Visual effects are just for the big boys, right? (Part 1)

We’ve all seen those big visual effects block busters from the studios: Avengers Assemble, Independence Day etc. Personally, I love them: they’re great fun, and impressive to watch but it’s easy to get the idea that visual effects are just for the blockbusters. It has often been said that, actually, the best visual effects are those that […]

5 Ways Your Score Could be Holding You Back from an Award

It’s true what they say. First impressions count. Sight is the primary sense and it takes just moments to make a judgement call. As humans, we’re exceptionally good at this. You judged this article within minutes of seeing the image and title. (I’m delighted you’ve read this far. Stay with me. It gets better.) Film […]

Warm Props: Why Did Hitchcock Hate His Actors?

Hitchcock hated actors. He called actors “cows” and “stupid children” and thought Walt Disney was smart for making his actors made of paper, since he had the luxury to “tear them up” when he didn’t like them.1 So, yeah… Hitchcock hated actors. When a film has been properly staged, it isn’t necessary to rely upon the […]

5 Reasons Your Philosophy Degree Makes You a Better Filmmaker

What do Wes Craven, Wes Anderson, Ethan Coen, Terrence Malick, Matt Groening, Deepa Mehta, Errol Morris, and Mark Boal all have in common? They all have studied and have degrees in philosophy. “Wait, what? Philosophy? Isn’t that the degree you get when you want to work at Starbucks?” Haha, yeah, I know. It’s a cute […]

Cinema 2.0: Get The F**K Out Of Bed!

I have a friend, a rock n’ roll rebel/ educator Martin Atkins who tours the world talking about his time with NIN, Ministry, Pigface and a bunch of other bands while preaching the DIY gospel to musicians and artists everywhere. His message? “Get The F**K Out Of Bed” if you want to succeed in the […]

Cinema 2.0: Top 10 Cine Tips & Book Launch

In keeping with the recent EBook launch of The Cinema 2.0 Manifesto, I’ve put together a Top 10 Cine Tip List so you can start creating your own content today. Think of these as an introduction to the DIY Manifesto content and the goal of controlling your own production, exhibition and distribution of your next […]

5 Reasons Video Editors Should Learn Avid Media Composer

No one likes making the switch from a user-friendly editing software to an unfamiliar Avid Media Composer. Change is difficult, especially for any editor who relies on memorised keyboard shortcuts and is used to the method of thinking associated with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Avid is a difficult software to learn, but here […]

Give A Raindance Film Experience

This festive season, treat your film-obsessed friends and loved ones to the ultimate filmmaker’s gift. Raindance Membership is a real treat to your filmmaker friends. Over 2,000 filmmakers have discovered indie film’s best-kept secret by becoming Raindance members. Immerse your loved ones in the indie film experience with Raindance’s courses, events and Festival! The best […]