My favourite things of 2016 become ever more important in this tumultous year. Brexit and Donald Trump?

The danger is the sharp turn to the right will mean a death of the arts. A world without art and artists is a sobering thought. Here are some of my art heroes of the past year:

Favourite things: Music

I love music of all sorts. 2016 saw the loss of two of my all-time favourites: David Bowie and then fellow countryman Leonard Cohen. Website A.V Club has a great list of the top 20 albums of 2016 – it’s well worth a browse.

Somehow they’ve missed out my favourite: Future Standards by the inimitable Howe Gelb. Here’s my favourite track where Howe is joined by Lonna Kelley.

Favourite things: Art

David Datuna was a juror at this year’s Raindance Film Festival. His revolutionary work has to be experienced to be believed. Seizing on the madness of the recent American election capaign Davis has created a stunning piece of cenceptual art in November.

Favourite things: Film

I saw La La Land last night (December 17th) at BAFTA followed by a Q&A with writer/director Damien Chazelle , composer Justin Hurwitz and Emma Stone. It really blew it away. Again to mention my motherland, but Ryan Gosling is awesome (as is Emma Stone). I also love the story of how La La Land nearly didn’t get made.

Favourite things: 360/Virtual Reality

Samsung VR Camera

Samsung Gear VR camera costs about £300.00

Back in January I realised there wasn’t anyone teaching how 360/VR could be used for story. I bumped into the most amazing 360/VR filmmaker, Jonny Johnson of SpeedVR.

The Raindance Saturday 360/VR Film School was born. Jonny demonstrates and talks about the ins-and-outs of shooting in-the-round in a unique one day class.

The kit we use on courses is this little beauty which edits and loads onto Youtube in seconds. It’s ideal for learning and for proof-of-concept. Yes, Raindance will earn about a fiver if you buy it >HERE<

Favourite things: Dance

You don’t need to like dance to like Michael Clark Company. Your only pre-requisite is to adore David Bowie and to love dancers doing things with their bodies you never thought possible.

Favourite things: Health

Health is energy.
I’ve always had tonnes of energy. I’m pretty easy on myself actually. I’ve a few simple rules I follow diet and exercise-wise. I walk about seven or eight miles a day and watch what I eat.

I also follow a couple of blogs:

My current favourite is a new one  There’s always inspirational messages, health tips, recipes and ideas that work for everyone, Crohn’s sufferers or not (luckily I’m not).


Two things keep me up at night: Politics and the horros in the East. and the ecological damage we are wrecking on the planet.

I became near-vegan before I started Raindance because of the ecological damage a carnivorous diet does to the environment. Most think of me as a nutter (or nut-eater). Here’s an interesting read from Terence Blacker: The awkward ecology around eating meat.

I could go on. I will likely add to this later. Have you some favourite things? Let me know >HERE<