Why You Should Care About The Genre of Your Story

“It’s a romantic comedy about this woman and this man…” “It’s a thriller about a lobbyist who…” “It’s a zombie coming-of-age story…” All loglines should have several things: a conflict, a main character and a genre. Most screenwriting books will tell you the importance of creating a three-dimensional character and of having a central conflict […]

The Independent Filmgoer’s Guide To Film Festivals

Ah, film festivals; they sound so glamorous and trendy but for the true film enthusiast, a film festival is a cinematic wonderland. The question is, which film festival is going to be your utopia? With countless festivals catering to all tastes, the choice can be overwhelming. Read on to find information that any rookie festivalgoer […]

8 reasons aspiring filmmakers should do the Reel film Challenge!

The Reel film challenge is an exciting new event for filmmakers, and the premise is simple and exciting (if you don’t know what premise means and you’re a film student – you really need this experience) Travel from London to Budapest (by any means) while planning, shooting and editing a short film en-route to be screened – […]

When Actors Play Themselves (Or Not)

We all know the feeling of being completely absorbed in a movie (hopefully). Any respectable film nerd craves that feeling when heading into the cinema. Whether you only watch romantic comedies, family dramas, or guzzle anything you can get your hands on, that feeling is what we intimately hope for. We could spend some time […]

Gift Ideas For Filmmakers

Treat your film-obsessed friends and loved ones to one of this gift ideas for filmmakers. Raindance Membership is a real treat to your filmmaker friends. Over 2,000 filmmakers have discovered indie film’s best-kept secret by becoming Raindance members. Immerse your loved ones in the indie film experience with Raindance’s courses, events and Festival! The best way […]

Cinema 2.0: Cult Of Personality Top 10 List

  “Cult status is manufactured. Not earned” – Elliot Grove What’s your message? What will you be known for? How can an audience find you if you are not advertising yourself? By following the marketing steps as outlined here, Cinema 2.0 artists can expand their promotional and marketing activities. You must create a #cultofpersonality that […]

Expose Yourself: Cinema 2.0

By reversing the standard old school paradigm of the theatrical exposure first, your new Cinema 2.0 release should embrace social media and direct peer-to-peer engagement as your primary contact for new audiences. Consider reversing the exposure of your work and how it is presented to a worldwide audience. Start Online First. Get online FIRST and […]

3 Ways To Get Your Film Funded

Starting out making a film is not easy. Whether that is professional or amateur, you need the funds to be able to follow through with the project. However, there are many ways that you can raise the money to fund your project. Some of these include grants from companies, crowdfunding and personal fundraising. 1. Fundraising […]

Building Your Original Cinema Brick By Brick: Cinema 2.0

Filmmakers Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson explore the history and worldwide cultural impact of the LEGO universe in the exciting new film, A Lego Brickumentary detailing the history of the classic children’s toy (that is so much more than just a building system) and I had a chance to reflect on the importance of filmmaker specificity when […]