HOT MODELS WANTED: One Actor’s Point of View on Casting Your Indie Film (Part 1)

Six dos and don’ts every actor wishes you knew from breakdown to booking.  If you are an indie filmmaker then you know that casting is that wildcard that can make or break your chances at festivals, awards, and making all of your hard work worth it, and that mis-casting can make your shoot a living […]

6 Painful Filmmaking Lessons Elliot Grove Learned

Don’t we all hate painful filmmaking lessons? I do. I’ve had plenty of them. Its been 25 years since this whole Raindance thing started, and it’s painful to remember all the naive and often stupid lessons I had to be taught. We’re nearing the end of the festival submissions for this year’s 24th Raindance Film […]

Your First 100 Days As A Filmmaker

You’ve finally decided to jump headlong towards your dream and become a filmmaker. Now what? Leaving the ordinary civilian lifestyle to become a filmmaker can be a real jolt. Raindance is here to make that transition easier. Filmmaking is not just a life-style – it’s a strategy, a different way of thinking and doing. For […]

Low Budget High Quality Comes To Norway

My name is Jan Vardøen and as well as directing I am a musician (under the name Ian Senior) and author of many books, fiction and non-fiction. I am also a chef and my formal training is as a wooden boat builder. Although Norwegian, I spent many years in Brixton, stoking the anarchist fires and […]

How To Make A Blockbuster Short Film

However much one supports independent film (and if you do, you’ll be with us at the Independent Filmmakers Ball), a blockbuster may sneak in your watch list every now and then. Every time Deadpool or The Avengers show up on the big screen, we come running. And after all, why not? Last year, this blockbuster short film […]

Funny Is Money

Any film that’s made you laugh could easily have been a drama. Tootsie? Oh the yearning of breaking free from this prison Michael Dorsey has shackled himself in! Facing an impossible dilemma, Dorothy Michaels asks for her character to be written off, yet the executives won’t do it, so she kills herself on live television. The […]

5 Reasons Your Philosophy Degree Makes You a Better Filmmaker

What do Wes Craven, Wes Anderson, Ethan Coen, Terrence Malick, Matt Groening, Deepa Mehta, Errol Morris, and Mark Boal all have in common? They all have studied and have degrees in philosophy. “Wait, what? Philosophy? Isn’t that the degree you get when you want to work at Starbucks?” Haha, yeah, I know. It’s a cute […]

Cinema 2.0: Top Cine Jewels for 2016

  These are some of the jewels out there that can help you make your own Cinema 2.0 a reality. From script to release, these sites offer a dazzling array of paid and free support for the microcinema artist. Writing Free basic screenwriting software plus an added subscription base that allows filmmakers to create […]

Cinema 2.0: Get The F**K Out Of Bed!

I have a friend, a rock n’ roll rebel/ educator Martin Atkins who tours the world talking about his time with NIN, Ministry, Pigface and a bunch of other bands while preaching the DIY gospel to musicians and artists everywhere. His message? “Get The F**K Out Of Bed” if you want to succeed in the […]

When Actors Play Themselves (Or Not)

We all know the feeling of being completely absorbed in a movie (hopefully). Any respectable film nerd craves that feeling when heading into the cinema. Whether you only watch romantic comedies, family dramas, or guzzle anything you can get your hands on, that feeling is what we intimately hope for. We could spend some time […]

Our 15 Favourite Posts In 2015

2015 has been an insane year. In the film world, we had some of the most successful films ever made (and counting), and incredible gems made their way into the cinemas, some of which by way of the 23rd Raindance Film Festival. We also had some great articles on our blog this year about film […]

Cinema 2.0: 10 Next Gen Resolutions

  It’s holiday time as we gear up for Xmas, Kwanzaa, and beyond and it’s time to reflect as we get ready for the Next Year. Now, more than ever, DIY cinema evangelists need to get their house in order and plan for their 2016 content launch or Next Gen project. Here’s a list of […]