I know what it's like: Finally released from work. The streets are packed with shoppers. You blew the Christmas budget on others. And you still need a few little extras to pad up the gift pile under the tree [or for yourself].

Here's the Raindance suggestions of cool gifts you can give filmmakers. None of these will cost you a penny.


Have a great holiday.
Let's make movies!

Elliot Grove
Founder, Raindance Film Festival & British Independent Film Awards

Chris Nolan Script Suite
How about this? Eight Chris Nolan scripts on PDF. Everything from his very first £5,000 featuere The Following to Batman Begins. Print them out and wrap them in sparkly paper, or shove them all onto a pen drive and drop it into a stocking.Get your FREE DOWNLOADS >HERE<
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Zero Budget Software GuideZero budget software guide
Whether you are writing a script, creating production paperwork, shooting, editing or creating a sound track you'll need expensive software to do the job. Right? Not if you have the free and legal software we have assembled. Download and present this as a great surprise Christmas gift to that film crazy friend of yours.Get $15,000/£12,000 of FREE FILM SOFTWARE >HERE<

Raindance is offering a special one-day 360/VR class on Saturday 21st January

360/VR eBook
VR is hotter than hot right now. Why sit this out when you can download our brand new VR eBook?Get your free VR eBook >HERE<

Give the gift of Raindance

Take the guesswork out of Christmas. Let your film-loving friends and family choose from our 35 mouth-watering film training courses with a gift voucher.


Since 1992 Raindance has been offering advice and support for independent filmmakers. We started the Raindance Film Festival in 1993, and the British Independent Film Awards in 1998.

Most of our year is spent training thousands of new and established filmmakers in all aspects of film. Among high profile alumni are Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins), David Yates (Harry Potter), Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn – who actually met at a Raindance course. Raindance training is one of the world’s largest catering for over 3000 students per year.

In 2011 we launched an innovative Postgraduate Film Degree with Staffordshire University and the Independent Film Trust.

The 24th Raindance Film Festival has now released it's 2016 festival trailer: a homage to Steven Spielberg who celebrates his 70th birthday this year:

In 2014 we relaunched our production arm, Raw Talent with the feature Deadly Virtues.