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Lo To No Budget Filmmaking

Social Media Tips That Every Filmmaker Should Know

Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your film or venture- Twitter, Facebook and other platforms can all be played to your advantage when it comes to generating a buzz around your latest project. But just how can you maximize the impact that you make? By contacting related organisations and […]

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Raindance Halloween

14 Second Halloween Horror Film Festival

The films submitted to our 14 Second Halloween Film Competition.     Satanic Toothpaste @raindance_film_festival #14SecondHorror A video posted by @themausoliam on Oct 10, 2014 at 6:23am PDT   Hey guys @raindance_film_festival , here’s my #14SecondHorror . Hope you have a fab Halloween! #horror #badwolffilms #indiefilmmaker #selfie #creepy #photography #technology #supernatural #phone #camera A video posted […]

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Raindance Halloween

5 Scariest Movie Moments

With Halloween fast approaching things are getting spooky here at Raindance. To get the rest of you in the mood, here is my top five terrifying movie moments. *MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS* 1. Don’t Look Now A true horror classic and, in my opinion, one of the best British films of all time. When a married […]

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Kim Hudson And The Virgin’s Promise

In most films or stories it seems pretty easy to identify the hero, understand his clearly defined goal from the beginning and watch him battle against the odds in order to achieve success. Brave, strong and resourceful, the hero recognizes that his community is in danger and pushes beyond his fear to destroy the impending […]

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13 Steps of Post Production

6 Tips For A Better Edit

Film Editing Is part of the creative post-production processes of filmmaking. It involves the selection and combining of shot into sequences and ultimately creating a finished motion picture. Film editing is an art therefore you can never fully master your skills. Here are a few helpful tips that can help anyone from the budding film […]

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7 Things I Learned Making a Film for $7000

When it comes to the really crazy ideas, like making a feature film with zero prior experience and for less than the price of a semester of film school, sometimes all it takes is one other person to say, screw it, why not? That’s how, a few months of begging, borrowing and dealing later, first-time […]

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Top 3 Mistakes in Writing Virgin Stories

1.     All protagonists need a clearly defined goal I’m going to tell you something that many in the story-writing world find shocking.  Only Hero stories need to begin with a clearly defined goal.  Big breath.  Virgin stories don’t know where the protagonist will land.  It’s about awakening to her inner voice and trusting it. She […]

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Cross Media Storytelling

5 Tips For Creating Cross Media Content

There’s a broad scope of knowledge and experience required to truly understand what it means to create content across multiple devices and platforms. If you’re typically a film maker then understanding what works in the games or book publishing industries may not be on your resume. Here’s some handy tips to fast tracking your knowledge […]

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gail and her camera

“A big producer once said to me I would never be a director because I’m too nice”

Gail Harvey has been working as a director in Canada for 26 years; both in TV and film. She brought her latest low budget feature Looking is the Original Sin to the Raindance Film Festival ahead of its upcoming release. She took a break from promotion to share some of her insider knowledge. I started […]

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If Your Film Gets Shitty Reviews

Recently, two major events occurred in my life: my daughter Tabitha’s first day at school, and releasing my second feature as director, The Mirror. The two have more in common than you might think. As Tabitha disappeared into the bowels of her new school, waving merrily, thoughts raced through my mind: would people like her? […]

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Film Finance Terms

Development Finance For Films

You have scoured underground theatre and have a list of actors so sizzling hot you can hardly wait to launch their careers in the movies. At film festivals you have seen scores of shorts and debut features from which you have short-listed several directors you would like to work with. All of this has been […]

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Top 5 Games Based On Marvel Film Characters

The Marvel comic universe has taken over the film industry in a way very few could have ever imagined even a decade ago, when the first few films had already rolled out. Now, films licensed by or directly produced by Marvel Studios are responsible for billions of dollars in worldwide revenue. The latest Marvel releases […]

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