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Raindance Los Angeles is a film training and networking organization that works to promote and support independent filmmaking and filmmakers in the United States.

From new and emerging to industry pros, Raindance connects, trains, supports, and promotes visual storytellers through every step of their career.

This page contains all of the information you will need to know about our Raindance Los Angeles hub, including upcoming courses, classes and events, and how to find us.

Raindance LA courses and events are presented by Rough Diamond Productions.

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“Raindance does an indispensable job supporting independent film and provides a distinctive voice in world cinema”

Paul Greengrass

Oscar-nominated director, The Bourne Supremacy, United 93, Captain Phillips


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“Ocean” wins at the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival

Raindance MA alumni Lia Tarachansky won the Women in Film Award at the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival for her short film Ocean. Lia Tarachansky is a Russian-Israeli video journalist who reported on the attack, on the rockets Gazan militant groups launched in return,...

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Why is Deadpool so Successful?

Most people, including the writers and producers of Deadpool, have been surprised at its incredible level of success. It set a new box office record for an R-rated film, and has had gotten positive reviews from critics and the audience. Let’s take a look at what,...

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Writing Characters: Go Beyond Stereotypes

Go beyond stereotypes Do any of these sound familiar TV shows or films you've seen? The cop whose marriage broke up because he could never switch off his work The hooker who is only doing that kind of work because she’s a single mother The young bully who turns out to...

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