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This five-part evening course is comprised of classes which answer specific questions and explores the opportunities producers have. During each class you will learn skills essential to getting a movie made.

What? Producer’s Foundation Certificate

Where? Raindance Office, 276 Carlaw Suite 222

When? 5 Tuesday evenings from August 5th, 6:30pm-9:30pm

How much? $249 General/ $199 Members 

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10 Lessons I Learned From Making A Movie For $10,000

We made a movie, called Black Soup for 10,000 dollars.  We shot it in Budapest, in 14 days, filming on 11 locations (!), had a bunch of great actors in it, guns, blood, luxury apartments, aerial shots, and even a helicopter.  It premiered to a packed house (over 450 people) on a Friday night at … Read More

Top 21 Virgin Movies Of The 21st Century

Virgin stories are about awakening to your true potential, despite the wishes or beliefs of the world around you.  Here is my list of favorite 21st Century Virgin movies.  Interestingly, their writers have intuitively followed the structure of the Virgin’s journey (I’m guessing they haven’t all read my book The Virgin’s Promise). Notice how the … Read More

Why Having A Low-Budget Is Awesome, Seriously

A mammoth budget does not necessarily guarantee box office domination nor does it mean it will earn critical acclaim. Filming limitations can lead to ingenuity, creative freedom and, more often than not, it becomes a labour of love rather than a business endeavour. Have a look below for our pick of best low-budget movies of … Read More

Top 5 Giants of the Documentary World.

In celebration of Raindance’s upcoming Documentary Courses in particular the Hands on Documentary Filmmaking course on July 26, we have complied a list of some of the world’s best truth seekers. Louis Theroux The son of the great American Travel writer Paul Theroux, Louis has forged an independent path for himself in the documentary world and has … Read More

5 Directors Who Deserve an Oscar.

What links The Departure, Gravity, Life of Pi, The Hurt Locker and Slumdog Millionaire? Each of them has been awarded with fancy, golden statuette of a knight holding a crusader’s sword standing on a reel of film with five spokes in category of ‘Best Director.’ OK, what about The Social Network, Black Swan, Thelma & … Read More

13 Annoying Habits Filmmakers Need To Break

I spend hours on Skype these days with many of the online Postgraduate Film Degree students. I wear headphones and engage in all sorts of debates about independent film-making in all its varied and changing forms. I’ve just hung up with a prospective student in Thailand, glanced around the office and noticed that everyone is … Read More

Break the Rules: Unconventional Directing Advice, inspired by Wim Wenders

It seems like anything goes in filmmaking today.  Anyone can pick up a camera, form a cast and crew, find a location, shoot, edit and distribute (yippee for us film lovers).  Yet, there are still accepted rules.  Rules that you must not break.  For instance, it is common practise to shoot out of continuity because … Read More

The 11 Soccer Films to Watch Before the World Cup Finale

To complement the football fever with some thrilling fiction and staggering documentary, have a look at Raindance’s picks and enjoy the assortment of football films as the World Cup final approaches. Africa United – Dir: Debs Paterson – 2010 The story of three Rwandan children and their bid to achieve their ultimate dream – to … Read More

Making Movie Punches Work

When Roger Corman attended the Raindance Film Festival in 1996, I asked him what he thought made a really good script. Your first movie is likely to be a gritty slice-of-life in and or around your own turf, is it not? And aren’t you eager to spice up your film and make it look like … Read More

VHS Horror you can watch again

10 Forgotten VHS Horror Movies You Should Watch

Our favorite New York filmmaker is the cult extremist and filmmaker,  Ronni Thomas. His award winning web series, The Midnight Archive has become his ace contribution to the cultural preservation of the underbelly of our New York. He has put together a list of ten of his favorite horror films and where to find them … Read More


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