10 Tricks And Traps Of Film Producing

Film producing is an occupation fraught with danger, mishaps and misfortune. As Shakespeare said: many a slip twixt cup and lip. Here are the ten areas where new producers trip up. 1. Measure Success by More Than a Theatrical Release The times are a-changin’. The costs and associated risk factor of releasing a film theatrically […]

How 1 Hour With A Documentary Consultant Can Help You

Are you struggling with your documentary film? Are you about to risk a load of favours and all your savings on making a documentary that may struggle to get picked up by a film festival or distributor? Maybe its time to take your documentary film idea (or rough-cut) off for a little 1 or 2 […]

Essential Horror and Fantasy Film Festivals

  There are a number of genre-based film festivals around the world. Here are more than a few that fall into the categories of Horror and Fantasy. Must Have Horror and Fantasy Film Festivals BIFFF – Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 4 to 10 April 2017 Every spring in Brussels this festival draws in horror  […]

8 Reasons to Submit to Raindance Film Festival 2017

  1. We  have a pioneering Web fest in which many filmmakers are negotiating cross over careers and hits. 2. We’ve been one of Moviemaker Magazine’s ‘Top 50 Festivals Worth the Submission Fee’ two years running. This means an authority of movies and film festivals has said we are worth submitting to. 3. All the […]

12 Must Attend Events for Web Series Creators

  By Darren Chadwick-Hussein, creator of The Bloody Mary Show Why make a short film when you can make a web series? With the increasing worldwide recognition, including the Daytime Emmys; interest from the major networks and even the big studios wading into the online TV world, savvy filmmakers are now using the net as […]

An Interview With Director Steven Sheil

Steven Sheil is a British writer and director of independent horror films Mum and Dad and Deadmine. He talks about that infamous “liver” scene, shooting on a budget and his horror film festival Mayhem. Why do you think horror is such a brilliant genre to explore other issues? When you approach horror as an audience […]

“Once you find a good collaboration it’s best to never let it go”

Esra Saydam and Nisan Dag co-wrote and co-directed Across the Sea. They met and trained in the US but they returned to their home country of Turkey to make this, their first feature. They talk about the hurdles they had to overcome and how they got started. (Esra) Living away from Turkey for many years, […]

Share your filmmaking ambition, dammit!

Ok, we filmmakers have been to dozens of film festivals like Raindance and have heard panels drone on that we should be on Facebook and Twitter because that is what young people (and increasingly older people, too) do these days. What do we do after the last audience question has been addressed by the experts? […]

How Film Festivals Struggle To Stay Relevant

Why is it that cinemas, theatres, art galleries, music venues and dance companies are closing in droves? Arts organisations face an uphill battle for economic survival. As our governments in Europe and America slash arts funding, ballet companies, theatres, art galleries, opera companies and film festivals need to think very differently about the economic realities […]

How To Answer ‘What is Your Favourite Film?’

This is a good question. A question you will be asked often. You should answer this question. You should answer this question well. It is a question you get asked all the time amongst the film-friendly public; people love to talk about film and they love to know what you’re into. That’s a given. It’s […]

Melancholy and Australia: a piece on The Turning (2013) and The Rover(2014)

One of the highlights from Cannes this year was David Michôd’s dystopian crime thriller, The Rover, starring Robert Pattinson and Australia’s go-to-chameleon Guy Pearce. This film is likely to forge a successful path at upcoming festivals such as Sydney Film Festival where it will show in early June. The bleak crime feature speaks to a larger trend […]

9 Golden Rules For Selling Your Screenplay

You love movies, right? And you have been isolated in your tower of creativity tapping away until you hear the two most dreaded words a wannabe screenwriter ever hears: “Honey! Dinner”. And you have to take the painful walk down the spiral staircase and join the rest of the human race. And sell your screenplay. […]