Crowdfunding has revolutionised how independent filmmakers seek financial contributions to make their features, documentaries, music video, short films and web series.  Filmmakers have used crowdfunding platforms not just to find contributions to finance production but also film festival attendance and publicity for their projects.

Raindance will guide you through the crowdfunding process, offer best practice crowdfunding tips and share your project with our networks on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and our various newsletters.  Our aim is to educate you into becoming better crowdfunders so you can make more films independently. And one day soon maybe you will get to see your film on the big screen at a future Raindance Film Festival.

If you choose to crowdfund with Indiegogo you can choose Flexible Funding, which means even if you don't reach your target you can still keep the funds you raise to go toward your production budget.

If you are a Raindance Member and plan to start a campaign we will offer a free consultation of up to 30 minutes either on the phone or in person at our London office on Craven Street to advise you on:

  • your pitch video
  • your pitch text
  • what to do before you launch your campaign and what do after you have launched
  • setting up your social media campaign

Our team can be contacted at crowdfunding@raindance.co.uk

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What Can I Fund?

Actually you can fund anything.  We have seen films, TV pilots, web series, short films and documentaries raise their production or post-production funds on Indiegogo.  But other filmmakers have also used it to self-distribute their films by raising publicity funds or for directly selling their film to the public.  Some filmmakers have used crowdfunding to attend festivals where their film has been invited whilst others have used it to book theatrical screenings.  Here's a good tip.... You don't have to do everything in one big campaign.  Think about the process of making, post-producing and marketing your project - can you break it up into several smaller campaigns?  If you have a smaller target you have more chance of reaching and surpassing your goals.

Crowdfunding Examples.

Examples of campaigns we encourage you to check out include:

"You've Been Trumped" by documentary filmmaker Anthony Baxter was made with crowdfunding and sold to BBC2 after a successful film festival run.  The film was crowdfunded [link] and then separate crowdfunding campaigns were done to take the film to international film festivals [link] and again for the special screening in New York following the film's publicity on the David Letterman show [link].

"Whisper Me A Lullaby" is an indie feature that raised funds for a self-distribution campaign. For perks they offered exclusive DVDs and screening tickets [link].

"The Body" is a short film which was introduced by a fantastic pitch video.  It took an original angle in how to pitch for money and at the same time showcased the director's ability to direct crime drama - the pitch video was filmed in the same genre as the film would be. [link].

About Indiegogo

Indiegogo is the largest global crowdfunding platform, empowering anyone, anywhere, at any time, to raise funds for any idea. Since launching in January 2008, Indiegogo has enabled campaigner owners to launch campaigns from every country around the world. With millions of dollars distributed globally each week across the site, Indiegogo is democratizing the way people raise funds for any project - creative, entrepreneurial or cause-related. Indiegogo is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles and New York. For more information, visit www.indiegogo.com and follow us at www.twitter.com/indiegogo and www.facebook.com/indiegogo.


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