Writing A Treatment, Crafting A Synopsis For Screenwriters

A treatment can be a useful document to have, whether you’re looking to use it as a roadmap of your story before writing or as a way to build interest in a spec script. Unfortunately there’s rarely any specific agreement on how to lay out a treatment for industry consumption. Worse, many mix up “treatment” […]

5 Ways to Create Unique and Funny Characters

We’ve all been there. You’re handed a script, or thrown into an improv scene where you’re asked to play a “character” and told to be “funny”. And…GO! No pressure! Creating a character that is at once identifiable, the kind of person you just “know” and yet completely unique and to top it off, funny, is […]

7 Things You Need To Know As A Screenwriter

If you are a screenwriter reading this you are likely wondering how to get your screenplay sold and turned into a movie. Join the club. For some reason many writers work along unaware of the basics needed to turn the script into a movie. Many writers are also afraid of accepting the creative collaborations of […]

Kim Hudson And The Virgin’s Promise

  In most films or stories it seems pretty easy to identify the hero, understand his clearly defined goal from the beginning and watch him battle against the odds in order to achieve success. Brave, strong and resourceful, the hero recognizes that his community is in danger and pushes beyond his fear to destroy the […]

Break the Rules: Unconventional Directing Advice, inspired by Wim Wenders

It seems like anything goes in filmmaking today.  Anyone can pick up a camera, form a cast and crew, find a location, shoot, edit and distribute (yippee for us film lovers).  Yet, there are still accepted rules.  Rules that you must not break.  For instance, it is common practise to shoot out of continuity because […]

Strange Tips To Get You Writing

I’m writing this because I cannot start writing.  So many times I jot down a script idea – a character, a setting, an inciting incident – but nothing becomes of these.  Instead, I procrastinate. Sound familiar? Yet, somewhere in this procrastination my mind thought up some wacky ways to start writing that I think I’ll […]

Ten Films That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job and Travel The World

Unless you are lucky enough to have the best job in the world, the following ten films are sure to immediately induce wanderlust into even the least adventurous of us. 1. Eat. Pray. Love. (2010) – directed by Ryan Murphy, starring Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins A bit like Marmite, a lot of […]

How To Write A Summer Blockbuster: 5 Keys

It used to be that summer was the season for blockbuster movies. Now it’s a year-round phenomenon. Hollywood is in the business of selling films to a worldwide audience, which means they are always looking for a script with blockbuster potential. Most screenwriters think a blockbuster is simply a film that does really well at […]

Friday Fact-File – TV Writers: #4 Aaron Sorkin

4. Aaron Sorkin DOB: June 9th 1961 (Age 52) First TV break: 1988 (Age 27) Aaron Benjamin Sorkin is an Academy and Emmy award winning screenwriter, producer, and playwright. Sorkin graduated from Syracuse University in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre. After graduating, Sorkin moved to New York where he worked as an actor through the 1980’s. […]

Friday Fact-File – TV Writers: #3 Tina Fey

3. Tina Fey   DOB: May 18 1970 (Age 43) First TV break: 1997 (Age 29) Elizabeth Stamatina “Tina” Fey, is the comedy genius, writer, producer and actor, responsible for NBC’s hilarious sitcom 30 Rock, and 2004’s smash hit, Mean Girls, and is a frequent contributor, both in acting and writing, to the incredibly popular […]

Friday Fact-File – TV Writers: #2 Joss Whedon

2. Joss Whedon DOB: June 23rd 1964 (Age 49) First TV break: 1997 (Age 33) Joss Whedon is a third-generation writer, son of  Tom Whedon, a screenwriter for The Electric Company in the 1970s and The Golden Girls in the 1980s, and grandson of John Whedon, a writer for The Donna Reed Show in the 1950s. He started out his career in the […]