Why are there so many unwatchable “documentaries” out there?

Ok so that’s it – as the Peter Finch character in “Network” says: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” – I’ve just wasted another 90 minutes of my life watching a supposed “documentary” that is dull, boring, worthy and unwatchable – I will not mention names to protect the […]

Why Filmmakers Submit Early To Film Festivals – 7 Reasons

You’ve finished your short, feature or documentry – congratulations – it’s festival submission time! Submit early! This is when you cross your fingers and toes and hope you get selected. Here at Raindance Film Festival we’ve had a quarter of a century dealing with submissions from filmmakers, and nearly as long submitting our own work […]

5 Great Tips from Director Michael Greenspan

It took me eight years after graduating film school to finally direct my first feature film and I often wonder why? I read every book on the subject, attended Vogler and McKee’s seminars, studied the greats like Hitchcock, Fellini and Kurosawa, analyzed Citizen Kane, Rumble Fish and Bonnie and Clyde, earned my BFA and MFA, […]

10 Commandments of Independent Filmmaking

My name is Elliot Grove. I’m not big on preaching a commandment, but I’ve been running Raindance since 1992. Back in those days everyone shot on film- 35mm if you could afford it. We made expensive film prints that showed in cinemas. To promote those screenings we printed and mailed expensive leaflets and posters and […]

5 Alternative Ways of Finding Happiness in Movies

On the 20th of March, the world is celebrating International Happiness Day. In 2012, the United Nations created this annual celebration to recognise happiness as a ‘fundamental human goal’. Happiness plays a strong feature in movies, most characters walk through life somehow trying to be happy. It has created the invasive ‘happy ending’ cult in […]

6 Films That Turned Failure Into Success

As filmmakers, we all want to make great films. What is a great film? We know that a big budget and amazing special effects, huge explosions and epic scale does not guarantee a great or successful film. Success can sometimes come DESPITE the lack of budget or not-so-great special effects. In the film industry, success […]

Hollywood’s Comedy Sidekicks: Funny or Problematic?

  Aren’t they just hilarious? They’re socially awkward and compensate with overconfidence, they don’t adhere to rules, and often display a complete lack self-awareness. All of this makes them even more tragically funny– or does it? Just like the stereotype of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, the “neurotic sidekick” can be found in many modern […]

10 classic movies you pretend to have watched, but have actually never seen

This 2017 new year is supposed to be a turning point about audiovisual entertainment. Sounds pretty interesting for the new artistic possibilities. More ideas, more liberties and a lot of potential new projects. In 2009, James Cameron had already initiated this process with Avatar in Imax 3D, he totally changed the way to watch a […]

Blade Runner: A beautiful, Horrible Future

Any great science fiction story will be layered with important contemporary issues, either subtly or overtly and Blade Runner is no exception. With Blade Runner 2049 releasing in October of this year lets take a look back at the original film. We will look at the themes and messages and their relevance in today’s world. […]

4 Tips for Success on Film Sets

Congratulations you have followed through with your goals and landed a job on a film set! You may be a carpenter, grip, set decorator, or even a camera assistant but what sort of etiquette is expected of you? Your first few times on set will be exciting and daunting, you may be so overwhelmed that […]

Film Marketing Essentials – 5 Tips To Sell Your Film

I’m writing from Berlin, scratching my head about film marketing. I’m sitting in my hotel room after a hectic first day of the European Film Market. I’ve spent the day on the busy trading floors of the Martin Gropius Bau and the crowded hotel lobbies of the Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and the Marriot. Here’s the common […]