How Screenwriters Make Money: Five Tried and Tested Ways

How screenwriters make money is a question I have been asked countless times during my long journey helming Raindance Film Festival. Often screenwriters have the idea that they can win a lottery by selling their script to Hollywood. But how much money do you really think you could make by selling your script to Hollywood? […]

Debunking The Talent Myth: 6 Ways

I’m traveling right now, and as I write this I am currently sitting in the Raindance Toronto office surrounded by the hardworking Toronto team. A punter just called up inquiring about the terrific events planned here in Toronto, and wondered if you needed to have talent to attend Raindance. Then on this past weekend, I […]

Raindance Mantra: Why Talent Sucks

I have just returned from the amazing Guadalajara Film Festival where I was a guest at their industry days. There I saw some terrific movies and met dozens of incredibly talented Latin American filmmakers – each at the festival pitching their projects and looking for co-production partners. Sitting on the long flight home (via Dallas) […]

Respect? Sorry, What’s That?

I’m a real stickler for respect and courtesy. To me it costs nothing to treat others with respect and decency – at least up until the point they demonstrate that they don’t deserve it – but it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that the idea of respect is somewhat alien to the film industry at […]

Strange Tips To Get You Writing

I’m writing this because I cannot start writing.  So many times I jot down a script idea – a character, a setting, an inciting incident – but nothing becomes of these.  Instead, I procrastinate. Sound familiar? Yet, somewhere in this procrastination my mind thought up some wacky ways to start writing that I think I’ll […]

Documentaries To Be Inspired By

For as long as I can remember, I have loved documentaries. My father is to blame for this. Ever since he realised my interests lay in Film and TV, I’d been bombarded with documentary upon documentary about the history of film, as well as documentaries covering niche subjects, like the success of the Carry-On Films… […]

Ten ’90s Films You Forgot Existed

Ah, 2014… It seems we’ve only blinked and suddenly, it has been 10 years since we first met Ron Burgundy, and 20 years since we learnt the meaning of Hakuna Matata. As we get further and further into the 21st Century, Planet Earth has survived a number of apocalyptic prophecies, as well as films like […]

Screenwriters: How To Be A Virgin

First you have to know what you are trying to be.  Virgin has been twisted into a pretzel of different meanings.  The one I am talking about is where you know you are of value just for being yourself, as in a Virgin forest.  When you think about it, the tree doesn’t have to be […]

Friday Fact-File – TV Writers: #5 Amy Sherman-Palladino

5. Amy Sherman-Palladino DOB: 1966 (Age 47/48) First TV break: 1990 (Age 24) Amy Sherman-Palladino is a Emmy award winning screenwriter, producer and director, best known for the show Gilmore Girls. She was a trained dancer since the age of four and well into her teens, so much so that in her early twenties she was […]

Friday Fact-File – TV Writers: #4 Aaron Sorkin

4. Aaron Sorkin DOB: June 9th 1961 (Age 52) First TV break: 1988 (Age 27) Aaron Benjamin Sorkin is an Academy and Emmy award winning screenwriter, producer, and playwright. Sorkin graduated from Syracuse University in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre. After graduating, Sorkin moved to New York where he worked as an actor through the 1980’s. […]

Friday Fact-File – TV Writers: #3 Tina Fey

3. Tina Fey   DOB: May 18 1970 (Age 43) First TV break: 1997 (Age 29) Elizabeth Stamatina “Tina” Fey, is the comedy genius, writer, producer and actor, responsible for NBC’s hilarious sitcom 30 Rock, and 2004’s smash hit, Mean Girls, and is a frequent contributor, both in acting and writing, to the incredibly popular […]