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“There’s a certain confidence that comes from naiveté”

Debs Paterson fairly burst onto the film scene in 2010 with her acclaimed feature debut Africa United. Since then she has been beavering away writing and developing multiple projects for TV and film. She took some time out of her hectic schedule to impart some words of wisdom. Africa United happened so fast. I was slightly […]

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Biggest Box Office Turkeys in 2014

Turkey: /?t??ki/ Noun 1) a large mainly domesticated game bird native to North America, having a bald head and (in the male) red wattles. It is a popular food on festive occasions such as Christmas and (in the US) Thanksgiving. 2) Something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful, especially a play or film. “The movie […]

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What To Do Once The Screenplay Is Written

  1. Pat Yourself On The Back. Have a nap. Brew yourself a cup of tea. Put your feet up. Now is the time to bask in your productive glory. You’ve persevered through procrastination and writer’s block to complete something that resembles a film. Arguably, the hardest graft is yet to come, but the first […]

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The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Freelancing

In honor of National Freelancers Day, we here at Raindance thought we would share the best tips and tricks for starting to freelance and how to become a freelance success.  You can join in on the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #NFD2014 and by keeping up with @CelebrateNFD and @teamIPSE! 1. Nearly all film work is freelance. […]

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10 Reasons Filmmakers Can Be Thankful in 2014

It’s November and, as all of our transatlantic friends prepare themselves for an epic Thanksgiving feast on the 24th, we thought we’d honor the holiday in our own little way here at Raindance. Whether you’re American or not, Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect back on the year and think about all the things […]

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anna portrait

“If you are good it doesn’t matter whether you wear trousers or a skirt”

Anna Kazejak’s 3rd feature The Word had its UK premier at Raindance 2014; here the Polish filmmaker shares her experiences of working at home and in Denmark.   I’ve been making films for 13 years. After my 2nd year in film school I said to my friends ‘let’s make a feature film’. I thought it’s better just to […]

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Rainbow means gold for filmmakers

Film Finance Basics

Have you an idea for a movie? Have you got a fantastic script? Are you awaiting a pile of cash so you can make it? I got this email from a member of Raindance: Here’s what I wrote while sitting in the coffee shop at La Guardia airport awaiting a snow delayed flight to Montreal: […]

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The Internet is For Porn. And Webseries

If you get nervous at the mere mention of porn then I suggest you pull up your bootstraps and get over it. We’re all adults here (I hope) and it’s fair to say that porn, while it makes some people fidget, is just a normal aspect of society. And frankly speaking, porn and porn filmmakers […]

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The Democratisation Of Filmmaking – Is It Enough To Have A High Quality Camera?

Once the preserve of bearded, baseball cap-wearing men over 40, the notion of what a film director looks like has broadened to accommodate women, amateurs, students and ingénues. Ultimately, the landscape of filmmaking has shifted to encompass, and arguably champion, the everyman. The average Joe can now pick up a digital single-lens reflex camera and tell […]

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Profile: John Michael McDonagh

The Moët British Independent Film Awards announced this year’s nominees last Monday and John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary received a total of four nominations. With McDonagh himself up for two awards in the Best Director and Best Screenplay categories, we thought we’d fill you in on a few facts that you might not already know about […]

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esra and nisan awards image

“Once you find a good collaboration it’s best to never let it go”

Esra Saydam and Nisan Dag co-wrote and co-directed Across the Sea. They met and trained in the US but they returned to their home country of Turkey to make this, their first feature. They talk about the hurdles they had to overcome and how they got started. (Esra) Living away from Turkey for many years, […]

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peter gun edit

The Goa Run Feels The Raindance Effect

Over the last few weeks the attention of millions of cinema lovers in India has been on the once slightly crusty but now much revamped, Mumbai Film Festival. But meanwhile, away from all the highbrow hoo-haa, one of Bollywood’s’ lost children was having a party of its’ own with the sensational world premiere of The […]

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