Online Masters Degree

Now taking applications for June 2014

Application Deadline:     May 27th 2014
Place Offers for early applications from:     May 28th 2014
Course Start Date:     June 14th 2014
Completion:    June 2015 (full time)  |  June 2016 (part time)

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Register your interest in the Online MA

We are hand-picking a great group of filmmakers and screenwriters to join our unique Postgraduate Degree. There is limited availability.

If you want to take your interest in writing, directing or film producing to a top level, consider our bespoke Postgraduate Degree programme: One Year Full Time/Two Years Part Time give us a call on +44 (0) 207 930 3412 or email us at [email protected] to arrange a FREE Skype Taster Tutorial.

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The Full Experience

Our course will offer the same experience as a student living in London.  Individual industry mentors will tutor you 1:1 by Skype. Classes and Raindance Training are offered by podcast. You will have access to our growing library of useful articles and other tools.

Develop Your Voice As A Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Producer Or Film Director

Come work with us – no matter where you live – with the Raindance Online Masters Programme.

The Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree Online programme allows broadband connected filmmakers anywhere in the world to achieve their Staffordshire University Masters degree in Film by Distance Learning.

The programme includes access to Raindance courses available as podcast, or live classes in local centres such as Berlin, Toronto, Budapest and of course when you visit London, as well as tutorials and study groups delivered by Skype. Elliot Grove together with his postgraduate team will guide your self-directed investigation to become more aware of your local resources, and how to combine them with the Raindance expertise in independent filmmaking to make your career and projects happen.

You write, plan, finance, shoot or complete your film, get package documentation ‘market-ready’, or pursue technical / business research with guidance from experienced tutors and industry collaborators towards your M.A. or M.Sc. award that opens new career options and shows the independent film world that you are serious.

Pre-Programme Tutorial Support Offer

We are offering our Online Applicants the option of starting the Learning before the course start date. It’s a chance for you to familiarize yourself with the online learning environment before the programme officially gets underway in November.

If you submit your application and pay the deposit now, you can use your deposit to claim up to 10 half-hour tutorials. All you need to do is email us that this is what you would like to use your deposit for. We will then confirm your eligibility for the course. (Please note that you will receive your official place offer on the course only after the application deadline. Please also note that if you use your deposit towards pre-course tutorials, the deposit will no longer be refundable if the course does not proceed due to unforeseen circumstances.)

The tutorial support is designed to assist applicants with course preparations, and help them to use their time effectively while waiting for formal admission confirmation. The pre-programme tutorial support may include such exercises as: structuring and recording work in a journal; identifying and analysing reference films you may want to mention during pitches or use as solutions for problems presented by your own project; or show to cast and crew to clarify visual approach, character psychology, theme etc., prior to principal photography.

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