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Let It Rain – Holiday Membership Offers

  This festive season, treat your film-obsessed friends and loved ones to the ultimate filmmaker’s gift. Raindance Membership is a real treat to your filmmaker friends. Over 2,000 filmmakers have discovered indie film’s best-kept secret by becoming Raindance members.  Immerse your loved ones in the indie film experience with Raindance’s courses, events and Festival! We […]

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Rainbow means gold for filmmakers

Film Finance Basics

Have you an idea for a movie? Have you got a fantastic script? Are you awaiting a pile of cash so you can make it? I got this email from a member of Raindance: Here’s what I wrote while sitting in the coffee shop at La Guardia airport awaiting a snow delayed flight to Montreal: […]

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Film Finance Terms

Development Finance For Films

You have scoured underground theatre and have a list of actors so sizzling hot you can hardly wait to launch their careers in the movies. At film festivals you have seen scores of shorts and debut features from which you have short-listed several directors you would like to work with. All of this has been […]

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Script-based Collaboration: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Script Updated

by  Maarten Verwaest The Case for Script-based Collaboration   In a modern production workflow, online tools enable different people to participate from different locations. Media files and production information, often separately stored and managed at different locations, need to be exchanged. Due to a lack of standards, producers rely on facebook or exchanging documents via email. […]

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Filmmaking books by Raindance tutors

Eight Movies That Were Better Than The Book

Adaptations are commonplace in today’s movie industry. Whether it’s taken from a book, a video game, a park ride or a bar of chocolate the importance of having an existing property to launch from has become so significant to Hollywood that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find original movies outside the independent field. Worse, it’s […]

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Your First 100 Days As A Filmmaker

You’ve finally decided to jump headlong towards you dream and become a filmmaker. Now what? Leaving the ordinary civilian lifestyle to become a filmmaker can be a real jolt. Raindance is here to make that transition easier. Filmmaking is not just a life-style – it’s a strategy, a different way of thinking and doing. For […]

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Raindance independent film festival

12 Types of People Who Go To Film Festivals

To film festival attendees every where – why are you attending a film festival? There are so many benefits to attending Raindance Film Festival: see great movies listen and learn a panels and special events meet filmmakers from all over the world networking events galore With so much going on at Raindance, in fact, with […]

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the vessel title

How Entering the Raindance Web Pilot Competition Kickstarted My Filmmaking Career

My name is Phillip Whiteman and I am a previous winner at Raindance Web Fest. So it started out with an audition, an e-casting for a feature film. They wanted an improvised scene that could be about anything we wanted. My friend and I at the time were both asked to audition and were finding […]

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Guest Post: 5 Tips For Crowdfunding Trailers That Work

Crowdfunding campaigns are becoming increasingly relevant in the current filmmaking market. Quite a few independent directors and producers that would have previously attempted to court production companies are now turning to their own potential audience to collect the money they need. Along with incentives such as gifts and the chance to visit the film set, […]

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Ed Boase The Mirror

Director Ed Boase On The Real-Life Horrors Making The Mirror

I recently completed my second low-budget feature, The Mirror, and thought I’d share some of my experiences in the hope they could prove useful to fellow filmmakers trying to get similar projects off the ground. Origins It had been two long years since my first feature Blooded (2011) had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it release by the (now […]

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We made a $10,000 movie

10 Lessons I Learned From Making A Movie For $10,000

We made a movie, called Black Soup for 10,000 dollars.  We shot it in Budapest, in 14 days, filming on 11 locations (!), had a bunch of great actors in it, guns, blood, luxury apartments, aerial shots, and even a helicopter.  It premiered to a packed house (over 450 people) on a Friday night at […]

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Get Handy With Copyright and the Internet

Producing moving image has never been so widespread and easily accessible. From Vines to music videos and low-budget films, you have the opportunity to share your personal vision through YouTube, Vimeo and many other online platforms. But before you do so, it is worth to check what are the rights and wrongs of creating, sharing […]

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