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Disruptive Ways to Invest Profitably in Independent Film Moderated by Adam Leipzig, CEO Entertainment Media Partners, publisher @CulturalWeekly, former President of National Geographic Films and former Senior VP at Disney. Adam’s films have generated over $2 billion in revenue on $300 mil production spending.


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Raindance members get VIP access to our 5th annual tiff party, hosted by Adam Leipzig. Execs connect with who’s new and who’s next at our Raindance party.

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Seeing beyond the horizon…Keynote by Adam Leipzig

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5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Robin Williams

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Guest Post: 5 Tips For Crowdfunding Trailers That Work

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Darker and Edgier – A Token of our Times?

Demythologizing medieval. All stories about flawless princesses, mighty knights struggling with dragons and powerful sorcerers are foundations on traditional ways of thinking, tales we have been told as children. J.R.R. Tolkien’s modern fantasy epic Lord of the Rings is absolutely based on this scheme, and this is why the whole world at one time went … Read More

Top 3 Mistakes in Writing Virgin Stories

1. All protagonists need a clearly defined goal I’m going to tell you something that many in the story-writing world find shocking.  Only Hero stories need to begin with a clearly defined goal.  Big breath.  Virgin stories don’t know where the protagonist will land.  It’s about awakening to her inner voice and trusting it. She changes … Read More

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The 4 Secret Psychological Tools Filmmakers Use

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Ed Boase The Mirror

Director Ed Boase On The Real-Life Horrors Making The Mirror

I recently completed my second low-budget feature, The Mirror, and thought I’d share some of my experiences in the hope they could prove useful to fellow filmmakers trying to get similar projects off the ground. Origins It had been two long years since my first feature Blooded (2011) had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it release by the (now … Read More

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