Blade Runner: A beautiful, Horrible Future

Any great science fiction story will be layered with important contemporary issues, either subtly or overtly and Blade Runner is no exception. With Blade Runner 2049 releasing in October of this year lets take a look back at the original film. We will look at the themes and messages and their relevance in today’s world. […]

“Writing Subtext” by Dr. Linda Seger

There came a point halfway through reading Linda Seger’s 2nd edition of Writing Subtext when I had an epiphany about what makes a script actually great. There comes a point in the writing process, that is actually during rewrites, on the second or third draft (or more), when your focus changes. In his instant classic, and must-have for […]

Make March 2017 Your Month – Go From Film Fan To Filmmaker

Happy March! It’s time to go from film fan to filmmaker. Here at Raindance, we’ve decided that March is going to be a special month. What better month to re-invigorate your dreams than March – which starts 48 hours after the Oscars? Of course, everyone repeats that every day, but we really mean it. Why? […]

Why You Should Care About Independent Film Festivals

Did you know that Cannes is actually a fairly boring city? All eyes are on it during those ten days in May, after all that’s exciting, isn’t it? Ken Loach flies in to collect a prize for a surprise-late-career angry social drama. Woody Allen just stands there, still jet-lagged from the flight, looking bored at his own […]

Happily (N)ever After: 6 Alternative Valentine’s Movies

Ah, it’s that time of the year again… Love is in the air and your strolls through department stores are lined with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, gift bags, and signs proclaiming that Valentine’s Day is nigh. And as you wander through the pink and red hallways of marketing limbo, you will probably find yourself wondering if […]

Production Design and A Cure for Wellness

Director Gore Verbinski’s latest film A Cure for Wellness is a psychological thriller with dark imagery and beautiful scenery. The film’s twisted story is delivered through fantastic set design and a clever use of props, are by far the most compelling parts of A Cure for Wellness. The film does a great job of highlighting […]

In Praise Of Low Budget Filmmaking Masterclass

Learn from R`aindance founder Elliot Grove about how to make movies for very little money. He never calls them micro or low budget. He refers to them low budget films as the result of ‘resource based creativity’.

7 films that subverted genre codes (and were all the better for it)

Genre can be a double-edged sword for any filmmaker. On the upside, knowing the genre of your story can help you figure out a character, fix a plot that doesn’t hang together or just simply provide you with inspiration. On the downside, you can quickly get stuck in the codes and conventions of that genre, which […]

Canadian Directors to Keep on Your Radar

In an ever changing industry that has been dominated for so long by American hollywood us Canadians are hungrier than ever to consume content that comes from home. Many Canadian filmgoers will know the more popular northern filmmakers like Cronenberg but how are we supposed to identify the directors not in the spotlight?  As Canadians […]

7 Feminist Films To Keep The Women’s March Going

People voted, then people rallied, and people voted, and people expressed their anger and their wish to live dignified lives, no matter what those in power are expressing and enforcing. While there is a great and necessary history of protests to maintain in the troubled and troubling times that we are going through, this momentum […]

Virtual Body Horror: An eXistenZ Retrospective

  With the recent rise in popularity of virtual reality gaming lets take a look at a film that touched on this new form of entertainment almost two decades ago. eXistenZ is a 1999 Canadian science fiction film written, produced and directed by David Cronenberg. The film stars Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh and features […]