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Comedy Intensive Workshop with Steve Kaplan

This 2-day comedy writing intensive workshop from a Los Angeles film and television veteran offers proven and practical methods and principles that help you reveal and understand comedy from the inside out. Steve Kaplan has served as a consultant to such companies as Dreamworks, Disney and HBO and he’s coming to Raindance Toronto.

What? Comedy Intensive Workshop with Steve Kaplan

When? Sat. February 7 & Sun. February 8, 10am-5pm

Where? Raindance, 276 Carlaw Ave. Suite 222, Toronto

How Much? $299 General / $249 Members

Call 416.572.4372 or Book Online Here

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Whip Pans – Production Video Tips #2

Weekly Production Video Tip #2 – Whip Pans

  This week in our weekly production video tips, we’re talking about Whip Pans.  No, this is not a pan in which you whip things. A Whip Pan is a quick transitional technique that can be used to add a fast-paced feel to your films. The technique is often seen used by filmmakers like Paul […]

Lenses – Production Video Tips #4

Weekly Production Tip #4 – Lenses

This week, we’re talking about using different lenses to improve your work’s visual impact. Watch the video and check out our 5-minute Lens school underneath! Different lens choices are a brilliant way to spice up your visuals in your filmmaking. While some cheaper cameras don’t allow for changing lenses, most DSLRs and contemporary professional or […]

lkit for filmmakers

2015 Filmmaker’s Toolkit

Put down the Christmas cake! Make movies! Raindance has been making filmmakers since 1992. There’s no reason to delay your movie. Move from amateur to professional. Stop making excuses. Stop blagging the blag. Stop saying  ‘Tomorrow!’ Get off your couch and start doing something meaningful! You don’t need no film school! 1 Your plan and […]


9 Practical Ways To Build Your Career As A Music Director

Many directors would like to make a living as a music video director, but most have little idea about how to go about it. Directors who don’t know how to build their career risk wasting time, money and energy creating low-impact videos and building ineffective networks. As part of the commitment to professional development that […]


10 Web Series to Watch in 2015

Web series, with their originality and accessibility, have started to serve as the proving ground for aspiring filmmakers. The medium is a liberating platform that can give anyone and everyone a voice. Here, at Raindance, we love the innovative content that a web series can produce. So much so that we were the first dedicated […]


Weekly Production Video Tip #3 – Selfie Tracking Shot

This week in our weekly production video tips, we’re talking about the Selfie Tracking Shot. OK, admittedly, that’s not a technical term. But you get the idea; the camera sits close to the actor’s face and follows their movement. The desired effect is to have the actor still in the screen, while the background moves around […]


An Interview With Director Steven Sheil

Steven Sheil is a British writer and director of independent horror films Mum and Dad and Deadmine. He talks about that infamous “liver” scene, shooting on a budget and his horror film festival Mayhem. Why do you think horror is such a brilliant genre to explore other issues? When you approach horror as an audience […]


Surprises and Snubs: The 2015 BAFTA Nominations

Unless you’ve only just woken up (it is Friday, you’d be forgiven) your Twitter feed has probably been filled with #BAFTA tweets since the early hours of the morning. We were especially excited to see so many familiar nominees and winners from the 2014 Moet British Independent Film Awards in the mix when we cast […]


The 72nd Golden Globes awards: A complete overview

  The 72nd Golden Globes awards was a night of celebration that saw George Clooney heavily mocked, Kevin Spacey swearing and Patricia Arquette close to tears. Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked off the show, for the third consecutive year, with Hollywood’s most sensitive subjects under inspection. “Tonight we celebrate all the great television […]


20 Mantras Great Filmmakers Use Every Day

The characteristics that make a great filmmaker have sparked discussions at every single festival event I have ever attended. To a newbie these characteristics can appear elusive. Some think that the only qualities a filmmaker needs is the ability to choose black wardrobe items and wear sunglasses indoors and out, day or night (as I […]

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