Top 10 Mistakes Actors Make on Their Showreels

So many people want to break in as film actors, but few take the time to fully research the right way to present and market themselves. Here’s our special to-do list of how ‘not-to’ make an actor’ showreel. 1. They start the reel with two people of the same gender having a conversation. I know […]

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Mike Nichols

Today marks the one year anniversary of Mike Nichols’ death. He was an extremely influential director whose career spanned six decades in film and theatre. He directed landmark films such as The Graduate, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Silkwood, and more recently, Closer and Charlie Wilson’s War. Some other films were not as good, but […]

Cinema 2.0: Attack Of The (Handheld) Drones

By now, unless you’ve been in enforced isolation, you’ve heard about the popularity and the controversy surrounding drone cameras and the development of personal, light weight flying platforms for your smartphones, smaller digital action cameras and other more robust models. Here in Chicago, like many major cities, strict laws have been put in place to […]

Writing Comedy: Thoughts of the Sit-Down Comedian

What does it mean to make somebody laugh? YOU know you’re hilarious, but Comedy, as a genre, is hard. Going into the specific tastes of somebody’s humour is convoluted and confusing territory, one that is, too often, dismissed with cheap and easy jokes. Successful comedy writing today includes an intricate understanding of comedic beats, conventional […]

Virtual Reality Filmmaking Toolkit

How about we go on an adventure together? How about we go and see the great wall of China? Or how about we learn what we have to do when the building is on fire? Do you want to take a class on Ancient Rome and actually get to see it without leaving the comfort […]

8 Essential Mumblecore Movies From The Low-Budget Genre

Categorised by naturalistic performances, the use of improv and a plot which usually involves a twenty-something struggling to make sense of their lives, Mumblecore is a genre many of us love, but may not necessarily know a lot about. Considering that the genre is also characterised by organic sound and dialogue, non-professional actors and the use of digital film-making […]

5 Reasons to Write a Feature Outline

If your approach to writing an outline is to not write an outline, then you’re probably the not-so-proud owner of a drawer full of half-finished screenplays. Outlining saves you a lot of heavy lifting and makes the process of writing your screenplay feel the way it should: enjoyable. Side-step the late night cry-eating and writing rage-athons by checking out these […]

Cinema 2.0: Sell Out Now! 7 Ideas You Need Now

Having effectively decided on a consistent and recognizable public persona with a continuous message, how can you then encourage audiences to respond to your original material? By using the success of the smartphone based application world as a model. We all have ‘Apps’ on our phones and we buy them on a regular basis. How […]

“As artists and filmmakers we are privileged in having a voice”

Showing her first feature film at Raindance 2015 Laura Plancarte took some time out from working on her next project to share some words of wisdom with us. I’m from Mexico and my career comes originally from the visual arts. I’m a performance artist, an installation artist and a video artist. My work has always been […]

Horror: Tips On Perfecting The Art Of Fear

It’s impossible to ignore the horror genre around this time of year. In the climactic build-up to Halloween last weekend, being scary was met with the surge of creativity, from our 14 second horror film competition, to deciding what to wear out on Saturday. Being a genre that never gets old (there is always an […]