Consulting Producer

“A few hours in the hands of an industry veteran is like a year of film school education accelerated to the singularity.”

Consulting Producer, Avi Federgreen

So you want to produce a Canadian, low-budget movie? It’s not difficult. It’s just hard work. Trying to navigate the Canadian film producing landscape – from financing, tax credits, business planning and talent sourcing, to sales and distribution negotiations – will take you forever to learn. Avi Federgreen, Producer & Distributor, has done it all, grinding a body of work through the Canadian independent film industry for almost 20 years. He has produced a variety of Canadian feature films and brings a broad national network and on-the-ground experience from producing movies in filmmaking provinces across Canada.

Avi joins Raindance Premium to offer members the inside track and accelerated learning through this Raindance Consulting Producer Service, providing consultation on producing independent feature films in Canada. Avi offers world-class consulting on every aspect of getting your film developed, financed, shot, festival-ready, marketed and sold for distribution, both in Canada and for world markets.

The consultation starts with a free phone or Skype discussion of your project…and goes from there.

“I wish that I’d had someone I could go to to help me navigate my way through developing scripts, working out financial structures, production budgets and marketing plans when I was making my first feature. I consider myself a cut-to-the chase producer who will tell you like it is about what it takes to make a film in Canada. Through my years of experience I can help advise you in all of the areas of film producing, especially in the low budget filmmaking world in Canada.”  –  Avi Federgreen

Avi Federgreen offers consulting from pre- to post-production in any of these areas:

  • Development consulting
  • Budget consulting
  • Marketing plan preparation
  • Film project analysis for marketability and viability
  • International sales consulting
  • Navigating through Film Financing
  • Post production consulting
  • Festival and release planning
  • Monetizing your film
  • Putting together the right team
  • Casting choices for your film
  • Production plan consulting… Just to name a few

If you are struggling with any of the above, trying to get your film developed, shot, released and sold, Avi Federgreen’s expertise is available through Raindance. For a discussion to find out how our service can help, please contact us at

Consulting Producer Services

Hourly Consultation

After an initial discussion of your specific project needs, book hourly sessions with Avi in person, via Skype, or on the phone. Best for specific issues, problem-solving, putting out production fires or dealing with game changes in mid-production stream. Short lead time. No follow up.

Half-day Consultation (4 hrs.) 

After an initial discussion of your specific project needs, book a half-day session with Avi in person or via Skype across Canada. Detailed notes and resources provided. Best for specific issues that require exploration, networking opportunities, more in-depth planning solutions for your project, problem-solving strategies, correcting production problems. Advance booking required.

Full-day Consultation (6 hrs.)

After an initial discussion of your specific project needs, book a full-day session with Avi in person or via Skype across Canada. An action plan and follow up session is provided, along with detailed notes, resources and industry contacts. Best for business planning, industry networking, detailed project plans and accelerated learning and developing your profile as producer in the Canadian film industry. Advanced booking required.

General Consulting for your film project

Avi signs on as producer/executive producer/ Project Supervisor to oversee your feature film and steer it toward completion and success. Quotes available based on film project, type, size and scope, stage of development and producer involvement.

For further information, or to set up a service consult tailored to your film project’s needs, please contact

Here’s what they’re saying about Avi Federgreen, Producer:

“Avi Federgreen has a deep toolbox to draw upon.  Avi’s vast breadth of knowledge and experience in film is not only beyond impressive, but he is also is a leading force in developing and shaping the future of this industry in Canada.”  –  Jordana Aarons, Producer

“There’s one magic ingredient between getting your film out there for people to see and having it sit in isolation on your hard drive. That ingredient is Avi Federgreen. Moon Point, a small indie comedy I made, was seen on television and in festivals across Canada, the US and now internationally, because of Avi’s direct involvement and guidance.”  – Sean Cisterna, Director, Moon Point

“Avi works with the perfect balance of efficient and creative care.  His experience in multiple areas of the industry allows for in depth perspective into the development of your film from script to overall production. Avi immediately understood the heart of my script.  He encouraged the protagonist’s objective into a bold, daring and complex territory to make the film as a whole not your average indie comedy. He genuinely works with the story you want to tell, and helps you make the practical steps to get your story realized.  Avi actually gets movies made versus talking about it – he has a passion and eye for fresh and honest work.”            –  Sarah Warren, Writer/Director

About Avi Federgreen

Avi Federgreen’s nearly twenty years of experience in the Canadian film industry features many highlights, from music videos to TV series to full-length feature films. Starting in the locations department, he moved quickly into production management, line producing, post supervision, and producing.

Federgreen’s current projects in release as Executive Producer include the first ever Canadian fully financed 3D feature titled Dead Before Dawn produced by April Mullen and Tim Dorion of Wango Films and directed by April Mullen; the Vancouver based feature film Random Acts of Romance produced by Darren Reiter and Katrin Bowen and directed by Katrin Bowen and Moon Point produced by Sean Cisterna and Christian Potenza, directed by Sean Cisterna.

As producer, Federgreen’s current releases include his next feature film with acclaimed director Mike McGowan entitled Still As Producer.

Federgreen’s past projects include the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, Score: A Hockey Musical, written and directed by Michael McGowan captures the fervour of Canada’s two favourite pastimes in a story big on humour and heart; and George Ryga’s Hungry Hills, directed by Rob King, premiered at TIFF 2009.

As exec producer, Federgreen has also worked on the dramatic short film Hidden Driveway, produced by Sarah Zammit and Sarah Goodman, directed by Sarah Goodman and which premiered at TIFF 2011; and Little Larry produced and directed by Jill Carter. Also produced by Federgreen She Said Lenny (produced wth Mallary Davenport), and directed by Jim Donovan premiered at WSFF 2011; Tight Space, Scout, and The Chair, all written and directed by Cory Kinney, and the Canadian Film Centre short Pudge, directed by Annie Bradley. Pudge premiered at TIFF 2008 and screened at several other acclaimed festivals internationally. The Chair achieved a Bronze Award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival in 2001.

More successes for Federgreen as producer include the Shaftesbury TV series Good Dog, written and directed by Ken Finkelman; documentary As Slow as Possible, directed by Scott Smith, an official selection of HotDocs 2008.

Federgreen’s co-production credits are impressive and varied. They include I’m Yours produced with Jennifer Jonas and Mallary Davenport of New Real Films, directed by Leonard Farlinger, the feature film One Week, written and directed by Michael McGowan, was named Best Canadian Film in the 2008 Calgary and Edmonton film fests, and was an official gala screening at TIFF that year. The film surpassed the $1.2 million Canadian box office mark, was the #1 rental on iTunes, and finished in the top 10 in DVD sales in Canada during its first week of release. High Life, produced by Triptych Media and directed by Gary Yates, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and was featured at TIFF 2009. Leslie, My Name Is Evil, directed by Reginald Harkema, produced by New Real Films also screened at TIFF 2009, and lastly the nationally acclaimed TV mini-series It’s Me…Gerald, (Showcase).

In November 2011, Federgreen opened his own film distribution company INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT. The company will service not just up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers, but also those indies making films in a lower budget bracket who have otherwise virtually no chance to shine in a market of big studios, distributors and exhibitors.