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If Your Film Gets Shitty Reviews

Recently, two major events occurred in my life: my daughter Tabitha’s first day at school, and releasing my second feature as director, The Mirror. The two have more in common than you might think. As Tabitha disappeared into the bowels of her new school, waving merrily, thoughts raced through my mind: would people like her? […]

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Film Finance Terms

Development Finance For Films

You have scoured underground theatre and have a list of actors so sizzling hot you can hardly wait to launch their careers in the movies. At film festivals you have seen scores of shorts and debut features from which you have short-listed several directors you would like to work with. All of this has been […]

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Top 3 Mistakes in Writing Virgin Stories

1.     All protagonists need a clearly defined goal I’m going to tell you something that many in the story-writing world find shocking.  Only Hero stories need to begin with a clearly defined goal.  Big breath.  Virgin stories don’t know where the protagonist will land.  It’s about awakening to her inner voice and trusting it. She […]

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7 Things I Learned Making a Film for $7000

When it comes to the really crazy ideas, like making a feature film with zero prior experience and for less than the price of a semester of film school, sometimes all it takes is one other person to say, screw it, why not? That’s how, a few months of begging, borrowing and dealing later, first-time […]

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Top 5 Games Based On Marvel Film Characters

The Marvel comic universe has taken over the film industry in a way very few could have ever imagined even a decade ago, when the first few films had already rolled out. Now, films licensed by or directly produced by Marvel Studios are responsible for billions of dollars in worldwide revenue. The latest Marvel releases […]

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Scrivener Script Software Review

Hi, my name is Madison and I’m a new intern at Raindance.  And if I’ve learned anything in my first few weeks here, it’s that I’m in way over my head when it comes to producing film.  To reference a very confused girl with sparkly red shoes: cameras, lights, sound equipment, oh my.  The most […]

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lkit for filmmakers

10 Free Apps For Filmmakers

With another edition of the Raindance Film Festival finished it’s back to school for many of our audience and readers. The festival hosted a great number of shorts, features and documentaries that used cell phones as a way to generate their images. What better way to up your ante than to use specialised apps for […]

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Jorge Hudson

Five Tips for Directing a Webseries

You have an idea for a brand new webseries and you can’t wait to start making it. You’re feeling inspired, excited and maybe a little overwhelmed. Creating a solid webseries isn’t easy just because its a short form media for the small screen – or at least, it shouldn’t be. True, it can feel like […]

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Script-based Collaboration: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Script Updated

by  Maarten Verwaest The Case for Script-based Collaboration   In a modern production workflow, online tools enable different people to participate from different locations. Media files and production information, often separately stored and managed at different locations, need to be exchanged. Due to a lack of standards, producers rely on facebook or exchanging documents via email. […]

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OPening Night Raindance Film Festival

How Film Festivals Struggle To Stay Relevant

Why is it that cinemas, theatres, art galleries, music venues and dance companies are closing in droves? Arts organisations face an uphill battle for economic survival. As our governments in Europe and America slash arts funding, ballet companies, theatres, art galleries, opera companies and film festivals need to think very differently about the economic realities […]

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John and Thelma Owen

Why Every Film Maker Needs A Thelma

John Owen is the first British director to make a Bollywood movie and Elliot Grove had no hesitation in inviting him to screen The Goa Run (aka Peter Gaya Kaam Se) at Raindance 2014.  But that was only going to happen if John was to win a long running `David and Goliath’ battle with producers […]

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OMG – I Watched Deadly Virtues!

I watched Deadly Virtues: Love. Honor. Obey. last night because Elliot, the producer, asked me to.  I’ve never met Elliot, and about 8 minutes and 17 seconds into the movie I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to.  The movie was truly horrifying!!  But I pushed on through because I am a professional.  When I wrote […]

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