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Raindance Montreal is a networking and film training organization that works to promote and support independent filmmaking and filmmakers in Canada.

This page contains all of the information you will need to know about our Raindance Montreal hub, including upcoming courses, classes and events, and how to get hold of us.

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“Raindance does an indispensable job supporting independent film and provides a distinctive voice in world cinema”

Paul Greengrass

Director, Captain Phillips, The Bourne Supremacy


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Email: montreal@raindance.org

The Filmmakers’ Art Of The Side Hustle

Successful filmmakers perfect the art of the side hustle. Frustrated wannabes think of their filmmaking ambitions as their side hustle. They keep plodding until something financially secure comes along. But what of the rocks below? Deciding to become a filmmaker or...

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Gift Ideas For Filmmakers

Christmas time again. The grey skies are beating down on our heads. Here are some gift ideas that can bring seasonal cheer to the filmmaker in your life. Or, if you like, each of these items make great self-gifts! Stocking stuffers: How about FREE stuff? 1. The...

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How to Market Your Festival Screening

With major film festivals being extremely competitive, you might think that after getting in a selection of festivals, the hardest job is done – your film will get seen and hopefully that will bring all the indie film buzz you wish for. But how do you know that people...

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