How To Turn That Passion For Writing and Filmmaking Into A Reality – FAST

So, you’ve spent the past three years studying Tarantino, DSLR, green screen and independent film and damn. It’s getting hot. All your mates are sick and tired of telling you how talented you are. More, they are sick and tired of hearing you tell them how you can’t wait to ditch the dull and boring […]

6 Films That Turned Failure Into Success

As filmmakers, we all want to make great films. What is a great film? We know that a big budget and amazing special effects, huge explosions and epic scale does not guarantee a great or successful film. Success can sometimes come DESPITE the lack of budget or not-so-great special effects. In the film industry, success […]

How to Take Advantage of the Busiest Time of Year for Actors (Part 1) ?

Summer Is Coming! Whether 2016 is the year you have decided to come out to the world as an actor, or you have been deep in the trenches for ten years, these industry truths can be elusive. By nature, actors are optimists; it is our great asset and our greatest liability. Being realistic isn’t our […]

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s 10 FAQs

Raindance’s 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQs | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System I realised this cold wet Easter weekend that I have been Raindancing since 1992. Funny how it seems like an eternity on one hand, and hardly any time at all on the other. However you cut it, it’s […]

8 Reasons to Submit to Raindance Film Festival 2017

  1. We  have a pioneering Web fest in which many filmmakers are negotiating cross over careers and hits. 2. We’ve been one of Moviemaker Magazine’s ‘Top 50 Festivals Worth the Submission Fee’ two years running. This means an authority of movies and film festivals has said we are worth submitting to. 3. All the […]

9 Questions Of Raindance Founder Elliot Grove On New Year’s Eve 2015

1. Why did you start Raindance? I started Raindance in 1992 when the British film industry was in the doldrums. Our first events were training events with the great and good film school gurus from Hollywood: Dov Simens, Syd Field, Christopher Vogler and the like. My first intern was a very young and eager Edgar […]

10 Screenwriting Myths Debunked

Whether you have already written and even sold a number of screenplays, or you are embarking on your first screenwriting adventure, be wary of the bounty of screenwriting advice available from well-meaning “experts.” Take any advice, including the following, with a heaping teaspoon of salt. As the Buddha said, “believe nothing, no matter where you […]

Indian Indie Films vs Bollywood

Bollywood has undeniably dominated the Indian film scene for as long as anyone can remember. But new independent Indian films, known as ‘indie’ films have started to emerge and are gaining traction. They have come out of India’s parallel cinema movement and are funded independently without the backing of any major studios. In 2013, several indie films gained […]

Dumb Questions Screenwriters Ask

One of my fovourite people is the LA based screenwriter William C. Martell – the amazing ex-forklift-truck-operator who has had 20 films produced by Hollywood. His unique POV from the trenches in the film industry makes him a unique voice in a very crowded film industry where screenwriters are treated like, well, shit. In this […]

10 Film Distribution Basics

Filmmakers need to get a good, rock-solid understanding of how film distribution works. Successful filmmakers – and by that I mean filmmakers who successfully recoup their budget and repay investors, are the ones who develop a distribution strategy before they embark on the filmmaking process, and sometimes before they write the script. I have been […]

SUPER 8 At 50: 6 Feature Films Shot On Super 8mm

Super 8mm is officially 50 years old. Created by Kodak in 1965 as an alternative to 16mm, the Super 8 started off as something people would use to film their holiday. But because it wasn’t necessary to thread film on a Super 8, independent filmmakers found it compact and cheap to shoot with. It’s also […]