Cinematic Enemas – Writing the Ring Of Fire

If you’ve taken any scriptwriting classes or read any book about cinema creation, you will soon come across the idea that the script is the most important part of the process. They’re right!!! It’s what attracts actors to the roles, crew to the project, investors to pony up some money and is the reason you started […]

Kickstart Alert: Why I Left NYC And Became A Ugandan Action Movie Star

It wasn’t intentional. I had been involved in film my whole life, but never wanted to focus on one specific area. I would shoot a feature then teach myself sound mixing. I became an art director then an accountant in a production office. Eventually, I found myself the director for programming for an international film […]

Raindance Partners with Soundcheque

  We are pleased to announce our partnership with Soundcheque to offer powerful tools to the independent filmmakers and composers. Raindance Premium Members will receive 30% discount making this essential part of the filmmaking process even more accessible. If you are a member, get in touch and find out how this exciting new partnership can benefit you. Below, Soundcheque explains […]

5 Tips on Clearing Music For Your Film

Music can make or destroy your film. And I’m not talking about a bad score or a cheesy tune. No, I’m talking about music rights. You only need one unclear copyright and you can say goodbye to your distribution deal or being shown at film festivals. No one will touch your film until the copyright […]

9 Film Funders for Emerging Filmmakers

The most important and uncomfortable part of film making is paying for it. Unfortunately bartering doesn’t get us very far these days  and things are only getting more expensive in the meantime. But, there are people out there who can help. Below are some organizations and production companies who are ready to help you come […]

11 Still Photographers-Turned-Filmmakers

Photographers and filmmakers have a lot in common. They capture images in the hopes of telling a story, inspiring an emotion, or to document a place in time.  Unsurprisingly, there is some overlap in talent within these two professions. The following is a list of notable photographers-turned-filmmakers (and one filmmaker-turned-photographer but we’ll get to him […]

Protecting your ideas in the digital age

For many people, illegally downloading music, films or other content that belongs to others is perfectly legitimate. If they cannot afford it, or can but do not want to pay and can get it anyway, then why shell out the money? If you have done this, then perhaps you should reconsider. If you have not, […]

5 Most Effective Tactics to Making Short Films

“As many of our filmmakers are making short films I interviewed producer Julien Féret – producer of one of this years Oscar Nominated Shorts –  Butter Lamp (La Lampe au Beurre de Yak) about a photographer and his assistant who photograph the inhabitants of a remote Tibetan village on his best tips for short filmmakers.  Make […]

12 Must Attend Events for Web Series Creators

  By Darren Chadwick-Hussein, creator of The Bloody Mary Show Why make a short film when you can make a web series? With the increasing worldwide recognition, including the Daytime Emmys; interest from the major networks and even the big studios wading into the online TV world, savvy filmmakers are now using the net as […]

Piracy: A Help Or A Hindrance For Indie Filmmakers?

The Raindance Raw Talent’s feature film, Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey (2014) has been bought for distribution in Germany, has played at Dublin Horrorthon, Film 4 Frightfest, and the Whistler Film Festival for its North American premiere. It also has been leaked several times to online file and video sharing sites before it has been […]

Weekly Production Tip #4 – Lenses

This week, we’re talking about using different lenses to improve your work’s visual impact. Watch the video and check out our 5-minute Lens school underneath! Different lens choices are a brilliant way to spice up your visuals in your filmmaking. While some cheaper cameras don’t allow for changing lenses, most DSLRs and contemporary professional […]

10 Things Producers Should Know

My name is Elliot Grove and I run Raindance. Every year we are trolling through hundreds of film submissions for Raindance Film Festival and it always makes me sad. Here’s why: We end up sending out hundreds and hundreds of rejection letters to filmmakers around the world, many of whom have become personal friends. We […]