Top 10 Gay Films

With the recent crop of LGBT-based narratives signaling a new wave of queer cinema, including gay football short Wonderkid, here’s a look at some of the films that have changed the landscape of gay cinema. Some notable omissions: The Boys in the Band (1970), Another Country (1984), Maurice (1987) and Longtime Companion (1989).   My […]

Filmmakers’ Preparing U.S. Visas: Five Time-Saving Tips

Filmmakers applying for U.S. visas complain it’s a notoriously time-consuming process. Believe it or not, a lot of this time isn’t spent waiting for USCIS to adjudicate your application — much of it is spent in the time it takes to put together the application. Why is this, if it’s mostly presenting documents and filling […]

What’s Your Excuse For Not Doing It?

Sitting here on Planet Raindance for a quarter century has been an exercise in humility. So many films and filmmakers have passed through the doors. So much has changed. Back in 1992 it was all 35mm. Now it’s (nearly) all electronic. Award winning films, even Oscar winners are shot on cellphones like Looking for Sugarman. […]

Redeem BHS and Austin Reed Gift Vouchers Here

As one of the most distinguished film brands we were appalled to hear that both BHS and Autin Reed went into receivorship. These are two of the most trusted and respected retailers in the UK. Because they’re in receivorship people with gift vouchers and credit balances will have lost their money! Eensy weensey Raindance has […]

Super Brit 20-Something Youtubers

It’s all going webseries and Youtube You’d be forgiven for thinking that the world of 20-something British youtube stars is filled with people that know each other. Have a look at these Youtubers as I try and trace their family tree. Everyday Jim Jim Chapman is best known for his pop culture, vlogging and men’s […]

Gift Ideas For Filmmakers

Treat your film-obsessed friends and loved ones to one of this gift ideas for filmmakers. Raindance Membership is a real treat to your filmmaker friends. Over 2,000 filmmakers have discovered indie film’s best-kept secret by becoming Raindance members. Immerse your loved ones in the indie film experience with Raindance’s courses, events and Festival! The best way […]

Cinema 2.0: Attack Of The (Handheld) Drones

By now, unless you’ve been in enforced isolation, you’ve heard about the popularity and the controversy surrounding drone cameras and the development of personal, light weight flying platforms for your smartphones, smaller digital action cameras and other more robust models. Here in Chicago, like many major cities, strict laws have been put in place to […]

Gift Ideas For Film-makers: The Essential Guide

You’re really busy. You’ve got a hundred things to do before the weekend, parties to get to and plenty of other things to be getting on with. Buying presents, or writing gift lists for other people to buy you presents from probably isn’t a distraction you need. Luckily, we’re here to help – so peruse our […]

7 Essential Basic Accessories

I’ve put together list of random basic accessories worth thinking about for your shoot day. Some of these are the most basic needs, and some are more optional, yet come in great use. Tripod with pan head A tripod with a pan head is essential for making your shots look neat, not static and not […]