Friday 9 Oct 22:00


94 mins

Director: Masayuki Miyano Country: Japan
Writer: Tetsuya Nakashima Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Print Source: Third Window Films
Cast: Saori Hara, Tomoko Murakami, Hiroki Narimiya

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

An uproarious and vibrant comic portrait of those at the heart of Japan’s outlandish sex industry, with a script from Tetsuya Nakashima (KAMIKAZE GIRLS, MEMORIES OF MATSUKO)


Masayuki Miyano’s uproarious debut, adapted from a novel of the same name by Hideo Okuda, takes a peek behind the scenes at Japan’s huge and diverse sex industry, long known for its whacked out weirdness. The multi-threaded narrative weaves between various characters: Slobbish Hiroshi is a jaded porn addict, berated by his long-suffering penis for the self-abuse meted out by his own hands. Silver-tongued “talent scout” Kenji forces his conquests to go increasingly that one step further, including Tomoko, the pert young shop girl who falls under his spell. Yoshie is a 40-something housewife who secretly moonlights as a “mature” performer in Adult Video. Koichi is a schizophrenic karaoke attendant who imagines his alternate existence as the puritanical vigilante superhero, Captain Bonita, cleaning up the streets. Sayuri is a chubby yet morose advocate of the Gothic Lolita look, who only comes alive performing in cosplay fantasies in a series of home-made porn videos.

Lalapipo (the title comes from the Japanese pronunciation of ‘a lot of people’) is directed in a similar vein to its scriptwriter Tetsuya Nakashima’s own work, which includes Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko. The slick visuals, vibrant colours, ribald humour and breakneck pace are guaranteed to entertain, but ultimately the film has a serious message and treats its characters with an affection they don’t always deserve.


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