The Year in Review – 2016

   The Year in Review – 2016 Who are you? What’s your burning question? Are you motivated and excited about your life? Do you have a pulse? Every second of every day is a resolution and choice: you resolve to be a lover or a hater;  you choose freedom or bondage; you create a new […]

5 Reasons To Attend The Independent Filmmaker’s Ball.

Filmmaking can sometimes lead to the depths of isolation. Every waking moment is spent chained to a never ending film project. The inability to edit one’s own life is undeniably frustrating. Unshakeable focus and unwavering passion can generate feelings of captivity. This solitary darkness can be soothing to the artistic soul, sure. You know what […]

9 Golden Rules For Selling Your Screenplay

You love movies, right? And you have been isolated in your tower of creativity tapping away until you hear the two most dreaded words a wannabe screenwriter ever hears: “Honey! Dinner”. And you have to take the painful walk down the spiral staircase and join the rest of the human race. And sell your screenplay. […]

3 Reasons Why Sleeping On A Spaghetti Stained Couch Is Better Than Suicide

Suicide? Or make a short film? Plenty of short filmmaker’s have nominated suicide to be the driving narrative plot device of their work and in this year’s batch of submissions the trend is soldiering on. Why is that? Perhaps, the tragic plight of the short filmmaker is birthing a litter of suicidal fanatics. Who knows. […]

The World is Round, People: Cannes’ Poor Inclusion of Female Directors.

Dialogue about the lack of females at the helm of big-budget films has been bouncing around for years. Despite the apparent change of dynamics in television, the film industry seems to have a remarkable ability to resist the equal inclusion of women. Plenty of females within the industry have voiced annoyance at the bizarre male […]

25 Film Sites That Will Numb The Pain Of The Tube Strike

Yes, London has broken: transport is mayhem, commuters are angry and people are walking like rouge torpedoes through the crowded streets. Sounds pretty grim, right? Not necessarily. The notion of the tube strike married with the timely release of the John Curran’s Tracks (An Australian epic about the story of a lone woman, three and a […]

Production Update: Love.Honour.Obey

  An informative and entertaining email exchange which sums our movie up:   On 1 Jul 2013, at 2:17 PM, < jarlolsen > wrote: Are you into post with your movie yet?  I’m gathering that you were on some manic short shooting schedule.  How did it go/is it goin? Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G […]

7 Simple Mistakes Filmmakers Make

I am just off a plane to Cannes 2013 where I look forward the joy of making new contacts and renewing old friendships. “It’s A People Business” is such a truth. On the crowded flight, I was reminded how I have made so many errors over my time in the business. Nobody gets everything right […]

3 Ways Future Filmmaking Will Implode

I ask every single filmmaker I meet the same question: Why did you want to make your film? The answers vary from filmmaker to filmmaker, from film school to no film school and from film to film. The most common answer is to make money. Next is fame (or to use the film as a […]

World’s Top Short Film Festivals

Screening at a festival is a sure-fire way to start creating a buzz around your film and your career. You are also likely to bump into short-film buyers eager for content for the dozens of fledgling websites desperate for movies. Short films are much easier to see on the web or on a mobile telephone […]

4 Reasons To Attend Film Festivals

From his book RAINDANCE PRODUCERS LAB (Focal Press). In industry terms, film festivals are usually used as launch pads for films. Attended by acquisition executives and talent scouts, festivals are full of new product and fresh talent. Acquisition executives rely on the choices made by festival programmers to filter through the vast array of material in circulation. […]

Preparing for A Film Market

I’m in a frenzy prepping for Berlin’s dynamic European Film Market (EFM). It’s been crazy 14 hour days since I returned from Raindance Roma. I have three of my own projects I’m pimping as well as a host of meetings for the Raindance Film festival and European training organisations interested in our revolutionary Postgraduate Film […]