Virtual Body Horror: An eXistenZ Retrospective

  With the recent rise in popularity of virtual reality gaming lets take a look at a film that touched on this new form of entertainment almost two decades ago. eXistenZ is a 1999 Canadian science fiction film written, produced and directed by David Cronenberg. The film stars Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh and features […]

Essential Horror and Fantasy Film Festivals

  There are a number of genre-based film festivals around the world. Here are more than a few that fall into the categories of Horror and Fantasy. Must Have Horror and Fantasy Film Festivals BIFFF – Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 4 to 10 April 2017 Every spring in Brussels this festival draws in horror  […]

Horror: Tips On Perfecting The Art Of Fear

Being a genre that never gets old (there is always an audience for preying on the misfortune of others), horror movies are always in abundance. The question is, how good are they at ACTUALLY being scary? Horror films can be considered a great place to launch an independent film maker’s career; they can be made […]

5 Short Films To Give You A Horror Film Fix

Here are 5 of our favourite short horror movies that prove you don’t need a feature length film to give your audience the heebie jeebies. Pedro Maccarone- ‘Wrong Date’ Part 1 & 2 (6 seconds each) As both of these 6 second horrors show, all it takes is a split second to change the entire […]

5 Best SFX Horror Scenes On A Budget

Our Power of Special Effects course is fast approaching which made us think about the best SFX horror shots that were done on a low-to-no budget. We’re aware that these aren’t the best effects ever done in the history of horror (think The Fly, An American Werewolf in London, The Thing) but they are some […]

5 New Scares in Cinemas this Halloween

  If any of you love horror as much as I do, then this may be your favorite time of year, especially for film. Do you love the good, the bad, and the disturbing of horror that leap out of filmmakers’ minds and onto the big screen? Well if you’re searching for a scare this Halloween weekend, here are […]

7 Things I Learned Making a Film for $7000

When it comes to the really crazy ideas, like making a feature film with zero prior experience and for less than the price of a semester of film school, sometimes all it takes is one other person to say, screw it, why not? That’s how, a few months of begging, borrowing and dealing later, first-time […]

Raindance Alumnus Edward Boase’s The Mirror Premieres At Frightfest

Filmmaker Edward Boase’s new horror film is about a menacing mirror haunting the lives of three flatmates. Reaching the pages of the Evening Standard, his latest low-budget feature film is based on the real-life sufferings of two flatmates who got rid of the cursed object on eBay. Former mirror-owner Mr Charalambous said to the press, […]

Top Ten British Horror Films

Dangerous, dark and down-right fantastic, the British Horror genre is one that has created some of the most grueling and terrifying filmic experiences in cinematic history. Known for it’s gritty realism and often unhappy endings, it’s a genre that Hollywood has tried and failed to imitate, and unsurprisingly so, considering how ‘anti-hollywood’ the constructs of […]

Halloween Horror Film Competition!

You know you want to Make a 15-second film and post it on our Facebook wall. All entrants win 10% off any Raindance weekend course, and one lucky winner will get something extra special in the post! Click here to find out more In the mean time, check out last year’s winner, as well as […]