10 Non-linear Films You Should See

“I agree that a film should have a beginning, a middle and an end but not necessarily in that order” once said Jean-Luc Godard. He made a habit of questioning the established rules of filmmaking in his work, as did most masters from the French New Wave. The 60’s were a period of disruption in […]

8 Reasons Why Moms Make the Best Producers

Making a film is hard. Making a film and raising a child is harder. However, I did find that by becoming a mom, I learned new and more efficient skills to be a better producer. Who else could function on almost no sleep, change a diaper in less than 30 seconds, change your child’s clothes […]

Top 5 VIP Tips To Cinema 2.0 Success

Over the last two weeks, I’ve posted twenty Cinema 2.0 Hacks for successful microcinema management. I’ve had lots of feedback and great emails from readers here at Raindance and from around the world. Thanks for taking the time to read – and act – on them. I promised 5 final VIP Tips to Cinema 2.0 […]

6 Mistakes I Made On A £100K Feature

I produced this powerful feature film for under £100,000.00 ($150,000). Getting the money was easy: With the current UK Enterprise Investment Scheme offering a 50% tax rebate to a UK tax-paying investor contributing to a project with a £150,000 ($225,000) cap, raising money has never been easier. I should know – I have been closely […]

10 More Kick-Ass DIY Cinema 2.0 Hacks

So, you’re getting ready to shoot and you’ve taken advantage of my earlier post on how to shoot DIY Smart? Consider these ten more hacks to make your next Cinema 2.0 production a success. 1. CAST YOUR CREW CAREFULLY. Pick your team as you would your cast. Look for attitude over big boy or girl […]

7 Lessons Filmmakers Learn From Andy Murray

I wrote this blog post way back in 2012 when Andy Murray first made it to the Wimbledon finals – and lost. Of course, he’s now become a household name and is ranked #3 in the world – an amazing achievemnt. Andy Murray was just 5 years old when I started Raindance in 1992. In […]

Cinema 2.0: Top Ten Production Hacks To DIY Success

Here are ten tips, tricks and ideas to consider when setting out to make your own personal DIY cinema. Consider these options to shoot your best Cinema 2.0 film. 1: SHOT LIST EVERYTHING. STORYBOARDS DON’T HELP MOST MICROBUDGET PRODUCTIONS. Shot lists are an easier and more adaptable way to work in smaller microcinema productions. You run […]

10 Tips For Shooting Film From A Drone

*** Watch 8 movies that demonstrate what a drone can do Drones will and are already revolutionising filmmaking, allowing filmmakers to achieve jaw dropping, cinematic results that have previously only been available to Hollywood productions! I’ve been working with drones on and off for a few years now but at the end of last year […]

10 Film Distribution Basics

Filmmakers need to get a good, rock-solid understanding of how film distribution works. Successful filmmakers – and by that I mean filmmakers who successfully recoup their budget and repay investors, are the ones who develop a distribution strategy before they embark on the filmmaking process, and sometimes before they write the script. I have been […]

Cinema 2.0: #steallikeaboss

Still looking for your authentic voice? Still pounding your head against the wall trying to figure out what you are trying to say? Steal It! Mash It Up! Take any number of strange and wonderful films, musical cues, ideas and concepts and make your own statement by combining, mixing, twisting and mashing them up. Don’t […]

10 Things Film Producers Should Know

My name is Elliot Grove and I run Raindance. Every year we are trolling through hundreds of film submissions for Raindance Film Festival and it always makes me sad. Here’s why: We end up sending out hundreds and hundreds of rejection letters to filmmakers around the world, many of whom have become personal friends. We […]

6 Sex Positions for Filmmakers (SFW)

When you’re making independent, no-budget, DIY cinema, at some point in your cine career you’re going to get hot and sweaty with traditional distributors and a variety of new options online and offline for distributing your media. Let’s face it – you’re gonna get screwed if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily for you, […]