Postgraduate Degree In Independent Film

Develop your voice as an independent filmmaker. Raindance offers a fully accredited Masters Program In partnership with Staffordshire University. Full time or part time, London based or Online.

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Fast Track

No other film school in the world offers a programme like this! If you are thinking of writing a script, creating a business plan for a feature, short or documentary, or if you are thinking of taking your directing skills to the next level, Raindance Fast Track could be the route for you.

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Make Your Movie Write Your Script

Raindance courses work. Past students include Edgar Wright, Christopher Nolan and Guy Ritchie. Why not add your name to the list?
At Raindance we don't teach filmmaking.
At Raindance we make filmmakers

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VR is the hot new buzzword in film. Unless you have been living in a cave without internet access you will know that VR [virtual reality] is the bigge
5 reasons you should attend our OPEN HOUSE: 1) Get acquainted with Raindance’s Founder Elliot Grove He’s cool, tall and wears sunglasses 24/7. He also
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Take one of Raindance's five week foundation certificates to learn the essentials of Writing, Directing, Documentary, Producing and Technical aspects
Central London Rooms Available to Hire From £25 / hour + VAT Call 0207 930 3412 for details or email

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Mechamonsters vs Orchs/Tax credits vs Film funds


Looking for money to fund a film can prove a herculean task. Not only is your film a unique prototype, which is hard enough to explain to potential investors, but money is an incredibly shy entity, especially if compared to the overly bold and borderline irresponsible thugs who sometimes sit at the top of the […]

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The Most Iconic Jewellery In Movie History


The moment a woman sees some model or actress flash a pair of exquisite jewellery onscreen her heart leaps forth to claim that sparkling piece of quality craftsmanship. What can I say… women like cats have a weakness for shining objects, the desire to possess strikes instinctively. Though with time the dazzle fades away and […]

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How to get kids interested in film

children filmmaking

In this digital age young people have free access to media content wherever and whenever. The days of waiting with bated breath for a cinema release or renting a video as a weekend treat are long gone with most children now having their own Netflix profiles on their parents’ accounts and a tablet or phone […]

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What Olympians Can Teach Filmmakers

during the athletics in the Olympic Stadium at the 2012 Summer Olympics, London, Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

Like an athlete starting their career from nothing, so I started Raindance in 1992 from ground zero. The Olympics has amazed me with the success of the British Olympics team. Like their medal haul and success so too British film talent is hotter than hot, and unlike athletics there is too much talent for this […]

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