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Blade Runner: A beautiful, Horrible Future

Any great science fiction story will be layered with important contemporary issues, either subtly or overtly and Blade Runner is no exception. With Blade Runner 2049 releasing in October of this year lets take a look back at the original film. We will look at the themes and messages and their relevance in today’s world. […]

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Steve Kaplan’s Favourite British Comedies

British comedies: Dr. Strangelove

I’m often asked, “what’s your favourite British comedy?” That’s an almost impossible question to answer. How can I select just one? Favourite contemporary comedy? Favourite Ealing comedy? Favourite Python? There is no favourite because these are some damn funny apples and oranges. So I can’t claim that these are the favourite. What I can do is […]

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4 Tips for Success on Film Sets

Congratulations you have followed through with your goals and landed a job on a film set! You may be a carpenter, grip, set decorator, or even a camera assistant but what sort of etiquette is expected of you? Your first few times on set will be exciting and daunting, you may be so overwhelmed that […]

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Make March 2017 Your Month – Go From Film Fan To Filmmaker


Happy March! It's time to go from film fan to filmmaker. Here at Raindance, we've decided that March is going to be a special month. What better month to re-invigorate your dreams than March - which starts 48 hours after the Oscars? Of course, everyone repeats that every day, but we really mean it. Why? […]

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