Smart Tips for Smartphone Filmmaking

Cell phone technology has advanced at an unbelievable pace since the 1980’s. In the dark dystopian future of 2017, entire feature length movies are shot on so-called ‘Smart Phones”. What does it all mean? Just how smart are they? Are these ‘Smart Phones’ planning a revolution? Can they feel? Seriously, though, Smartphones are becoming smarter, […]

Is There Such a Thing as Film Anymore?

Eyebrows were raised recently when news broke that Martin Scorsese’s new project, The Irishman, left Paramount and was going to go to Netflix. After all, the maestro has had a devotion for the film medium since childhood. His passion has meant that he has defended the value of shooting on film instead of using digital cinematography, and […]

6 Films That Turned Failure Into Success

As filmmakers, we all want to make great films. What is a great film? We know that a big budget and amazing special effects, huge explosions and epic scale does not guarantee a great or successful film. Success can sometimes come DESPITE the lack of budget or not-so-great special effects. In the film industry, success […]

5 Low-Budget DIY Filmmaking Hacks

You’re a filmmaker, you’re just starting out, you’re broke. We get it. But what if I said to you that you can achieve Hollywood production value for a very low cost. Own a pair of rollerblades? Great! You’ve got yourself a sweet tracking shot. Got some old CD cases laying around? Even better! You now […]

Moonlight: How an Indie Underdog Came to Shine

Everybody likes an underdog story. What’s not to love about seeing someone we care for beating the odds and getting their moment in the spotlight, after all? And what a spotlight this is: it lights the stage of the most watched telecast on Earth, the Oscars. Hollywood likes many things: money, a good story, money, […]

Personal Branding: Selling Yourself Without Selling Yourself Short

As a social media intern and a filmmaker, I’m aware of how crucial it is to market a film. Through my time at Raindance, however, I’ve been introduced to a new concept that’s just as vital — personal branding.   Personal branding is much more than a great headshot and impressive bio. It’s the totality […]

10 classic movies you pretend to have watched, but have actually never seen

This 2017 new year is supposed to be a turning point about audiovisual entertainment. Sounds pretty interesting for the new artistic possibilities. More ideas, more liberties and a lot of potential new projects. In 2009, James Cameron had already initiated this process with Avatar in Imax 3D, he totally changed the way to watch a […]

Blade Runner: A beautiful, Horrible Future

Any great science fiction story will be layered with important contemporary issues, either subtly or overtly and Blade Runner is no exception. With Blade Runner 2049 releasing in October of this year lets take a look back at the original film. We will look at the themes and messages and their relevance in today’s world. […]

“Writing Subtext” by Dr. Linda Seger

There came a point halfway through reading Linda Seger’s 2nd edition of Writing Subtext when I had an epiphany about what makes a script actually great. There comes a point in the writing process, that is actually during rewrites, on the second or third draft (or more), when your focus changes. In his instant classic, and must-have for […]

4 Tips for Success on Film Sets

Congratulations you have followed through with your goals and landed a job on a film set! You may be a carpenter, grip, set decorator, or even a camera assistant but what sort of etiquette is expected of you? Your first few times on set will be exciting and daunting, you may be so overwhelmed that […]

Fantastic Crowdfunding Perks and Where to Find Them

By any given measure, there’s never been a better time to make a film. Equipment is easier to find than ever – if you’re reading this on your smartphone, you already have all the equipment you need. Now, there is fantastic training available online. And great video essays keep sprouting up online completely for free, […]