Sunday 4 Oct 17:00


99 mins

Director: Samuel Martín Mateos, Andrés Luque Pérez Country: Spain
Writer: Javier Echániz, Juan Antonio Gil Bengoa Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Juan Carlos Gómez Print Source: Latido Films
Producer: Pancho Casal, Antonio Saura
Cast: Melodie Sisk, Maggie Ross, Carlos Bustamante

Film Details

Short Synopsis:

A thriller of Narcos gangsters by the sea… A fishy place where scales are more important than guts!


When small time hustler, Sebastian, gets out of prison after a five-month stint, he finds that his luck has run out. His ’boss’ Uncle Paco has him beaten and shoved on a bus to the remote seaside Galacian region. A stranger, Raul, the foreman of a fish processing plant, offers him a job in a fish processing plant. Soon Sebastian realises there is no such thing as a free lunch – he is being used by Raul to ferry large quantities of cocaine inland. Worse comes to worse when Sebatian kills Raul when he discovers Raul is about to snitch to the cops. Now Sebastian is the pawn with the big time gangsters as he tries to extract himself from the life he created and if possible, some of the huge quantities of cash being passed around.
Directed by senior figures at Spanish television broadcaster TVE Samuel Martín Mateos and Andrés Luque, this debut is an unscrupulous and unsettling look at drug trafficking in Spain’s Galician region, artfully directed and supported by outstanding performances from lead Carmelo Gomez and Hugo Silva. Recently picked up by Sony for major distribution, Guts has been one of the most talked about exports from Spain this year.