About the Instructor

Jeff Bollow is an award-winning director/producer, best-selling author, screenwriter, film festival organiser, and international speaker. Recend works include creating and launching FAST Screenplay, a comprehensive step-by-step feature film screenplay development system; directing and producing the ATOM Award-winning DVD Making Fantastic Short Films; authoring two books (Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed and the official ATS: iLife 08 for Apple Computers); directing the TV series Pacific Beat ST for TV3 New Zealand; and directing the play Five Women Wearing the Same Dress for PGT Theatre in Sydney. Jeff was also the co-founder of New Zealand's Big Mountain Short Film Festival and Australia's Screenplay Development Centre, and he has been invited to speak about screenwriting, film production, personal creativity and Making Movies Outside Hollywood in several countries around the world. For more information about Jeff Bollow, visit his website.
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