Raindance New York is the independent filmmaking hub from London England's Raindance Film Festival. Raindance is Europe's oldest and largest indepednent film festivals and has launched the careers of dozens of filmmakers since 1993 including the Russo Bros (Captain America) whose debut feature, Pieces, debuted at Raindance London in 1997.

Raindance aims to provide information and advice on all aspects of film: from shorts, features, documentaries, web series and new media.

We are here to help. Lets make movies!

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Gina Leone is an aspiring screenwriter who has written several screenplays and TV pilots. She works for screenwriter-producer-director Chris Soth as his teaching assistant for his mentorship program.  She also works for TV/Film Seminars and is responsible for the marketing of NYC seminars for the biggest TV & film speakers & lecturers in the industry today including John Truby, Dov Simens & Jen Grisanti. She was also a script reader for the popular and prestigious BlueCat Screenplay Competition . Gina is also the founder and organizer of the Long Island Screenwriters Association. You can contact Gina at: nyc@raindance.org