The Year in Review – 2016

   The Year in Review – 2016 Who are you? What’s your burning question? Are you motivated and excited about your life? Do you have a pulse? Every second of every day is a resolution and choice: you resolve to be a lover or a hater;  you choose freedom or bondage; you create a new […]

‘I think indigenous women have always been great storytellers’

Sonia Bonspille Boileau made her first feature length film Le Dep in just 10 days. She was in London to see it screened at Raindance 2015 and gave me some of her time for a chat about filmmaking. The main challenge for this film [Le Dep] was that I wanted the main character to be […]

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: The Eco-system

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQ’s | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System One of the achievements of Raindance is the creation of an international eco-system. It was created by the dynamic Raindance staff, Raindance members and benefactors. Raindance is a People organisation – Raindance Membership: 2,000 paid members worldwide, 65% […]

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s 10 FAQs

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQs | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System I realised this cold wet Easter weekend that I have been Raindancing since 1992. Funny how it seems like an eternity on one hand, and hardly any time at all on the other. However you cut it, it’s […]

Elliot Grove: Why I Raindance

Raindance 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQ’s | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System I just passed another milestone – I rewrote the Raindance Producer’s Lab book, only 38 months after my original deadline! It was a real monster – at over 250,000 words. Just managing the manuscript was a challenge. So […]

8 Reasons to Submit to Raindance Film Festival 2017

  1. We  have a pioneering Web fest in which many filmmakers are negotiating cross over careers and hits. 2. We’ve been one of Moviemaker Magazine’s ‘Top 50 Festivals Worth the Submission Fee’ two years running. This means an authority of movies and film festivals has said we are worth submitting to. 3. All the […]

9 Questions Of Raindance Founder Elliot Grove On New Year’s Eve 2015

1. Why did you start Raindance? I started Raindance in 1992 when the British film industry was in the doldrums. Our first events were training events with the great and good film school gurus from Hollywood: Dov Simens, Syd Field, Christopher Vogler and the like. My first intern was a very young and eager Edgar […]

I think there aren’t enough women’s stories being made

Elisa Paloschi took her groundbreaking documentary Driving with Selvi to Raindance this year and in between fundraising spoke to us about why she had to make this film. I felt I could do anything I wanted; I came from the Canadian mentality where if you have a dream you work hard and you can probably achieve […]

12 Types of People Who Go To Film Festivals

To film festival attendees every where – why are you attending a film festival? One of my favourite bloggers is Brittany Leaning who writes for Hubspot, one of my favourite websites. I’ve adapted her article for film festivals There are so many benefits to attending Raindance Film Festival: see great movies listen and learn at […]

10 FAQ’s Filmmakers Ask Raindance Film Festival

I have presided over a film festival here in London since 1993. I’m no expert. I didn’t go to film school either. With the help of an amazing team I’ve just somehow managed to grow Raindance into what is now considered one of the top 50 must attend film festivals in the world, according to […]

10 Filmmaker Website Essentials

We are deep into film festival submission time here at Raindance. We are really fortunate to have become known as Britain’s largest and oldest independent film festival which attracts films from the four corners of the world. Filmmakers choose Raindance Film Festival because of our reputation for helping filmmakers progress in their careers, and for […]

Raindance Film Festival – Truly International

Our programmers are hard at work viewing the entries to this year’s 23rd Raindance Film Festival We were looking at the address of the submissions and were amazed to see that entries have come from over 85 countries. Here are the countries  in descending order relating to the number of submissions from each country: United […]