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The ideal postgraduate film degree for someone on-the-go and for people managing complicated schedules. Full time or part time, online or London-based. A modular study programme in which you design 80% of your curriculum in negotiation with mentors and industry experts.

Raindance now has 125 students on six continents, in London-based or international online study groups.

Develop a film project, move your screenplay forward or explore new directions in digital and transmedia storytelling with expert industry guidance from Raindance - Europe's largest film training provider & maverick independent film festival.

 M.A./M.Sc. Film by Negotiated Learning Validating Institution: Staffordshire University
Mentors:   Working industry professionals Venue: London-based or Online
Date: Next London based programme starts September 20th 2015Next Online programme starts
November 8th 2015
Duration: Full time, approx. 35-40 hours per week
Part time, approx. 15-20 hours per week
Time: Full-Time:    One Year
Part-Time:   Two Years
Tuition Fees:  £9,950 (including £500 deposit)

Fees and Payment details

Current Application Deadlines

Online Degree  London Degree 
Application deadline (online form, deposit and paperwork): September 21st 2015 August 10th 2015
Interviews held between: Sept 21st - Sept 25th 2015 until August 17th
Programme start date: Novermber 8th 2015 September 20th 2015
Completion: Nov 2016 (full time)
Nov 2017 (part time)
Sept 2016 (full time)
Sept 2017 (part time)

"The postgraduate programme gave me great freedom in deciding what projects to work on and thus gave me the freedom to build my own curriculum. I also enjoyed the great variety of classes that taught me filmmaking skills I might have never learned otherwise."
-   Jesco Puluj, Postgraduate Student, 2013

Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker in a Masters programme

Most academic programmes are boxes you have to try to fit into.
This programme creates the box around you.

As a creative, you want to study filmmaking on your own terms. As an independent filmmaker, you want to develop your own voice.  The Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree is delivered in collaboration with Staffordshire University and allows you to achieve:

  • Skill and career development in an area of film, TV or web content development of your own choosing,
  • An M.A. degree for a creative-focused programme; or an M.Sc. degree for a research-focused programme
  • In a flexible, modular programme you design up to 80% in negotiation with mentors and industry professionals.
  • Using a reflective learning practice that develops your voice, your skills, and your decision-making confidence as an independent filmmaker
  • London based or Online.

Raindance benefits and opportunities - in your pocket:

Become a postgraduate student and tap into Raindance expertise and our worldwide networks - no matter where you reside:

  • Receive mentoring by working industry professionals;
  • Negotiate access to local production resources, collaborators, development and marketing opportunities through the Raindance network;
  • Collaborate with new creative partners, professionals and peers through your student cohort, locally or internationally
  • Gain full access to open Raindance classes, lectures and networking events worldwide (London, Toronto, Los Angeles);
  • Get festival accreditation for Cannes and TIFF
  • Gain free access to the annual Raindance Film Festival and Raindance WebFest

"Thanks to the support I got from the Raindance MA, I was able to get a job as a University Lecturer in Television Production. The Raindance Postgraduate course and the Raindance/ Staffordshire tutors have enabled me to develop my theoretical approaches to Film and TV production - taking my career to the next level. The practical workshops I have attended have also enabled me to keep up to date with current industry practices. The weekend seminars with scriptwriters and script gurus have been fantastic and have provided me with a whole host of techniques to try out. Thank you."
-   Kerry Masters, Postgraduate Student, 2012

Flexible & career-focused:  Can you really design your own degree?

Your learning activities, pathway and goals are designed and negotiated by you.

Every student is engaged in a different project designed him/herself within this unique postgraduate framework. Just to name a few:

  • Plan, write and develop your script, film, pilot or web series;
  • Get your package documentation ‘market-ready’ with guidance from industry professionals;
  • Experiment and test out your style and voice in an encouraging Raindance environment that supports creative innovation and verve
  • Plan and shoot shorts, web series, documentaries, or work toward feature length project development
  • Design and test crowd funding campaigns
  • Study specific genres, narrative or filmmaking styles
  • Research and analyse new ways to build audiences, finance films or self-distribute film and digital projects

Non-traditional students:  build a programme around you

  • Are you a mid or late career filmmaker looking teach, and require a masters degree to support this career shift?
  • Perhaps you're a professional in allied arts such as theatre, dance or visual art, and you want to explore how filmmaking or digital storytelling can combine to extend your existing craft and reach out to a larger audience?
  • The corporate world increasingly looks to visual storytellers to develop their brand, and you might want to develop your visual storytelling skills to align with your employer's goals
  • Or maybe you just want to stop making your mother happy, give up your medical career and start making documentaries

What's your idea? What would you like to accomplish?
Work with mentors to craft the details and plan the road map to reach your goal.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to someone for more details, or to discuss how this Postgraduate Film Degree can enhance your own career, email us at postgraduate@raindance.co.uk to set up a Skype call with Programme Founder Elliot Grove, or Programme Director Tiska Wiedermann.

In UK or Europe, give us a call at 0207 930 3412.  /   In U.S. or Canada, call us at 1.855.595.RAIN


"I have learnt so much in the 5 months I have attended the course. I have found the lectures extremely informative and enjoyable and I have also attended some extra Raindance seminars that have been excellent. I feel that I have had lightbulb moments on this course and now have the tools and understanding to go and make the five films on my slate. It has also been a pleasure to receive the support and feedback of my tutors and it has really helped me expand my thinking."
-   Lamia Nayeb, Postgraduate student, 2012

"The Post Graduate programme at Raindance gave me an opportunity to explore and develop the story I wanted to write.  The discipline and desire to achieve the award made the journey more satisfying but also accomplished in a short time frame.  I have a script that has exceeded my expectations, this is completely due to the Negotiated Learning Post Graduate programme. I have met like minded people and some will continue to be part of my world. Can't thank you enough for accepting me bearing in mind my low academic achievement prior to this programme."
Claire Stevens, Postgraduate Student, 2013

Alumni who have been benefiting from Raindance training and communities include such successes as Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Oscar® winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, The Young Victoria, Downton Abbey), Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Snatch; Sherlock Holmes), Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass), and Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception).

Raindance Makes Filmmakers

We reserve the right to change the delivery of the programme without notice to accommodate evolving student and academic needs, as well as mentor availability. However, we will make every effort to update this website accordingly.

Raindance reserves the right to cancel this programme up until date of commencement. Provisions for a place at a future date will be secured.

If you have a moment please fill in applicants survey. Many thanks!

Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree

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