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Discover the secret of crafting a low budget screenplay as Elliot reveals the tricks of Writing for Low Budget Films


Want to start writing the kind of screenplays that Hollywood is looking for? Watch Cracking Hollywood with Joe Rosenberg


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Writing the Screenplay with Elliot Grove. Part of the Saturday Film School.


New Online Masterclasses 10/01/14

If you’re a screenwriter then boy do we have a treat for you! The complete Bill Martell Masterclasses are now online. That’s almost 10 hours of screenwriting wisdom. Click here

For the director’s we have So You Want to Direct? with Patrick Tucker. Part of the immensely popular Saturday Film School, this 2 hour class will give you essential counterintuitive directing tricks.

New in Premium 12/11/2013

New Premium member scripts are now available in the Screenplay Library such as It’s Easier Than You Think and Andy’s Big Score.


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Exciting stuff today!

Head over to our screenplay library to read Saving Mr Banks.

Go to the video section to watch the first of 5 lectures from acclaimed screenwriter Bill Martell. First up is Do It Yourself – a guide for screenwriters looking to produce heir own movie.

Bill Martell - Do It Yourself

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New today! 21/06/13

Sound is where many an indie film stumbles. Learn how to do it right with The Essentials of Sound Recording

Free for a limited time only. Head to the video section to check it out.

Or for the screenwriters amongst you, check out the screenplay The Wolf of Wall Street, the latest collaboration between Martin Scorcese and Leonardo DiCaprio. Sure to be a contender come Oscar time.

New today! 03/05/13

A new free online course for you, our beloved Premium members.

Public Relations

Building Your Film Through PR and Marketing

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New in Premium 19/04/13

Exciting stuff today!

We have a new course up in our video section: Produce, Market and Distribute Your Film

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Expected “best movie ever made”, by Kubrick, has had its draft going around the internet! Napoleon planned to tell the world about the life of the man in the title after the success of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but never hit the screens. After a long research, reaching more than 18,000 books and documents about the iconic Emperor, Kubrick found himself giving up the project since he couldn’t get it funded.

So what’s the relevance of that?

Steven Spielberg just announced he has intention to create, with the help of Kubrick’s family, a television miniseries based on the screenplay. And the best part? You can download it RIGHT NOW!

Just search for Kubrick or Napoleon and bewaaaare the greatness.