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Gardens of the Night

A film about two children,a boy and a girl, who are abducted separately by two men and then forced to live as a dysfunctional family.


The events of Goliath unfold without mercy or relief for a man who clings to his search for ‘the sweetest most wonderful cat in the whole world.’


How the father of modern agriculture became the father of chemical warfare.


“It’s dark. It’s raining. You’re driving home on the motorway. Your estranged girlfriend asleep beside you. A truck overtakes you. Its shutter CLATTERS down. There’s a caged woman in the back! Screaming! Bleeding! The shutter comes back up. Do you help? No. You don’t want to get involved. You don’t want the trouble. You convince yourself you saw nothing. You choose to do nothing. But what do you choose to do when the next victim is the person you love?”

It's Hard To Be Nice

A story about redemption of one corrupted Taxi driver, Fudo (Sasa Petrovic) who decides to take control of his own destiny.

L...Like Love

Film L… like love is based on true story about young people from ex-Yugoslavia, who live and work in Prague – “center of emigrant crosses”. They are going through the changes in life, which are leading them into something completely new, different, special… L… like love is about friendship, about love and about the decadent society of today, where moral values are lost, once money and drugs are involved.

Left Ear

A confronting drama that tells the story of a lonely Polish immigrant in Australia who videos his life in an attempt to capture his dreams.

Little Ashes

Love. Art. Betrayal... Little Ashes brings to life the long-hidden, highly controversial relationship between the young Salvador Dali and the doomed poet Federico Garcia Lorca.