Postgraduate Degree In Independent Film

Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker. Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program In partnership with Staffordshire University. Full time or part time, London based or Online.

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Screen Your Film In London England

For 25 years Raindance has showcased the finest independent film from around the world in the heart of London's West End.

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1. We  have a pioneering Web fest in which many filmmakers are negotiating cross over careers and hits. 2. We’ve been one of Moviemaker Magazine’s ‘To
If you have ever wanted to make a film or write a screenplay, you should check what is happening in London, England. Independent film has flourished t

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Why are there so many unwatchable “documentaries” out there?

remote control

Ok so that’s it - as the Peter Finch character in “Network” says: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” - I’ve just wasted another 90 minutes of my life watching a supposed “documentary” that is dull, boring, worthy and unwatchable - I will not mention names to protect the […]

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Our Top Canadian Film Picks

This year is Canada's 150th birthday! To celebrate we at Raindance Canada have assembled a list of our favourite quirky Canadian films for National Canadian Film Day. 11. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner 10. Defendor 9. Slaughter Nick for President 8. The Hamster Cage 7. It's All Gone Pete Tong 6. One Week 5. The Life and […]

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Filmmakers Need These Ten Things Every Day


This page is based on then-intern Frederica Byron's work in 2014. Times have changed, and we've updated this list. Work in style and with the right tools and you're halfway there. Here is a handy list of the tools we think are essential if you want to make it as a filmmaker in today's competitive […]

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Make Movies With This Easter Filmmaker’s Toolkit

Put down the chocolate! Make movies! Why dither and make reasons to delay your movie? Move up from amateur to professional. Stop making excuses why you can't make a film. Stop blagging the blag. Get off your couch and start doing something meaningful! You don't need no film school! 1. Your filmmaking plan and make […]

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