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Script-based Collaboration: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Script Updated

by  Maarten Verwaest The Case for Script-based Collaboration   In a modern production workflow, online tools enable different people to participate from different locations. Media files and production information, often separately stored and managed at different locations, need to be exchanged. Due to a lack of standards, producers rely on facebook or exchanging documents via email. … Read More

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OPening Night Raindance Film Festival

How Film Festivals Struggle To Stay Relevant

Why is it that cinemas, theatres, art galleries, music venues and dance companies are closing in droves? Arts organisations face an uphill battle for economic survival. As our governments in Europe and America slash arts funding, ballet companies, theatres, art galleries, opera companies and film festivals need to think very differently about the economic realities … Read More

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Why Every Film Maker Needs A Thelma

John Owen is the first British director to make a Bollywood movie and Elliot Grove had no hesitation in inviting him to screen The Goa Run (aka Peter Gaya Kaam Se) at Raindance 2014.  But that was only going to happen if John was to win a long running `David and Goliath’ battle with producers … Read More

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OMG – I Watched Deadly Virtues!

I watched Deadly Virtues: Love. Honor. Obey. last night because Elliot, the producer, asked me to.  I’ve never met Elliot, and about 8 minutes and 17 seconds into the movie I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to.  The movie was truly horrifying!!  But I pushed on through because I am a professional.  When I wrote … Read More

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Faking an Accent

It’s an acting rite of passage. Some actors turn up to an audition having never tried the accent they are about to do. Sometimes it’s excruciating for them. Sometimes it’s excruciating for us. ‘Why did they hire (x) when they could have cast someone great with a natural local accent?’ Because it’s fun. The casting … Read More

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how passion can destroy filmmakers

How Passion Can Wreck A Filmmaker’s Career

It happens every autumn about festival time. And not just Raindance Film Festival, but the great festivals of Venice, The Hamptons and Toronto Film Festival (TIFF). And it’s something no film school will ever tell tell you: Passion can wreck a filmmaker’s career. Call it the paradox of filmmaking: The very thing it takes to … Read More

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5 Tips From A Virgin Filmmaker’s 1st Time

I recently had the opportunity, thanks to Raindance, to go into production on my short film “Wake Up”. I’ve written a number of spec scripts, both short and feature-length, however this stands as my first produced screenplay. What was also new to me was that I found myself standing in the director’s shoes as well. … Read More

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Film Music Producer and Supervisor

Graham is one of Britain’s most experienced and active Music Producers specialising in the international film music business.He studied music at Kneller Hall, the Royal Military School of Music and the Guildhall School of Music in London after which he began his career in the music production business.After a distinguished career as Musical Director of … Read More

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Had A Busy August? Hottest 5 Posts Last Month

OMG School’s back. Where did the summer go? And today, the first of September is Labour day in Canada or Labor day in the US of A. A weekend of BBQ’s, music festivals and friends before the Autumnal grind sets in. Here at Planet Raindance we’ve been sweating through the August day prepping for this … Read More

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How filmmakers Prevent Being Hacked

A Filmmakers Guide To Being Hacked

It always happens to me in one of two situations: on a shoot at the end of a tortuously long day, or a day like today – in the frantic run up to the film festival when the entire team is multitasking their tits off, and the pressure starts to tell when wear and tear … Read More

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Animation from Chris Daykin on Vimeo. The Beginning I had been a painter, or rather I started at such a ‘free’ foundation course that no one noticed until it was too late that I missed the term allocated for Graphics by just not moving from my place in the painting studio. It was actually a … Read More

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Desert island film discs

Desert Island Discs

What’s your favourite movie? If you could only watch x-number of movies for the rest of your life what would they be? I was posed this kind of question recently by Stage32 in the form of their Desert Island Discs heading. My first step was to take a look at the few movies I still … Read More

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