Great Advice From My Dad That All Artists Should Hear

Mandy May Cheetham, Actress/Writer/Producer shares with us some of the secrets of her success. Today I heard the sad news that the mother of a childhood friend passed. It got me thinking about our families and how close we all were when we were children. I was a pretty lucky kid — surrounded by artistic […]

The best Shakespeare adaptations (part II)

You might have seen the first article we published on Shakespeare adaptations, so as promised here are the more modern ones. 1. Romeo. Juliet, Armando Acosta (1990) Romeo and Juliet, but with cats. Don’t be fooled this is a very serious film. The cast includes John Hurt (the only human), Ben Kingsley, Dame Maggie Smith […]

A Screenwriting Structure Hack That Nobody Talks About

Having a strong grasp of screenwriting structure is essential if you’re an aspiring screenwriter aiming to break into the business. However, while there’s a ton of theory out there on act breaks, plot points and what has to happen where, there’s not much in the way of practical things you can do to help improve […]

Why “Grammar-Nazis” Make The Best Filmmakers

Filmmaking is a language. It has its own specific rules, its own rhythms and its own idiosyncrasies. And just like in any language, it comes with a number of “grammar-nazis”. In English, they’re these people who haunt Twitter and disqualify any comment that was made if it’s not grammatically correct. They’re everywhere and will not […]

Underdogs Unite – Leicester City’s 7 Lessons for Filmmakers

Underdogs unite! What an unusual combination between filmmakers and Leicster City football team. A year ago they were dead last. The team of cast-offs and bargain basement players was threatened with relegation. At the time of writing (Monday 2 May) they could win it all big time if Chelsea beat their closest rivals Tottenham. Breaking […]

What Filmmakers Can Learn From The Theatre

We all need stories. Film is an extraordinarily powerful medium to tell stories -if not the most powerful one, with its blend of visuals, cuts, music and the input of everyone from the writer to the audience member. It is, however, fairly recent and is probably going to develop into an even more powerful storytelling […]

How Short Films Make Money

We’ve championed short films since day one at Raindance a quarter  century ago. Short films are the laboratory of cinema. It’s the place where filmmakers experiment and learn. I’ve noticed a seismic change in short films since I started Raindance. Firstly, the digital revolution has made production costs significantly lower. Secondly, everyone wants content but […]

Filmmaker Kate Herron and writer Monica Heisey in conversation with Raindance award-winning Rob Savage

To give a unique insight into the filmmaking process, Raindance paired BIFA-winner and Screen International Star of Tomorrow Rob Savage with Monica Heisey and Kate Herron to talk about the launch of their new short film Rest Stop.   Where did the idea for Rest Stop come from? (Kate): It was born partly out of […]

Your First 100 Days As A Filmmaker Part 2

Part 2: I started writing this two-part article on Your First 100 Days As A Filmmaker many moons ago. This Sunday morning sitting around with a coffee and a bit of spare time I thought I should stop procrastinating and pick this back up. Here’s Days 1 – 33 in case you want to catch up. […]

Your First 100 Days As A Filmmaker

You’ve finally decided to jump headlong towards your dream and become a filmmaker. Now what? Leaving the ordinary civilian lifestyle to become a filmmaker can be a real jolt. Raindance is here to make that transition easier. Filmmaking is not just a life-style – it’s a strategy, a different way of thinking and doing. For […]

How Shakespeare Made It – 20 Key Dates

I’m a Canadian living in London under the shadow of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s image has been carefully imprinted on the global cultural economy. As a human being, I am always fascinated by life stories and history. As a Canadian I’m stuck with literary giants like Leonard Cohen and Margaret Atwood. Brits get William Shakespeare. It […]