Raindance Paris

Raindance Paris vise à soutenir et à promouvoir le cinéma indépendant en France en offrant des opportunités de formation et de réseautage.

“Les cours Raindance m’ont apporté beaucoup de choses, des connaissances théoriques en passant par de nouveaux contacts. La formation m’a donné à travers les cours toutes les cartes en main pour mettre en place un futur projet personnel.”

Anthony Rico Zollo


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Email: paris@raindance.org


5 Ways A Documentary Consultant Helps Get Your Film Sold

Most documentaries that get made will never be seen by more than a handful of people. I know this because as both a documentary consultant and as an occasional film festival selector I see many turkeys. By turkey I mean boring, unstructured and ultimately unwatchable...

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Seven Story Types Professional Storytellers Use

In my travels I meet film producers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Their common complaint is never about getting the finance. It's about finding quality projects. The producers moan that writers don't seem to understand which of the seven story types they're using....

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How to Write a Christmas Classic Movie

Oh the charm of a Christmas classic movie! ‘Tis the Christmas Season, when families come together and inevitably gather around the TV to watch a heart-warming, often funny, Christmas themed movie. Done well, they will want to watch the same movie year after year to...

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