Interview with Francesca, a current online postgraduate student.

Now taking applications for June 2016

Application deadline:  April 22nd 2016
Interviews held:
   May 2nd - 6th 2016
Course Start Date:   June 5th 2016
Completion:   June 2017 (full time) | June 2018 (part time)

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We are selecting a great group of students, filmmakers and film professionals to join our unique Postgraduate Degree.
There is limited availability as we maintain small cohort groups.

If you want to take your interest in writing, directing or producing to a deeper level, consider our Postgraduate Degree programme:

One Year Full Time/Two Years Part Time

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Programme Structure and Content

This is a programme with a fixed framework and structure and self designed, negotiated content  for learning. It is NOT a traditional, fixed curriculum or pre-designed course that tells you what you need to do.  It requires a high level of personal goal-setting, planning, research and resourcefulness to design your own pathway. You will negotiate the content of your learning with your mentors and advisors, engage in both group learning and independent study, and take responsibility for initiating, developing and executing a learning plan that you've designed and negotiated to meet both your learning needs and university postgraduate requirements.

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The Full Experience

Our online programme provides the same structure and content as the London-based programme, but accessed online.  Individual industry mentors guide you in weekly Study Groups, monthly Project Skills Labs, and through negotiated one-to-one sessions on Skype, while Raindance open courses from London, Toronto and Los Angeles are available to selectively access online . You will have access to our growing library of useful articles, tools and resources.

Develop Your Voice As A Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Producer or Director

The Postgraduate Film Degree by Negotiated Learning Online allows broadband connected filmmakers anywhere in the world to achieve a University Masters degree using distance learning, accredited by Staffordshire University, and delivered with Raindance industry know-how.

AOCPlease visit, a valuable source of information about educational institutions in USA, which are accredited as quality higher education providers with appropriate educational infrastructure.

Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree