Hollywood Is Panicking and You Shouldn’t

Panic, dread, fear and anguish are not just the four mental stages the writer experiences during a meeting with an executive. They are also what cinema chain owners, studios and everyone along the distribution process are currently feeling in Hollywood. You may feel that way too when you see yet another blockbuster hammering its way […]

Is There Such a Thing as Film Anymore?

Eyebrows were raised recently when news broke that Martin Scorsese’s new project, The Irishman, left Paramount and was going to go to Netflix. After all, the maestro has had a devotion for the film medium since childhood. His passion has meant that he has defended the value of shooting on film instead of using digital cinematography, and […]

What Filmmakers Can Learn From Gaming

Film is a very young medium, and it’s evolving extremely fast. With a history of just a little over a hundred years, a breakthrough comes every so often that changes everything. First there was the moving image itself (or the illusion thereof). Then there was the cut, which was about giving meaning to two images […]

Moonlight: How an Indie Underdog Came to Shine

Everybody likes an underdog story. What’s not to love about seeing someone we care for beating the odds and getting their moment in the spotlight, after all? And what a spotlight this is: it lights the stage of the most watched telecast on Earth, the Oscars. Hollywood likes many things: money, a good story, money, […]

Why You Should Care About Independent Film Festivals

Did you know that Cannes is actually a fairly boring city? All eyes are on it during those ten days in May, after all that’s exciting, isn’t it? Ken Loach flies in to collect a prize for a surprise-late-career angry social drama. Woody Allen just stands there, still jet-lagged from the flight, looking bored at his own […]

7 Feminist Films To Keep The Women’s March Going

People voted, then people rallied, and people voted, and people expressed their anger and their wish to live dignified lives, no matter what those in power are expressing and enforcing. While there is a great and necessary history of protests to maintain in the troubled and troubling times that we are going through, this momentum […]

10 Filmmakers You Must Follow On Social Media

There’s no getting around it: independent filmmakers who want to make it in the 21st century need to have a fabulous social media presence. The trick is that you can’t make it all about your project. Shoving your projects down people’s throats -while tempting, for the impatient among us- won’t be effective. Why’s that? Because […]

Why You Should Care About The Genre of Your Story

“It’s a romantic comedy about this woman and this man…” “It’s a thriller about a lobbyist who…” “It’s a zombie coming-of-age story…” All loglines should have several things: a conflict, a main character and a genre. Most screenwriting books will tell you the importance of creating a three-dimensional character and of having a central conflict […]

8 Neat Apps To View 360/VR Content

Is Virtual Reality another fad? 360Photography, also known as Virtual reality (VR) photography, has made a major footprint on digital culture in the last few years, and was one of 2016’s biggest new advancements in the way we create and consume media content. The products being manufactured to supply this hot new demand have been […]

The Filmmaking Trends You Need to Know in 2017

2016 has been a bumpy year. (It’s no surprise, I still like euphemisms as much as I did same time last year.) 2017 seems equally daunting, news-wise. But filmmaking-wise? Meh. 2016 hasn’t been bad, really. We’ve had some amazing events at Raindance, all the way to the BIFAs a few weeks away. And there’s plenty […]

Why You Should Not Care About Awards Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Colourful lights are set, stars shine bright, people exchange gifts… Awards season is upon us. After the announcement of the Golden Globes nominations, we need to brace ourselves for the next weeks, when more “surprises”, “shocking snubs” and “shoo-ins” are announced for the horse race of the […]