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This is the ultra secret Twitter page that tells me you have arrived from the Raindance Twitter account which I started in May 2009. When I started it, I was dreading the experience. I didn't want another item on my daily to-do list. But I've become a convert and manage the Twitter account myself, along with occassional help from the interns.

I founded Raindance way back in 1992. John Major had just won an election for the Tories and Princess Diana was still alive.

The goal of Raindance was to provide information and advice for film and television makers here in Britain. I organised a series of workshops and seminars and flew over some of the big names from Hollywood. Dov Simens is still coming to London after all these years.

Soon however, filmmakers started making movies, and back in the early '90's, there wasn't a British festival to show them - so I started the Raindance Film Festival. In 1995 we had one of the first websites of any company in the UK - it was 4 pages long!

In 1998 I started the British Independent Film Awards which has grown to become one of the main event in the British film industry year.
In 2004 I co-founded Raindance Canada
In 2007 I co-founded - an IPTV web channel.
In 2010 we opened offices being in New York, Berlin, Brussels and Budapest.
In 2011 we launched the Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree with Staffordshire University and the Independent Film Trust.
In 2012 we moved into the Raindance Film Centre just off Trafalgar Square, developed on Online Postgraduate Film Degree and celebrated the 20th year of the Raindance Film Festival.

I couldn't ever have done any of this without the help and support of a great many superbly talented people who work for next-to-nothing on the Raindance team.

Finally, it's a big thanks to you for reading this. It's you telling your friends about Raindance, RT'ing our Tweets, favouriting our posts and sending in your comments that makes me get up in the morning!





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The Theory Behind Twitter

Imagine you are walking down the hallway of your residence hall. You pass a neighbor and say, "what's up?" and he says, "nothing." Then you keep walking. Later you're walking through the kitchen at work, someone is filling their coffee. "How're things?" she asks. "Busy, but good," you respond and keep on walking to the bathroom.

If either person hadn't greeted you, you go back to your dorm room or office and wonder, "what happened? why the cold shoulder?" Those small bits of conversation are called phatic communication. Alone those bits are meaningless, but together they build a relationship. Phatic communication keeps the doors open for more communication.

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You can connect with me personally on Facebook and LinkedIn!
Raindance Film Festival has a Facebook page. We also have a registered charity: The Independent Film Trust, which raises money to promote and teach filmmaking to the disadvantaged. Please give generously.

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