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Ed Boase The Mirror

Director Ed Boase On The Real-Life Horrors Making The Mirror

I recently completed my second low-budget feature, The Mirror, and thought I’d share some of my experiences in the hope they could prove useful to fellow filmmakers trying to get similar projects off the ground. Origins It had been two long years since my first feature Blooded (2011) had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it release by the (now … Read More

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We made a $10,000 movie

10 Lessons I Learned From Making A Movie For $10,000

We made a movie, called Black Soup for 10,000 dollars.  We shot it in Budapest, in 14 days, filming on 11 locations (!), had a bunch of great actors in it, guns, blood, luxury apartments, aerial shots, and even a helicopter.  It premiered to a packed house (over 450 people) on a Friday night at … Read More

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Get Handy With Copyright and the Internet

Producing moving image has never been so widespread and easily accessible. From Vines to music videos and low-budget films, you have the opportunity to share your personal vision through YouTube, Vimeo and many other online platforms. But before you do so, it is worth to check what are the rights and wrongs of creating, sharing … Read More

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Guest Post: 6 Tips For Creating A Successful Webseries

With the arrival of various on-demand services and social media, web series are becoming more and more popular. A large number of film makers and writers are now turning to video sharing platforms such such as YouTube as a way of finding an audience, and for making their first steps in screenwriting and film production. … Read More

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10 Lessons from The Grand Budapest Hotel

To celebrate its DVD/Blu-ray release this week, here are 10 filmmaking lessons from the sublime ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’: 1. Every detail matters. It is impossible not to notice the extra special attention to detail  in Wes Anderson’s perfectly constructed worlds.  Grand Budapest is no exception.  Spoiler alert: When Madame D (Tilda Swinton) dies, she … Read More

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DIY Filmmaking Equipment

A Day In The Life Of A Micro-budget Film In Cyprus

I recently completed my debut feature film entitled Committed. It’s an English-language romantic comedy about a chance meeting between a man and a runaway bride and it’s set on the gorgeous island of Cyprus. This small country has a keen, developing film industry that up until recently was funded by the government. With the arrival … Read More

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How Filmmakers Should Approach Investors – 9 Tips

Filmmakers raising production finance may have to be bloody-minded, but this quality doesn’t translate well to distribution and exhibition. A different approach is needed, as this side of the industry works hardest for co-operative producers respectful of other executives’ expertise. 1. Inform Inform yourself about the past and present activities of the company you’re approaching. … Read More

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Searching for a freelance storyboard artist? Jorgen’s List is the answer!

    “Do you have a storyboard?”  An important question.  Whilst it is not necessarily a filmmaking law to use one, a storyboard is the ultimate way of translating the vision in your head on to paper to share with your crew.  Not to mention that storyboards have been used throughout the history of live-action … Read More

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7 Reasons to Submit to the Raindance Film Festival 2014

1. We’ve been one of Moviemaker Magazine’s ‘Top 50 Festivals Worth the Submission Fee’ two years running. 2. All the short films screened at the festival stand a chance of winning Academy Award qualification. In the past 2 years 3 Raindance shorts have made the final shortlists. 3. You can join a growing list of … Read More

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Micro Budget Filmmaking

El Mariachi: 35 Facts

El Mariachi is a landmark film in the history of cinema. Shot, written and directed by a first timer, Robert Rodriguez, and produced by and starring Carlos Gallardo, the film won Sundance and was picked up for worldwide distribution by Columbia. Carlos is presenting a one day masterclass in micro budget filmmaking on Saturday May … Read More

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How much is my movie worth

How Much Is My Film Worth?

What is my film worth? This is the most common question I hear year after year at the Raindance Film Festival. I meet many filmmakers at various stages of the fimmaking process, all of whom have varying approaches to the tricky question of valuing their films. It’s also taken on a strangely surreal meaning too … Read More

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Fabulous Press About Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey

We are so proud of our movie. The script by Mark Rogers, the perfromances by Edward Akrout, Matt Barber and Megan Mazcko, and the entire technical team led by the wonderfully creative and inspiring Ate de Jong. April 11 2014 Twitch Review:  Lean, Mean & Surprising April 11 2014 April 11, 2014 Ate de … Read More

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