The Nine Best And Broadest Mockumentaries

A mockumentary, uses the documentary style to document fictional events. It’s style naturally accounts to a relatively low budget, which allows filmmakers to produce niche films fairly uninterrupted by the major studios. Below is a list of some of the best films to adopt this mock-documentary style, varying greatly in their content. Although these films are not necessarily box-office hits, many mockumentaries go on to become celebrated cult masterpieces.

How To Make A Film In A Roma Settlement – 15 Lessons I Learned

Shooting in places where people are poor is always a tightrope walk. For my documentary Angry Buddha I regularly visited a Roma settlement in the Hungarian village of Sajókaza during three years. It was one of the toughest and most rewarding experiences of my life. Here are 15 lessons I learned. Have time. People will […]

5 Tips To Steer Your Directing Career In The Right Direction

Directing is hard. F*cking hard, as Tarantino would put it. It’s a hundred decisions you have to make every minute of the day – and that’s not only during your shoot. You also have to make decisions about which films you want to make, which stories to tell, and the broader decisions of what to […]

What Olympians Can Teach Filmmakers

Like an athlete starting their career from nothing, so I started Raindance in 1992 from ground zero. The Olympics has amazed me with the success of the British Olympics team. Like their medal haul and success so too British film talent is hotter than hot, and unlike athletics there is too much talent for this […]

7 Reasons To Attend Raindance Film Festival

  Independent film is exploding!  For 24 years Raindance has been bringing the brightest and best independent film to the core of London’s West End. If you are serious about filmmaking or serious about independent film you won’t be missing this year’s festival celebrating the best in independent film from around the world. 7 Reasons […]

5 Key Ways Writers Become Writer-Directors

A few months ago I made the transition from writer to writer-director, directing my very first short film. As the UK winner of the Jameson First Shot Competition, my film HOME stars Academy Award nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal and is produced by Kevin Spacey. Faced with this learning curve, here’s the top five things I learned […]

20 Films That Revolutionised Cinematography

1. 1916 DW Griffith: INTOLERANCE (C: Billy Bitzer) A film that was originally subtitled “A Sun Play For The Ages” because it was Photographed entirely (Interiors & Exteriors) by Natural Daylight! It also revolutionised film language by utilising what Sergei Eisenstein would later call: “Intellectual Montage” by inter-cutting four (4) separate stories, from four (4) […]

10 Films That Re-Wrote The Rules of Cinematography

How do you tell a story through film? Cinema is arguably one of the most complex art forms when it comes to narrative storytelling because it blends so many elements. The filmmaking process is extremely arduous, from its birth in writing all the way to colour-correcting and fine-tuning every frame in post-production. A great film […]

How To Attend Raindance Film Festival

Register Today for an Early-Bird Pass and save 20% 24th Raindance Film Festival – 21 September to 2 October 2016, central London Experience the entire Raindance Film Festival at a reduced rate. For twelve days truly immerse yourself in the world of independent film and discover new talents from the UK and from world cinema. […]