Blade Runner: A beautiful, Horrible Future

Any great science fiction story will be layered with important contemporary issues, either subtly or overtly and Blade Runner is no exception. With Blade Runner 2049 releasing in October of this year lets take a look back at the original film. We will look at the themes and messages and their relevance in today’s world. […]

Films Within Films (That We Wish Actually Existed)

Creative thought at its finest. Making a film within a film is a fun way to challenge the structure of your feature, handily giving a solid objective or plot line for your characters to follow. Dating back to as early as the 1900’s, the use of this film making device is a clever means of […]

Cinema 2.0: Sell Out Now! 7 Ideas You Need Now

Having effectively decided on a consistent and recognizable public persona with a continuous message, how can you then encourage audiences to respond to your original material? By using the success of the smartphone based application world as a model. We all have ‘Apps’ on our phones and we buy them on a regular basis. How […]

Cinema 2.0: Trailer Camp

Trailers matter. The work we do as filmmakers is best illustrated and tested with a dramatic and visual trailer that shows our hard work to our best advantage. Don’t give away all of the story (like the mainstream does) and try to make sure that the look, sound and feel of the work is indicative […]

10 Inspiring Transgender Films Worth Seeing

This is a list of some of the best transgender films made over the last three decades. From tragic tales to outlandish comedies, these films all deal with characters exploring their gender identities, their human relationships and how far they are prepared to push the boundaries. Tomboy (2011) When 10 year old, Laure moves with her […]

12 Movies Every Filmmaker Must See

When it comes down to it, It is really just as simple as understanding what you are getting into as a potential filmmaker. To do this, it would be beneficial to watch every movie that’s ever made a name for itself, but since there are so many, I’ve narrowed it down to just a few that you should watch in order to make it seem like you didn’t grow up under a rock.

Cinema 2.0: Camera Envy: Size Doesn’t Matter

Welcome to my new blog on Cinema 2.0. Cinema 2.0 is A NEW APPROACH TO DIY FILM PRODUCTION, MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION working outside of the accepted mainstream cinema industry. It’s about leveraging your peer-to-peer marketing and online digital distribution for your own original cinema making your authentic, artisanal and original programming for enjoyment worldwide.   I […]

“There’s a certain confidence that comes from naiveté”

Debs Paterson fairly burst onto the film scene in 2010 with her acclaimed feature debut Africa United. Since then she has been beavering away writing and developing multiple projects for TV and film. She took some time out of her hectic schedule to impart some words of wisdom. Africa United happened so fast. I was slightly […]

5 New Scares in Cinemas this Halloween

  If any of you love horror as much as I do, then this may be your favorite time of year, especially for film. Do you love the good, the bad, and the disturbing of horror that leap out of filmmakers’ minds and onto the big screen? Well if you’re searching for a scare this Halloween weekend, here are […]

Development Finance For Films

You have scoured underground theatre and have a list of actors so sizzling hot you can hardly wait to launch their careers in the movies. At film festivals you have seen scores of shorts and debut features from which you have short-listed several directors you would like to work with. All of this has been […]

Break the Rules: Unconventional Directing Advice, inspired by Wim Wenders

It seems like anything goes in filmmaking today.  Anyone can pick up a camera, form a cast and crew, find a location, shoot, edit and distribute (yippee for us film lovers).  Yet, there are still accepted rules.  Rules that you must not break.  For instance, it is common practise to shoot out of continuity because […]