Make Movies With This Easter Filmmaker’s Toolkit

Put down the chocolate! Make movies! Why dither and make reasons to delay your movie? Move up from amateur to professional. Stop making excuses why you can’t make a film. Stop blagging the blag. Get off your couch and start doing something meaningful! You don’t need no film school! 1. Your filmmaking plan and make […]

Why Filmmakers Submit Early To Film Festivals – 7 Reasons

You’ve finished your short, feature or documentry – congratulations – it’s festival submission time! Submit early! This is when you cross your fingers and toes and hope you get selected. Here at Raindance Film Festival we’ve had a quarter of a century dealing with submissions from filmmakers, and nearly as long submitting our own work […]

7 People Successful Filmmakers Must Have In Their Networks

We all love success stories like Orin Pelli (Paranormal Activity) Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch Project) and Damian Chazelle (Lala Land). Thier success stories make great motivational reading. But if you met any one of these filmmakers they’d be the first to tell you that their success has a lot to do with the people they surrounded themselves with.

5 Great Tips from Director Michael Greenspan

It took me eight years after graduating film school to finally direct my first feature film and I often wonder why? I read every book on the subject, attended Vogler and McKee’s seminars, studied the greats like Hitchcock, Fellini and Kurosawa, analyzed Citizen Kane, Rumble Fish and Bonnie and Clyde, earned my BFA and MFA, […]

4 Outstanding Smartphone Film Festivals

As an emerging filmmaker, having access to top-of-the-line, impressive gear is the key to shooting a great film, right? Um, nope. With the rise of smartphone technology, that little device you’re using to text, tweet and play Candy Crush is now one of the greatest tools for low-to-no budget filmmakers. Consider the breakout Sundance hit […]

Filmmakers: Spring Clean Your Career: 6 Tips

When spring breaks and the buds start forming on trees we start to think about a good spring clean. But what about giving your very own career and career strategy a good and thorough spring clean- and shake up your filmmaking career. The 21st century workforce is changing. Filmmaking has been revolutionised through advances in […]

10 Commandments of Independent Filmmaking

My name is Elliot Grove. I’m not big on preaching a commandment, but I’ve been running Raindance since 1992. Back in those days everyone shot on film- 35mm if you could afford it. We made expensive film prints that showed in cinemas. To promote those screenings we printed and mailed expensive leaflets and posters and […]

Hollywood Is Panicking and You Shouldn’t

Panic, dread, fear and anguish are not just the four mental stages the writer experiences during a meeting with an executive. They are also what cinema chain owners, studios and everyone along the distribution process are currently feeling in Hollywood. You may feel that way too when you see yet another blockbuster hammering its way […]

Go From Average To Great Filmmaker: 7 Qualities

What makes a great filmmaker? Or what makes a filmmaker great? I’ve been contemplating this recently. “I used to walk down the street like I was a fucking star… I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be – and then to fight so hard for it every day that the […]

How To Turn That Passion For Writing and Filmmaking Into A Reality – FAST

So, you’ve spent the past three years studying Tarantino, DSLR, green screen and independent film and damn. It’s getting hot. All your mates are sick and tired of telling you how talented you are. More, they are sick and tired of hearing you tell them how you can’t wait to ditch the dull and boring […]