7 Things Actors Have Done to Get Movie Roles

Let’s get one thing out in the clear – acting is not an easy job! From afar, it looks like actors are only paid to look good and have a lot of fun while travelling to exotic new places. Well, although that’s part of the job, it’s nowhere near a complete representation of what more […]

Cinema 2.0: Casting Hacks & Tips

Star casts define most mainstream movies. You know the name – you go and see the movie. Distributors won’t even look at your microcinema picture unless you have a recognizable star in it. What’s an enterprising micro-filmmaker to do? Make your film anyway — just don’t fall prey to the idea that you are going to […]

Weekly Production Tip #8 – Actor’s Vocal Levels in Films

This week’s video production tip is one for the Actors. Directors should also take heed, however, if you’re looking to squeeze a passable performance out of a less-than-capable thespian. There is one thing all ‘good’ actors do. You may have noticed it, or it may have passed you by. Turn on the TV tonight. Choose […]

5 Serious Career Rules for Any Seriously Funny Comedic Actor

It’s no laughing matter. Comedy can be tough. Like Chuck Norris tough. Birthing a career as a comedy actress can include about a dozen trimesters. Having delivered many such roles in my career, I can confirm some of the possible symptoms and discomforts: nausea, back pain, cramps, dehydration, inexplicable cravings and a few other unsavory […]

Five of the most underrated actors working today

Not all actors manage to achieve the respect and legendary status that their careers deserve. No matter how powerful and beautiful the characters they portray are, for some reason they may never ascend to become a star. Perhaps they are simply outshone by an even better performance, one that did get the applause and limelight. […]

15 Things Everyone Does On A Film Set

If you’ve never been on a film set, you might be surprised to learn that it’s mostly a very boring experience. Sure, the occasional shot requires a great deal of exciting machinery and on-set wizardry that is a joy to behold and take part in, but a lot of time spent shooting a movie is […]

In Memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman: 6 Valuable Lessons

Think back to the first time you saw Philip Seymour Hoffman act and let it sink in for a moment. I first saw him in Mission Impossible III in 2006 and I will never forget holding my breath as he counted to 10 letting Ethan Hunt know that he would murder his girlfriend if he didn’t get […]

6 Quotes From Movie Icons Who Served In The Military

If you were to run a Google Search on “ex-military filmmakers”, you’d be likely to come across this nifty little article, listing 20 popular movie icons that you probably didn’t know were ex-military. Surprising as some of these names may be, when you really stop to think about it, what is more interesting is the […]

3 Tips For Dying On Screen

Actors pull from their life experiences to portray a believable character. When they haven’t personally gone through what they have to depict, they research, interview, and find people who have to understand how to make the portrayal convincing. However, when an actor has to die on screen, it can be tricky. We have all seen […]

9 Rain-Deers On a Film Set: Which One Are You?

In the spirit of Christmas ask yourself this, “If Santa was a movie who would be his reindeer?” Hopefully, your answer will be “all of the amazing and vital people on a film set!” For a film to really be lifted off the ground and bring the gift of love, laughter, joy and any other […]

7 Steps to Ace a Cold Read Audition

This is the week of auditions, big and small! Back at my wonderful college in Florida, auditions for the inspirational and empowering hit The Vagina Monologues start today and this weekend sees the epic Star Wars auditions in London. I have been through my fair share of auditions, whether actually going for a part or […]