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Had A Busy July? Hottest 5 Raindance Posts Last Month

July came and went in a flash. It was a month with quite a lot of Raindance news. On the 18th our first ever MA film students graduated. Read how one student completed his MA from the deserts of the East! On the 23rd we announced our Opening Night Gala film and party featuring the … Read More

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Lucky Lukes

As Mark Hamill returns to the role of Luke Skywalker and calls it an “unexpected gift, here’s a snapshot of other Luke’s currently bearing unexpected delights for us to sample. Luke Perry Formerly of Beverley Hills 90210, iconic Luke Perry has continued his successful TV career as well as a notable stage appearance in West … Read More

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The 4 Secret Psychological Tools Filmmakers Use

It may come as no surprise when I tell you that my mother used to call filmmakers the biggest fibbers and fakers out there. I guess she saw through all the shamanic tricks and sleights of hands that filmmakers use to get their stories out there. There is more. Filmmakers need to know how to … Read More

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Ed Boase The Mirror

Director Ed Boase On The Real-Life Horrors Making The Mirror

I recently completed my second low-budget feature, The Mirror, and thought I’d share some of my experiences in the hope they could prove useful to fellow filmmakers trying to get similar projects off the ground. Origins It had been two long years since my first feature Blooded (2011) had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it release by the (now … Read More

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Raindance Film Festival

Raindance Alumnus Edward Boase’s The Mirror Premieres At Frightfest

Filmmaker Edward Boase’s new horror film is about a menacing mirror haunting the lives of three flatmates. Reaching the pages of the Evening Standard, his latest low-budget feature film is based on the real-life sufferings of two flatmates who got rid of the cursed object on eBay. Former mirror-owner Mr Charalambous said to the press, … Read More

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5 Films To Look Forward To This Summer

Summer is well under way, and the first group of “Summer Blockbusters” are here, in the form of Transformers: Age of Extinction, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and How To Train Your Dragon 2, to name a few. But what else is there?? Here are a few that you should definitely write down … Read More

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Too Genius For Mainstream – Too Mainstream For Genius: Terry Gilliam

The career of this director is exactly like his films: crazy, unique and absolutely original. Terry Gilliam is the one of his kind. From his outstanding debut and milestone in the history of comedy that is Monty Python and the Holy Grail to his latest, individual work – The Zero Theorem, Gilliam proved that he … Read More

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We made a $10,000 movie

10 Lessons I Learned From Making A Movie For $10,000

We made a movie, called Black Soup for 10,000 dollars.  We shot it in Budapest, in 14 days, filming on 11 locations (!), had a bunch of great actors in it, guns, blood, luxury apartments, aerial shots, and even a helicopter.  It premiered to a packed house (over 450 people) on a Friday night at … Read More

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Top 21 Virgin Movies Of The 21st Century

Virgin stories are about awakening to your true potential, despite the wishes or beliefs of the world around you.  Here is my list of favorite 21st Century Virgin movies.  Interestingly, their writers have intuitively followed the structure of the Virgin’s journey (I’m guessing they haven’t all read my book The Virgin’s Promise). Notice how the … Read More

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Get Handy With Copyright and the Internet

Producing moving image has never been so widespread and easily accessible. From Vines to music videos and low-budget films, you have the opportunity to share your personal vision through YouTube, Vimeo and many other online platforms. But before you do so, it is worth to check what are the rights and wrongs of creating, sharing … Read More

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Why Having A Low-Budget Is Awesome, Seriously

A mammoth budget does not necessarily guarantee box office domination nor does it mean it will earn critical acclaim. Filming limitations can lead to ingenuity, creative freedom and, more often than not, it becomes a labour of love rather than a business endeavour. Have a look below for our pick of best low-budget movies of … Read More

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Guest Post: 6 Tips For Creating A Successful Webseries

With the arrival of various on-demand services and social media, web series are becoming more and more popular. A large number of film makers and writers are now turning to video sharing platforms such such as YouTube as a way of finding an audience, and for making their first steps in screenwriting and film production. … Read More

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