Online Postgraduate Degree

Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker
In partnership with Staffordshire University, Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program. Accessible in person in London, or online from around the world. Join over 100 students who have forged their own path in the film business

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Film Training

Develop your filmmaking craft.
We provide dozens of filmmaking workshops with industry professionals. All our courses take place in evenings or on weekends to suite your work schedule.

Start building your filmmaking toolkit.

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Industry Networking

Join us in the heart of Toronto's Film District for exclusive industry networking events.
Join us and chat with the people who are movin’ and shakin’ in the Canadian film industry right now.

Bring your business cards and network.

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Welcome to the new Raindance website. This is the hub site for Raindance Toronto Your one stop shop for all things film and Raindance in Toronto. To s

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5 Non-Screenwriting Books for Screenwriters

Books for screenwriters

When I wrote my first screenplay, I bought screenwriting books. Seems logical, right? I wanted to write a good screenplay - so I bought a book about the craft of screenwriting, specifically Story by Robert McKee (both the paperback and iBooks edition). This was a breakthrough for me at the time - however, somewhere between the third and […]

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Virtual Reality Suite For Filmmakers


We may not have hover-boards or flying cars yet, but one thing seems set to change in 2016 and that's virtual reality filmmaking. You've probably heard VR thrown around a lot, whether it was back in the early 90s when it first seemed like it might take off, or more recently with the explosion of […]

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5 Movies – Dealing with life through comedy

Dealing with life through comedy

"If it weren't for the brief respite we give the world with our foolishness, the world would see mass suicide in numbers that compare favourably with the death rate of lemmings." - Groucho Marx In the 21st Century comedy based media takes its place as a dominative force within consumer culture and entertainment. Comedic television, movies […]

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Funny Is Money


Any film that's made you laugh could easily have been a drama. Tootsie? Oh the yearning of breaking free from this prison Michael Dorsey has shackled himself in! Facing an impossible dilemma, Dorothy Michaels asks for her character to be written off, yet the executives won't do it, so she kills herself on live television. The […]

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