The Year in Review – 2016

   The Year in Review – 2016 Who are you? What’s your burning question? Are you motivated and excited about your life? Do you have a pulse? Every second of every day is a resolution and choice: you resolve to be a lover or a hater;  you choose freedom or bondage; you create a new […]

Elliot Grove: Why I Raindance

Raindance 25th Birthday: Elliot Grove’s FAQ’s | Why I Raindance | Key Raindance Dates | Raindance eco-System I just passed another milestone – I rewrote the Raindance Producer’s Lab book, only 38 months after my original deadline! It was a real monster – at over 250,000 words. Just managing the manuscript was a challenge. So […]

When Filmmakers Need to Be Remarkable

re·mark·a·ble  [ri-mahr-kuh-buhl] adjective 1. notably or conspicuously unusual: extraordinary: a remarkable change. 2. worthy of notice or attention. I get invited to do a lot of guest speaking and generally my hosts want a few simple sharp film facts wrapped in an uplifting and inspirational package – not exactly a happy pill, but similar I […]

5 Film Distribution Problems That Keep Me Up at Night

When you work at a successful film festival one of the main things that gets you out of bed in the morning and bouncing into work with ambition and energy is the feeling that the entire festival team is making the world a better place. Half our team have been trolling through festival submissions, the other half labour over marketing strategies. What causes this enthusiasm? It’s the belief that the very next film, or the very next person that crosses our path could be the ‘next big thing’ in movies. Hence the Raindance tagline: Discover. Be Discovered.

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Raindance

Stepping into the unknown can trigger a whole set of emotions – from excitement to paralytic fear. I bet anyone making a movie can relate to this: “Will I have the wherewithal to finish this, will anyone see it, and what if they laugh (or cry) in the wrong places?” All fair questions. As they […]

Profile: John Michael McDonagh

The Moët British Independent Film Awards announced this year’s nominees last Monday and John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary received a total of four nominations. With McDonagh himself up for two awards in the Best Director and Best Screenplay categories, we thought we’d fill you in on a few facts that you might not already know about […]

Profile: The Imitation Game

  The Imitation Game has stacked nominations at the 2014 Moët British Independent Film Awards. It is nominated for Best Moët British Independent Film, Best Screenplay by Graham Moore, Best Actress Keira Knightley, and Best Actor Benedict Cumberbatch.   Best Moët British Independent Film The Imitation Game tells the real life story of the cryptanalyst […]

25 Film Sites That Will Numb The Pain Of The Tube Strike

Yes, London has broken: transport is mayhem, commuters are angry and people are walking like rouge torpedoes through the crowded streets. Sounds pretty grim, right? Not necessarily. The notion of the tube strike married with the timely release of the John Curran’s Tracks (An Australian epic about the story of a lone woman, three and a […]

Tom Hardy and fianceé Charlotte Riley at last night’s British Independent Film Awards

‘Tom Hardy and fianceé Charlotte Riley steal the show at Independent Film Awards as Felicity Jones looks glamorous in long black dress’ says the Daily Mail Read a fabulous article on last night’s BIFA’s from the Daily Mail, click this link to see lots of great photos from the red carpet:   Anoushka Bonwick I […]

BIFA 2013: Best Director Nominees

This year sees the return of some giants in the directing field, and some new talent have also bought fresh films to the table. The nominees for best director is: Jon S Baird- Filth Born and raised in Aberdeenshire, Baird moved to London to immerse himself in all factions of the film industry. He began his […]

BIFA 2013: Best British Short Nominees

This has been a great year for short films, with stunning stories and cinematography. Here are the nominees: L’Assenza L’Assenza was selected for the 57th BFI Film Festival as well as being selected for a screening at the 51st New York Film Festival. Directed by Jonathon Romney, the film follows one man’s obsession with the […]

BIFA 2013: Best Technical Achievement Nominees

Making a film brings together a number of disciplines and would not be possible without the know-how of the technical departments. Here are this years nominees: Shaheen Baig- Casting- Starred Up Shaheen Baig made her name through the casting of The Others, starring Nicole Kidman. She has also been the associate alongside the likes of […]