Which Camera Is Best?

Here is a 5 minute video to see what David Worth, DP of two Clint Eastwood films, Peter Holland, award winning cinematographer, and Nicholas Sadler, legendary commercial DP, at THE Camera House said the Raindance LA Members-Only event “The Best Camera For Your Flm” Raindance Members: To watch the full-length panel and get 5 pg list of “Responsibilities of […]

10 Films That Broke The Technological Mould

The history of cinematic technology is one that is littered with stunning achievements. The film industry continues to be at the forefront of innovation as cinema has championed some of the most awe-inspiring technologies within the visual arts. From 3D to the Steadicam to shooting on an iPhone to CGI – here is our list of […]

5 Metrics Filmmakers and Screenwriters Should Ignore and Why

The world is filled with all sorts of data and databases. The world swarms with experts and consultants who analyse this content called metrics. The metrics of your Twitter, your Facebook, your YouTube and other video outlets. As screenwriters and filmmakers it is easy to be overly impressed by all of this data, all these […]

11 Still Photographers-Turned-Filmmakers

Photographers and filmmakers have a lot in common. They capture images in the hopes of telling a story, inspiring an emotion, or to document a place in time.  Unsurprisingly, there is some overlap in talent within these two professions. The following is a list of notable photographers-turned-filmmakers (and one filmmaker-turned-photographer but we’ll get to him […]

Weekly Production Video Tip #7 – Negative Space

This week in our video production tips, we’re talking about using Negative Space. What is negative space? Simply put, it’s the area around and behind the subject of a shot’s focus. It can be used to create various effects, such as implying at things that are off-screen or creating a certain ‘feel’ for a scene. […]

How to Make a Quality Feature Film for $10,000

How to make a quality feature film for only $10,000 The world has changed.  Twenty-five years ago I wrote, produced and directed a 23 minute short film for CBC television in Canada. The film cost me $46,000.  These were the days of film stock, one inch magnetic tape masters and Nagra sound recorders. After struggling […]

‘I feel an obligation to make films about people that live on the margins of society’

Ditte Haarlov Johnsen is a documentary filmmaker who screened her latest project Days of Hope at Raindance 2014. She recently shared with me how important her work is to her life and how challenging trying to tell hidden stories can be. It was photography that got me into filmmaking. Or maybe it was my interest […]

Do NOT Commit These Filmmaking Atrocities

It’s festival submission time again – and there’s film submissions pouring into Raindance Film Festival from all over the world at a record clip. How my heart bleeds at the mistakes filmmakers continually make. I think these mistakes are so obvious and so damaging I prefer to call them atrocities. I know you think I […]

Weekly Production Tip #6- The Rule of Thirds

This week in our Production Tip video we’re talking about the Rule of Thirds. Watch the video below for our 3 minute film school and see if it can help you compose your shots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKhvBPIX7r0&feature=youtu.be Th Rule of Thirds is a composition technique, imagine your screen split into thirds- 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical […]

Protecting your ideas in the digital age

For many people, illegally downloading music, films or other content that belongs to others is perfectly legitimate. If they cannot afford it, or can but do not want to pay and can get it anyway, then why shell out the money? If you have done this, then perhaps you should reconsider. If you have not, […]

Why Diversity Works – a panel discussion from Raindance Web Fest 2014

Raindance Web Fest 2014 presents Why Diversity Works With mainstream broadcasters increasingly announcing new schemes to increase diversity, we look at how the web is already years ahead of traditional media in this field, and how the online space can offer an opportunity for creators from any background to get their voices heard. Moderator: Lisa […]