Can You Hear Me? Top 5 DIY Sound Hacks

Good sound matters. It beats good picture when shooting a dialogue heavy scene or film. Unless you have access to post dubbing stages for ADR (automated dialogue replacement) – you will be stuck with what you shot LIVE on the floor. STAY AWAY FROM TRAFFIC and TRAINS when shooting your dialogue scenes. STAY AWAY FROM […]

Cinemetrics – A ‘Fingerprint’ for Films

The aim of Cinemetrics, a project created by graphic designer and coder Frederic Brodbeck, is to measure and visualise film data. Characteristics such as colour, dialogue, lighting and editing structure are analysed and transformed into graphical representations or as he calls it a digital ‘fingerprints’. Brodbeck created this as part of his final thesis at […]

10 Non-linear Films You Should See

“I agree that a film should have a beginning, a middle and an end but not necessarily in that order” once said Jean-Luc Godard. He made a habit of questioning the established rules of filmmaking in his work, as did most masters from the French New Wave. The 60’s were a period of disruption in […]

Screenwriters: What Are You Worth?

It’s a simple question really. What value do you place on your skills as a screenwriter? This question arose for me recently when I was asked about helping an aspiring writer with a script. The submitted draft was extremely poor. Scene headers were missing, the writing was almost exclusively ‘tell’ and the story lacked coherence. […]

How Independent Film Kept Me From Living In My Mother’s Basement

I didn’t go to university, I didn’t graduate from a liberal arts programme like so many of my colleagues, and I certainly didn’t go to film school. I went to art school instead and graduated with a single marketable skill: Cire Perdu – lost wax bronze casting, the ancient art of the Greek. Other than […]

8 Reasons Why Moms Make the Best Producers

Making a film is hard. Making a film and raising a child is harder. However, I did find that by becoming a mom, I learned new and more efficient skills to be a better producer. Who else could function on almost no sleep, change a diaper in less than 30 seconds, change your child’s clothes […]

My Top 3 Screenwriting Influences

I’ve worked with story for just about my entire life. I didn’t attend film school either. Before I worked at Raindance I worked on over sixty different jobs – everything from a debt collector to estate salesman to project manager on the Canada Space Arm project. I also had a three year stint on something […]

The 5 Best Films by Mexican Director and Screenwriter, Guillermo Arriaga

Guillermo Arriaga, is known for his multi-layered and non-linear narrative. You can book here for our exclusive masterclass with the Oscar nominated screenwriter this October. When asked if he was worried his stories were too complex, Arriaga answered:  “That doesn’t worry me … Audiences are much more intelligent than we think. I think they’re beyond the capabilities […]

How to Create Suspense in a Screenplay

Once again, some excellent advice from renowned screenwriter, William C. Martell, on how to create suspense in your screenplays. Suspense, he tells us is the anticipation of action. He says  that it’s all about dramatic irony, where the audience are made aware of imminent danger while the characters themselves remain happily oblivious. And a mistake many screenwriters make is to jump […]

12 Movies Every Filmmaker Must See

When it comes down to it, It is really just as simple as understanding what you are getting into as a potential filmmaker. To do this, it would be beneficial to watch every movie that’s ever made a name for itself, but since there are so many, I’ve narrowed it down to just a few that you should watch in order to make it seem like you didn’t grow up under a rock.

Top 5 VIP Tips To Cinema 2.0 Success

Over the last two weeks, I’ve posted twenty Cinema 2.0 Hacks for successful microcinema management. I’ve had lots of feedback and great emails from readers here at Raindance and from around the world. Thanks for taking the time to read – and act – on them. I promised 5 final VIP Tips to Cinema 2.0 […]