46 Directors On Directing Film

It’s all just one film to me. Just different chapters. The movie that got him noticed: MASH, 1970 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvijJ3RnRc8 Buy the movie HERE     As filmmakers, we can show where a person’s mind goes, as opposed to theater, which is more to sit back and watch it. The movie that got him noticed: PI, […]

Kickstart Alert: Why I Left NYC And Became A Ugandan Action Movie Star

It wasn’t intentional. I had been involved in film my whole life, but never wanted to focus on one specific area. I would shoot a feature then teach myself sound mixing. I became an art director then an accountant in a production office. Eventually, I found myself the director for programming for an international film […]

Raindance Partners with Soundcheque

  We are pleased to announce our partnership with Soundcheque to offer powerful tools to the independent filmmakers and composers. Raindance Premium Members will receive 30% discount making this essential part of the filmmaking process even more accessible. If you are a member, get in touch and find out how this exciting new partnership can benefit you. Below, Soundcheque explains […]

Directors With a Variety in Their Resumes

When a director find fortune and success in a particular genre, it may be temping for them to continue producing content for that audience. Or if they’ve have several successes in the that genre, others might believe that it is all they are capable of. Certainly, there are many directors who work on the same […]

5 Tips on Clearing Music For Your Film

Music can make or destroy your film. And I’m not talking about a bad score or a cheesy tune. No, I’m talking about music rights. You only need one unclear copyright and you can say goodbye to your distribution deal or being shown at film festivals. No one will touch your film until the copyright […]

5 Reasons To Attend The Independent Filmmaker’s Ball.

Filmmaking can sometimes lead to the depths of isolation. Every waking moment is spent chained to a never ending film project. The inability to edit one’s own life is undeniably frustrating. Unshakeable focus and unwavering passion can generate feelings of captivity. This solitary darkness can be soothing to the artistic soul, sure. You know what […]

Weekly Production Tip #8 – Actor’s Vocal Levels in Films

This week’s video production tip is one for the Actors. Directors should also take heed, however, if you’re looking to squeeze a passable performance out of a less-than-capable thespian. There is one thing all ‘good’ actors do. You may have noticed it, or it may have passed you by. Turn on the TV tonight. Choose […]

That Guy Again?! Three Ways to Identify a Great Commercial Actor

Last year I got paid $6,000 to eat a turkey breakfast sandwich. I also sold car insurance, beer, breakfast cereal, real estate advice, financial services and hardware. Ever wonder why the same small group of actors keep popping up in commercials? They know how to decode the marketing message and translate it into performance. They […]

Raindance Mantra: Why Talent Sucks

I have just returned from the amazing Guadalajara Film Festival where I was a guest at their industry days. There I saw some terrific movies and met dozens of incredibly talented Latin American filmmakers – each at the festival pitching their projects and looking for co-production partners. Sitting on the long flight home (via Dallas) […]

Weekly Production Tip #8 – Framing & Cheating

This week in our video production tips, we’re talking about cheating. No, not infidelity. Well, sort of. What we’re talking about is infidelity to the truth. How many times have you heard these phrases from directors and actors? ‘But this doesn’t look real.’ ‘This doesn’t feel right.’ ‘Real people wouldn’t do this.’ Well, that’s because nothing in cinema is real. Remember, the […]

9 Film Funders for Emerging Filmmakers

The most important and uncomfortable part of film making is paying for it. Unfortunately bartering doesn’t get us very far these days  and things are only getting more expensive in the meantime. But, there are people out there who can help. Below are some organizations and production companies who are ready to help you come […]

Which Camera Is Best?

Here is a 5 minute video to see what David Worth, DP of Clint Eastwood films; Peter Holland, award-winning cinematographer; and Nicholas Sadler, legendary commercial and film DP, said at the Raindance LA Members-Only event, “The Best Camera For Your Film”, on The Camera House prep floor. Raindance Members: To watch the full-length panel and get 5 […]