Top 10 Cinema 2.0 Take Aways

Cinema 2.0 is all about making your own cinema on your own terms for your own audience.  You have to take the first steps and start shooting and sharing – today. If I had to distil this manifesto down to simple statements – these would be it: #SHOOT #SHARE #REPEAT #DOMOREWITHLESS Everything else comes in […]

Deadly Virtues: Love Honour Obey

Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey – the taut pyschological thriller writtern by Mark Rogers and directed by Ate De Jong (Drop Dead Fred) has hit the UK charts and is currently at #12 on iTunes. Watch the trailer here If you are in the UK you can buy the film on a handsome DVD from Amazon, or […]

10 tips when shooting a documentary interview

  These are meant as guidelines not rules. Everyone has their own interview style that works for them. But it is good to keep them in mind.   1. Be prepared, but adaptable This is a point of contention among documentary filmmakers. Some filmmakers prepare a list of questions to give them direction. Others prefer to […]

The Perks of Creating in the Digital Age

We keep saying it on this blog, there’s never been a better time to make movies. You can make movies on your phone, and there are loads of platforms for you to upload your creations. is one such platform. Christin Baker is the founder and CEO of TelloFilms, and she’ll be with us at […]

Cinema 2.0: Reimagine Distribution

As part of my ongoing dedication to next generation cinema, I am now going to turn towards the 300 lb elephant in the room. How to get your cinema seen. Are you right for mainstream distribution and exhibition – or should you be carving a new and unique personal path for your work? This means […]

5 Ways to Create Unique and Funny Characters

We’ve all been there. You’re handed a script, or thrown into an improv scene where you’re asked to play a “character” and told to be “funny”. And…GO! No pressure! Creating a character that is at once identifiable, the kind of person you just “know” and yet completely unique and to top it off, funny, is […]

When Filmmakers Need to Be Remarkable

re·mark·a·ble  [ri-mahr-kuh-buhl] adjective 1. notably or conspicuously unusual: extraordinary: a remarkable change. 2. worthy of notice or attention. I get invited to do a lot of guest speaking and generally my hosts want a few simple sharp film facts wrapped in an uplifting and inspirational package – not exactly a happy pill, but similar I […]

12 Types of People Who Go To Film Festivals

To film festival attendees every where – why are you attending a film festival? There are so many benefits to attending Raindance Film Festival: see great movies listen and learn at panels and special events meet filmmakers from all over the world networking events galore With so much going on at Raindance, in fact, with […]

13 Lessons Filmmakers Can Learn From Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is the richest duck in the world. He’s also easily one of the most recognisable heroes, with his glasses, his red coat and his Scottish accent. He’s not just the grumpy uncle of Donald, he’s had one of the most exciting lives you could think of, as is shown in the amazing The […]

3 Things That Make Quentin Tarantino The Quintessential Indie Filmmaker

Transgressive. Controversial. Original. These are the characteristics which instantly spring to mind when analysing this auteur, his ability to change the norm and tackle the shackles of studio cinema enable him to still be THE inspiration to upcoming independent filmmakers. Transgressive filmmaking was inherently coined by experimental filmmaker Nick Zedd; “it has to be threatening […]