Cinema 2.0: Top Ten Production Hacks To DIY Success

Here are ten tips, tricks and ideas to consider when setting out to make your own personal DIY cinema. Consider these options to shoot your best Cinema 2.0 film. 1: SHOT LIST EVERYTHING. STORYBOARDS DON’T HELP MOST MICROBUDGET PRODUCTIONS. Shot lists are an easier and more adaptable way to work in smaller microcinema productions. You run […]

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Film Production Careers

Photo Credits: Vancouver Film School Are you thinking about a career in film production? If so, now is a great time to get started in making your dream a reality. To help you make the decision about whether or not this career path is right for you, we’re going to take a behind-the-scenes look at […]

Script-based Collaboration: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Script Updated

by  Maarten Verwaest The Case for Script-based Collaboration   In a modern production workflow, online tools enable different people to participate from different locations. Media files and production information, often separately stored and managed at different locations, need to be exchanged. Due to a lack of standards, producers rely on facebook or exchanging documents via email. […]

15 Things Everyone Does On A Film Set

If you’ve never been on a film set, you might be surprised to learn that it’s mostly a very boring experience. Sure, the occasional shot requires a great deal of exciting machinery and on-set wizardry that is a joy to behold and take part in, but a lot of time spent shooting a movie is […]

We Need A Team

“There’s no I in team.” Now, there’s a cliché if I ever heard one. But you know what? It also happens to be one of the most fundamental truths of the entire universe, and here’s why. Get together a group of people with common goals, similar interests and varying degrees of intelligence, knowledge and ability… […]