Filmmaking Kit For Geeks

Film kit need not be expensive - and you can get some really cool stuff from the comfort of your laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Use this handy guide to get some really cool kit.

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About Raindance

Since 1992 Raindance has been offering advice and support for independent fimmakers. We started the Raindance Film Festival in 1993, and the British Independent Film Awards in 1998.

Most of our year is spent training thousands of new and established filmmakers in all aspects of film. Among high profile alumni are Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins), David Yates (Harry Potter), Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn – who actually met at a Raindance course. Raindance training is one of the world’s largest catering for over 3000 students per year.

In 2011 we launched an innovative Postgraduate Film Degree with Staffordshire University and the Independent Film Trust.

In 2013 we relaunched our production arm, Raw Talent with the feature Love.Honour.Obey.

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