Make March 2017 Your Month – Go From Film Fan To Filmmaker

Happy March! It’s time to go from film fan to filmmaker. Here at Raindance, we’ve decided that March is going to be a special month. What better month to re-invigorate your dreams than March – which starts 48 hours after the Oscars? Of course, everyone repeats that every day, but we really mean it. Why? […]

The Year in Review – 2016

   The Year in Review – 2016 Who are you? What’s your burning question? Are you motivated and excited about your life? Do you have a pulse? Every second of every day is a resolution and choice: you resolve to be a lover or a hater;  you choose freedom or bondage; you create a new […]

5 Ways Filmmakers Play A Trump Card

Donald Trump has played trump card after card. His election campaign has been rocked by controversy – filled with shameful and disgusting remarks. As the American presedential election looms ever nearer, there is no denying that Trump has demonstratd an astonishing ability to engage and empower a legion of followers far greater than I suspect […]

Filmmakers’ Preparing U.S. Visas: Five Time-Saving Tips

Filmmakers applying for U.S. visas complain it’s a notoriously time-consuming process. Believe it or not, a lot of this time isn’t spent waiting for USCIS to adjudicate your application — much of it is spent in the time it takes to put together the application. Why is this, if it’s mostly presenting documents and filling […]

Your First 100 Days As A Filmmaker

You’ve finally decided to jump headlong towards your dream and become a filmmaker. Now what? Leaving the ordinary civilian lifestyle to become a filmmaker can be a real jolt. Raindance is here to make that transition easier. Filmmaking is not just a life-style – it’s a strategy, a different way of thinking and doing. For […]

5 Reasons To Attend The Independent Filmmaker’s Ball.

Filmmaking can sometimes lead to the depths of isolation. Every waking moment is spent chained to a never ending film project. The inability to edit one’s own life is undeniably frustrating. Unshakeable focus and unwavering passion can generate feelings of captivity. This solitary darkness can be soothing to the artistic soul, sure. You know what […]

‘I think indigenous women have always been great storytellers’

Sonia Bonspille Boileau made her first feature length film Le Dep in just 10 days. She was in London to see it screened at Raindance 2015 and gave me some of her time for a chat about filmmaking. The main challenge for this film [Le Dep] was that I wanted the main character to be […]

3 Ways Taking Creative Challenges Made Me A Better Filmmaker

Five years ago, I was writing a feature adaptation of a short film that had made it to festivals and garnered some interests. It was a calculated move: I would write an ultra-low budget feature, shoot it quickly and use it as a business card to climb a couple of ladders. For months, this screenplay […]

Why All Short Films Suck

All Short films suck. Bit of a sweeping statement? Didn’t George Lucas and Martin Scorsese direct short films? They did indeed, and they sucked. In the case of Scorsese, the only time he ever got really pretentious was with a short film. It is a format that invites pretension, practically survives off it actually. I […]

2016 Anti-Resolutions

My name is Elliot Grove. I’ve witnessed 25 New Year’s celebrations since I started Raindance in 1992! Here we are – a brand new year staring at you like a blank canvas. Everything you accomplish (or don’t) in the next year will forever have that date stamp: 2017, tattooed in the corner, for all your […]

10 Things A Filmmaker Needs Every Day

Work in style and with the right tools and you’re halfway there. Here is a handy list of the tools we think are essential if you want to make it as a filmmaker. Not everything on this list needs loadsa cash. I splashed out on my Apple laptop (see number 3) and cut corners on […]