Online Postgraduate Degree

Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker
In partnership with Staffordshire University, Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program. Accessible in person in London, or online from around the world. Join over 100 students who have forged their own path in the film business

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Film Training

Develop your filmmaking craft.
We provide dozens of filmmaking workshops with industry professionals. All our courses take place in evenings or on weekends to suite your work schedule.

Start building your filmmaking toolkit.

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Industry Networking

Join us in the heart of Toronto's Film District for exclusive industry networking events.
Join us and chat with the people who are movin’ and shakin’ in the Canadian film industry right now.

Bring your business cards and network.

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Welcome to the new Raindance website. This is the hub site for Raindance Toronto Your one stop shop for all things film and Raindance in Toronto. To s

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Films Within Films (That We Wish Actually Existed)


Creative thought at its finest. Making a film within a film is a fun way to challenge the structure of your feature, handily giving a solid objective or plot line for your characters to follow. Dating back to as early as the 1900’s, the use of this film making device is a clever means of […]

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10 Big Benefits Of Crowdfunding


At The Crowdfunding Formula, it’s our job to talk about the benefits of crowdfunding. If you dig in our site a lot, you will know by now it’s not all about the money. Yes, the money might be the driving factor behind your campaign, but you stand to gain a whole lot more from crowdfunding. […]

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The 18 FAQ’s Of BIFA Founder Elliot Grove


The Moët British Independent Film Awards are on Sunday December 6th 2015 in London's fabulous Old Billingsgate Market. And it happens to mark the 18th anniversary of the awards created and founded by Raindance Film Festival's Elliot Grove and Suzanne Ballantyne. Grove's own background couldn't be further from movies. He was banned from seeing films by his […]

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5 Reasons Why It’s Good to Study Documentary Filmmaking


1. A violinist needs to study violin playing You don't just go out and buy a violin and then get a booking to perform the Bruch concerto at the Royal Albert Hall. Call me old-fashioned but I kind of think it's useful to study your craft before you go out to do it, and yet […]

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